me (Ketchup Cosplay) as swimsuit!Asami Sato with my cosplay group of atla/lok at Riminicomix!

PH // Marcella Fava

I can tag just @alicyana as Katara (Water Tribe) because she’s the only one with a tumblr account and a Facebook Page —> Alicyana Cosplay (support her because she’s amazing!!!)

Tokka Week Ten

Bet you thought we forgot! Well, we almost did. :) But then we remembered, and without further ado, here’s the list of prompts for Tokka Week Ten:

August 1 - Once Upon a Time
August 2 - Music
August 3 - Shield
August 4 - Wait for It
August 5 - Journey
August 6 - Still Into You
August 7 - Happily Ever After

There you have it! I cant believe weve had ten of these already.

What are you waiting for? Get creating!


Master of the elements 🌏💨🔥🌊

Korra vine by Studio La Cachette!