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👕- Are they organized with their clothes, or can they be found on the floor?

I’ll answer this one for @piratedswans! ( With a light mention to @emswcrth )
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For the most part, Kor strives to keep her space neat and tidy – though this is less because she is a neat-freak as opposed to a minimalist. Her father never gave her much in the way of personal belongings and, considering she spends most of her time on her ship, she tries to only keep what she thinks she needs as opposed to everything she wants. Being the captain means she has her own space and more storage than the rest of her crew, but she doesn’t take advantage of it. Hilariously, it’s more likely one might find her first mate’s belongings in her drawers than her own – spurring a variety of awkward conversations when she brings people ‘home’. Robince and her have a strictly platonic relationship, despite being as close as they are, and his clutter spills into her spaces because he knows he can get away with it.

There are some notable examples – exhaustion, acts in the heat of the moment, and a day of laziness; just to name a few – but, otherwise, you won’t see clothes or other belongings of Kor’s on the floor.

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The bag of 1964 had a longer strap that you could sling on your shoulder. Examples featured here are by Lederer, Koret, Greta, Rolfs, Walter Katten, Eugenie Buchner, Lesco Lona.

The most august name would be French label Lederer, which started manufacturing in the late 1800s. Lederer’s mid-century alligator bags are highly collectible: some can still be found on eBay. Photo from Vogue 1964.


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“This playground has a cement slide! We need ADDITIONAL INFO for this playground as it sounds amazing!” – Shelton D.

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