So now I have all the feelings for Wan and how the connective tissue between him and all his lives are that he’s trying to right a mistake he made when he thought he was helping a spirit that’s being bullied.

All his lives start out initially playful and mischevious.

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And ends up tempered with a duty that he placed on his own shoulders. 

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A duty that he couldn’t fulfill in his own lifetime that he willingly agreed to be reincarnated again and again to give people peace and hope. 

I wonder if his spirit ever feels tired because his reincarnated lives might have distinct personalities from who he is but all his avatar lives are Wan, and vice-versa but his spirit and Ravaa’s have yet to really fix the chaos he unwittingly unleashed millenniums ago. 

Seriously, a lot of feelings right now for the Avatar. (The entity and the series). 

I didn’t realize that Raava actually picked up Korra by its tail and brought her up to the Harmonic Convergence energy beam! I thought Korra was flying by virtue of, I don’t know Spirit energy or whatever. (I’m really not that observant!) 

Raava picked up Korra and brought her spiraling upwards so they can fuse together again, just like before. I’m just overcome at how much Raava loves Wan (her Avatars). 

They love each other so much they fused into one being in an endless (sometimes fruitless) cycle to bring peace and balance to their world. 

It’s not a romantic love story although it can be, I think in a way it transcends and encompasses all kinds of love.

How can anyone hate Book 2 with this message? With Korra and Raava bonded together again

Also, anyone the Avatar ever loved is loved by Raava too. 

I just really love them, the Avatar. 

(Plus since all of Korra’s past lives’ knowledge are no longer available to her Raava is now her guide, and again, feelings.) 

I am also tickled pink that the spirit of light and hope is as grumpy as Toph Beifong. I kind of feel now that Kiyoshi was more Raava than Wan. 


Mac: I gained and lost sixty pounds in three months.

Therapist: Wow, that’s almost impossible.

Mac: Well, first of all, through God, all things are possible, so jot that down.

- It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “The Gang Gets Analyzed”

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