local  skateboard  shop owner  - residence:  seoul,south  korea.

What’s going on people of Seoul? I’m Tyler and I own Skateboard Central Downtown.  If you need to a new deck, fresh set of wheels, new decals,  I’m your guy.  I gotta ask if you could do me a favor? If you could reblog my post or follow me? It’d help spread the word about my business and I could make some awesome new friends in the process.

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Park Jiyeon • Pre-law Student • Part time cafe waitress & full time manga artist. Thief

Uhm.. { ; she licked her lower lip, taking a deep breath before flashing a wide grin, otherwise, she will be fired—and she can’t afford to lose any job she has, as she offers the cafe’s flyer to random people } Hello lovelies! Please visit the cafe near the Sungkyunkwan University, we offer free cupcakes for first time customers! Thank you and have a good day!

Literate • Para preferred & Script Friendly; Plotting is encouraged! • Indie OC RP 

As troublesome as these are, they seem to be almost mandatory these days, don’t they? The name’s Hyuna of Gangdong District. Dance instructor by day with a good friend of mine, but when the studio closes, well, that’s when my true job begins. Care to know what goes on when the sun goes down? Then you’ll just have to follow and find out, won’t you? Like, reblog or even follow and I promise to follow back. Lets have some fun, shall we?

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