One GIFset Per Episode → Tiger & Bunny [02/25]
↪ [02] A Good Beginning Makes A Good Ending

“I might have misheard you, but did you just call me ‘Bunny’?”
“Yeah, because you hop about and have long ears like a cute bunny rabbit.”
“My name’s not Bunny! It’s Barnaby!”
“‘My name’s not Bunny! It’s Barnaby!’”
“I didn’t say it like that!”
“‘I didn’t say it like that!’”

The Tiger & Bunny Squad

Nathan showing up how fabulous he is as crushes Kotetsu with his legs, Antonio feeling pity by Kotetsu’s fate as hears him swearing. Barnaby trying to think how did he end up there. Keith asking Ivan if wanted to hear how awesome he is by 7th time.


            TIGER & BUNNY :   THE RISING
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