more slang/colloquialisms

문전박대하다 to slam a door

매몰차다 cold/heartless

교활하다 cunning/manipulative (살살하다 has a similar meaning)

성인군자 a saint (can be used to describe someone who is the moral compass of a group)

안목이 있다(높다) to have a good eye/ good taste

거뜬하다 easy/fine

심부름꾼 someone who does chores for you (an errand boy)

타고난 거짓말 a born liar

죽마고우 old long-time friend

방황하다 ramble on

‘불가능은 없다’ ‘I can dream’/’nothing is impossible’

대면하다 confront sm1

일대에서 around here/in this place/in the area

눈시울을 붉히다/적시다 to be moved to tears (can also say 눈시울이 뜨거워지다)

‘그게 최선이야’ ‘it’s for the best’

‘다른 일로 벅차’ ‘(I can’t because) I’m too busy with other things’

들떠다 to be excited 

모순적이다 ironic/contradictory

엉뚱하다 eccentric/ridiculous

어물쩍 넘어가다 to avoid a subject/ gloss over something

쌩쌩하다 lively/awake/fresh

헛된 희망 false hope

Reacting to you being an amazing idol rapper

Requested by anon

Context: You’re chilling on the couch with your boyfriend, listening to music. After listening to a preview of their new song, he asks if you could show him your groups upcoming single coming out. You’re embarrassed cause its the first time you don’t sing in the song (you don’t tell him that), but you put it on for him anyway. Hes jamming out, waiting to see if he can recognize your voice but halfway through the song he is confused. You tell him your part is up next, and that its the break in the song. He sits up and it starts. You, rapping at top speed, throwing out LITERAL FIRE for 30 seconds straight.

How does he react??


Your rap starts and he does a double-take. He’s staring off into the distance, one eyebrow raised and puzzled beyond belief. After Youngbin finally realized what was happening, he yells out and grabs you by the shoulders. His eyes are shining with excitement and he waits for the stanza to be over to speak. Makes sure to tell everybody about it.
“Y/N! (×4) I didn’t know you could do that!!”

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He stares blankly into the distance. Your part ends and eventually the song does as well. You’re both in complete silence as Inseong’s gaze slowly makes its way towards yours. You asked him what he thought but he just kept looking at you blankly.
“Wait… Did that just happen?? That wasn’t a prank right?”

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Jumps as soon as he recognizes your voice. Groves around, WOO-ing from time to time. Turns to you as soon as its over. Hes super excited.
“Ya! That was my Y/N! I can’t believe it!”

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Your part starts and he very dramatically yells out in confusion. After a moment of him being completely shocked, it clicks in his mind. Dawon yells again, this time looking at you. He stands up in excitement. He’s all over the place, not able to control himself. As soon as its over he wants you to put it again. Its all you guys listen to for hours, eventually he creates a fanchant for your part.
“EH?! Wait… WHAT?!? – Ya! That was so– put it again! *unintelligible screaming*”

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(Bless this dork)


Does a real life :o face, with a sound to match. A bashful smile spreads on his face, and he looks at you with pure excitement. After its done, Rowoon laughs out and grabs your face, praising you.
“Woow my y/n is so talented. I’m so proud of you!”

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Your rap starts. Zuhos eyebrows both jump up, and a second later he can’t control his giggles. He’s jamming out, yelling out whenever the rap peaks. After that, its all he can talk about. He encourages you to do a collab with him, almost screaming it to your manager next time he sees him.
“You never told me you could rap! Hey, you have to do a song with me. I’ll start writing it right now!”

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(What a precious noodle)


Sunshine™ will tilt his head in confusion, and then almost instantly start jamming. After its done he’ll hug you tightly, looking down at you.
“How did you hide something like this from me? Everyday I find new things to like about you haha.”

