Asami: Hey Kya!

Kya: Yes Asami?

Asami: You’re into…women right?

Kya: Yeah? Aren’t you with Korra?

Asami: Yes, and I wanted to ask for your advice on erm… errrr….

Kya: (Puts arm around her shoulder, sheds a single tear from her eye and has an expression on her face that looks like she finally got the acknowledgement from her father she never got as a child) Say no more, I’m gonna help you tap my dad.

Asami: ._.

Fanfic Friday #17

It Had To Be You by ColdFeetBeforeSunrise
Legend of Korra - Korrasami - Rated T

And like, you’d think the sudden realization that she has feelings for the girl would like, end in her either sharing them or like, backing the hell off, but neither happens.

Spring comes, and Korra and Asami are closer than ever.

After a stressful day in Republic City Asami Sato decides to take her friends out for a peaceful drive…

Mako: “Slow down in the name of the law!”
Kora:  ”Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
Asami: “Like a boss…”

Pen and Ink on Paper,
any comments welcome!Relaxation á la Sato


I made a process video for my drawing of Korrasami as Gems from Steven Universe, and their gem fusion!

You can see the final pieces here.

Korrasami “Deleted Scene” from Book 3

Notes: So, I have no idea if any of this is actually in-character and I definitely don’t consider it finished. I just wrote it up on a whim last night. Part of me wants to sit on it more because I was hoping to do things in order but… I think I’ve just accepted that I will post them as they come and someday put them in order/clean them up into a full fic of their own.

Summary: Korra asks Asami a question and it turns into a flirtatious dance. This is a little blurb as part of my idea of having “Deleted Scenes” from Book 3 showing the further development of Korrasami friendship and romantic feelings with a particular emphasis on Korra’s view as she slowly realizes her feelings for Asami are not at all platonic. You could consider it a prequel of this one I posted months ago. Takes place sometime after Korra’s first training session with Opal but before the whole Lin/Korra blow up. The dance is very loosely inspired from this fanart. Hope you enjoy.

[Korra sits against Naga while Asami is laying underneath a turbine tinkering and adjusting things.]

There was a long but comfortable lull in the conversation. Korra listened to the sounds of Asami’s quiet tinkering, metal clinking on metal, her short breaths as she reached around and fiddled with different mechanisms.

“Did you ever wish you’d become an airbender?” Korra broke the silence suddenly and once the words were out, she felt somewhat self-conscious of them. She didn’t want to put Asami on the spot and the question felt deeply personal.

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anonymous asked:

"Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?" Korrasami.

Send me a pairing and a line of dialogue and I’ll write a thing

“Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?” Asami said over Korra’s loud guffawing.

“Not a chance! This is perfect blackmail material.”


“Right right! Sorry,” Korra replied in an entirely not sorry tone. “Actually, it’s kind of sweet. Totally hilarious and embarrassing on your part, but sweet.”

Asami’s face was beet red, which was a rather satisfying (satisfying to Korra’s smug little heart, that is) change from the woman’s normally calm and collected demeanor. However, at Korra’s words, Asami chanced a look up at her girlfriend’s smirking face — and the two of them promptly fell over together, clutching their sides in laughter.

“Just… just to clarify…” Korra said as she tried catch her breath. “You actually had a dream about me the night after we first met?”

Asami’s face, if it was possible, turned a shade darker red. She buried her face in her hands, letting out a muffled shut up.

“Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. I mean I am the Avatar,” Korra went on, her tone one of mock arrogance. “I mean, who can resist this?” She threw her arms up and flexed her muscles before dissolving into yet another wave of laughter.

Asami glared daggers at Korra, which of course did nothing to discourage Korra’s teasing glances and sniggering.

“What was the dream even about?” Korra said, once she had managed to calm herself (or at least, once she was no longer in danger of falling into hysterical laughter once more).

Korra felt the change in the atmosphere a few seconds too slow. First, the blush faded from Asami’s cheeks. Second, a glint of mischief lit up Asami’s eyes. Third, a smirk that could rival Korra’s best smug expression settled across other woman’s face. Korra’s brain muddled, but she instinctively knew she was defeated before it even happened.

Asami tackled her into the grass of the meadow, and the two fell into a heavy kiss. Korra’s heart was beating so fast she thought it might fly out of her chest, but if it did she probably wouldn’t register it anyway. With the way Asami was biting Korra’s bottom lip, Korra thought that if touches could kill then this would not be such a bad way to go.

Just as the kiss was starting to get more heated and Korra was being pulled into a trance, Asami pulled away. Korra chased her lips for a moment, almost letting out a groan of disappointment at the abrupt end.

Asami had a smug smile on her face as she got to her feet. Spirits. Korra could face down a death ray with barely a flinch, but this woman always managed to make her pulse race and her limbs turn to jelly.

“The dream went a little bit like that, Avatar.”

“Maybe this can just stay between us.”

“That’s what I thought you’d say.”

the electric soldier
read it on the AO3 at

by lupinely

When Jinora finds Korra in the swamp, she tells Korra that a group calling themselves the normalists have kidnapped and killed Asami.

At least, that’s what they say they’ve done.

A Captain America: The Winter Soldier-inspired season 4 AU.

Words: 25191, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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