So we went to the Tiger and Bunny cafe in Ikebukuro and it was amazing! This sweet lady LOVES Antonio and was super happy when I voted for him on the rankings machine (all her buttons are him too haha)

We had a Super Rookie and Crusher for Justice cocktail each, and then Emi got the Kotetsu set and I got the Barnaby dessert.

They span the wheel and Kotetsu won! So we got to see a special The Rising compilation of him on the TVs too. It’s closing some time in January (citation?) so if you get the chance to go before then, I fully recommend it!

The Tiger & Bunny Squad

Nathan showing up how fabulous he is as crushes Kotetsu with his legs, Antonio feeling pity by Kotetsu’s fate as hears him swearing. Barnaby trying to think how did he end up there. Keith asking Ivan if wanted to hear how awesome he is by 7th time.