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Poor little thing never saw it coming. Shoots up like a rocket. Spends the next 30 seconds standing completely still like a mannequin, staring at the floor, listening. When your verse ends, Hwiyoung laughs out in excitement. He kneels in front of you and the couch, grabbing your arms.
“Y/n that was so good! Can you do it right now? I wanna see you doing it :D”

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“Woaaa-” his face lights up. Chani listens, giving the song his full attention, moving his finger up and down as if counting the syllables. As soon as your part ends he pauses the song altogether.
“That was awesome! Can you teach it to me, y/n?”

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They’d all be so proud of you 😭😭😭 my precious boys.

This one was really fun❤

My request box is still open! I do sf9 reactions and scenarios!

Next up is a scenario! :D

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Lesson 15: 형용사 adjectives, and the noun modifier -은

Today’s lesson is going to touch on something I’ve mentioned before but we’ve not really looked at yet.

Adjectives are words that are used to explain or describe a subject/noun. In Korean adjectives change their form in the same way that verbs do. And like with verbs, the adjective is placed at the end of the sentence.

사과가 많아요. There are many apples.
버스가 커요. The bus is big.
가방이 비싸요. The bag is expensive.
이 옷이 예뻐요. These clothes are pretty.
방이 작아요. The room is small.
저는 아름다워요. I am beautiful.

You’ll notice that in the translations of the above sentences, the words am/is/are are used. Am/is/are in Korean is the verb to be (이다), which was covered in a previous lesson. But you don’t use 이다 when making sentences with adjectives because the meaning of 이다 is implied within the adjective itself.

So basically, instead of thinking that for example, 춥다 simply means “cold” think of it to mean “to be cold”.

Adjectives are conjugated just like verbs using the same rules we’ve learned previously. 아/어요 for present tense and 았어/었어요 for past tense. There is a future tense, but we won’t be taking a look at that for a while. If you need a refresher on the conjugation rules you can check lesson 8 for present tense and lesson 9 for past tense.

사과가 많아요. There are many apples.
사과가 많았어요. There were many apples.
가방이 비싸요. The bag is expensive.
가방이 비쌌어요. The bag was expensive.

There will be a list of adjectives at the end of this lesson under a keep reading link, where additional spelling conjugation rules for certain irregular adjectives will be explained.

Let’s take a look at two different, but similar English sentences.

The bag is expensive.
This is an expensive bag.

In the first sentence, the emphasis is on the adjective. The bag is expensive. That is the entire focus of the sentence. In the second sentence, the emphasis is more on the bag itself. This is a bag. It just happens to be an expensive one. We already know how to write the first sentence in Korean (가방이 비싸요) but how would you go about writing the second?

This is where the noun modifier -은 comes into play. Noun modifiers are added to adjectives and are always placed before the noun.

If the adjective stem ends in a consonant -은 is added.
If the adjective stem ends in a vowel, -ㄴ is added instead.

작다 (to be small): 작 + 은 →  작은 (작은 방 a small room)
예쁘다 (to be pretty): 예쁘 + ㄴ →  예쁜 (예쁜 옷 pretty clothes)

But now, since we’ve turned the adjective into a noun modifier, we no longer have a grammatically correct statement. Remember, Korean is a Subject-Object-Verb language. We need something at the end of the statement to make a correct sentence.

많은 사과예요. It’s a lot of apples.
큰 버스예요. It’s a big bus.
이 예쁜 옷을 샀어요. I bought these pretty clothes.
작은 방에 살아요. I live in a small room.

Knowing this, how would we say “It’s an expensive bag”?

비싼 가방이에요.

Easy! :)

A note: when using a modifier for the words 있다/없다 or compound words like 재미있다 (to be funny/entertaining) or 맛있다 (to be tasty), -는 is added instead of -은.

맛있다: 맛있 + 는 →  맛있는 (맛있는 음식 delicious food)
재미없다: 재미없 + 는 →  재미없는 (재미없는 영화 a boring movie)

Click below for a list of adjectives to practice with, and for additional spelling rules. :)

Keep reading