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Allura vs Korra


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Okay now while Allura is Physically stronger than Korra with her ability to Morph into other species and how she manhandled Zarkon’s Hench Man on his spaceship when sneaking on.

And while she had that BADASS FIGHT against the Witch and her men on the Season 2 finale

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I’d give the slight edge to Korra because Korra has all the elements on her side and is more of a Brawler MMA Fighter

also when she unleashes her Avatar State she becomes a force of nature and could overwhelm Allura by using Earth, Metal, and Air.

Gotta go with Korra there since she’s more of a combatant 


Thank you for the positive feedbacks. I drew more TLOK/VLD crossover!  I feel like Asami and Keith wouldn’t get along at first because Keith would defy Asami and she’s having none of that. Asami would kick Keith’s butt before he learns to show respect then she’ll be like the aunt who spoils her nephew too much.

Lance and Korra