Still the best.
  • Critics at the end of Book One:Oh come on, that is such a deus ex machina, why does everything have to be tied up?
  • Critics at the end of Book Two:Again with the deus ex machinas? Why can't have Korra face any difficulties?
  • Bryke:Fine.
  • The end of Book Three:*Has Korra being poisoned, dying, and being brutally slammed into the ground where she sustains multiple injuries that put her in a wheelchair all of which cause the episode to end with her crying*
  • Critics:
  • Critics:
  • Critics:
  • Bryke:Anything else we can help you with?
Prompt 1

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What about when Person B do somenting that makes Person A very irritated and she says “I swear to god, I will with hold any kissing for a month”and person B is like “Bicth please you wouldn’t even last two days” and that’s the story of how Person B didn’t get laid for one month or more ^^


Asami walked into the kitchen of her mansion. A bright smile on her face. One of her favorite books in one hand. Her other hand free for the snacks she was about to take with her to the living room. She had been looking forward to this day off. Business had been crazy and the week couldn’t end soon enough for her. Today was her day. She’d do what she loved doing most. (Well, Korra was first on that list… this is just a close second.) Reading and enjoying a lovely cup of tea with a cookie or two.

Not just any cookies either… made by the best Earthen Chefs that Republic City had to offer. She got them yesterday after work. Aru, the baker, had made them fresh especially for her. Although the Heiress had had no time to even taste one before bedtime, (something to do with a very sexy, sweat dripping Avatar that she bumped into in the hallways…) due to circumstances.

She was done with her tea and put the cup on the wooden tray, next to her book and turned back around to the kitchen counter. She opened one of the counter doors and expected to be greeted by her fire ferret cookie jar. (made only on special request.) She frowned when she noticed that the lid was off and the frown only became worse when she grabbed the item to look inside.

“Empty…?” Her voice almost echoed through the empty kitchen. “But… how? Why? I just… oh no…” She turned around towards the entrance. “Korra!”

Within one minute, the Avatar was downstairs. Although she hung upside down in the door opening. “Yeah? You okay? Did you see another spider that I need to get rid of?” She rose a curious eyebrow at her girlfriend who seemed to be fuming and quickly hopped down back onto the ground.

“Korra… did you eat my cookies…?” Asami asked withheld back anger.

The Avatar walked deeper into the kitchen and closer to the Heiress. Her eye fell onto the empty cookie jar that Asami gestured at. “Uh… I didn’t knew they were yours. I was hungry after training this morning. So I ate the first thing I saw.” She smirked. “To bad I didn’t ran into you.” She said with wiggling eyebrows.

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Definitive Ranking of Book 4 Episodes, #12/13

12. 4x11 Kuvira’s Gambit

Kuvira suddenly gets pissed about land deals that are ¾ century old. Wu has a good idea for three seconds. Beifong Battle Armor. MEGA MAID. Raiko folds (what tf happened to Izumi protecting the Republic’s borders?). Operation kidnap Baatar. Asami’s pee break. Legit Gaston?

When I set out to rank Book 2’s episodes, I’d say the lowest…5 episodes on that list(?) were actively not good. There was my ironic enjoyment of “The Sting,” but like, we’re talking about truly sloppy writing and not the most engaging viewing experience for those episodes.

Book 4 is quite different. As you may have read, “Remembrances” was not what I’d consider all that engaging either, but it was also Bryke’s solution so that they wouldn’t have to let go of a member of their production team. A little contrived and heavy-handed, sure, but not bad at all, and fine considering what was on the line.

However, every other episode of Book 4 is at least “good.” Just. It’s good TV. I will watch it and be entertained, and even think a little bit. And the episodes that will be at the top of this list are what I’d consider “great” to “extraordinary.” So even though “Kuvira’s Gambit” is the lowest ranked *true* episode, I’m not trying to say it’s junk or anything.

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Finished version of the WIP 

A scene in She’s Magnificent by RhazadeWaterbender on AO3, @avatar-dacia here on tumblr

Total time: 8+ hours

I’ll be uploading a speedpaint of this piece on my new YouTube channel: CVN Animates. Currently there’s nothing on there but I’ll be adding more over the next few weeks

Fic © RhazadeWaterbender, @avatar-dacia
Korra, Asami and Zaheer © Bryke


I’m the Avatar.