Bae. I missed you so much..
—  Every Otaku when rewatching their favorite anime

You know, one of the reasons why I like anime/manga so much is because it’s so diverse when it comes to stories. Like, you can have your normal love story, and you can have your friendship-overcomes-anything story, and there are other types of stories that are pretty much “normal”.

But then there are stories like:

  • boys with magical powers that are accompanied by a pink wombat that controls a dead man
  • a classroom that tries to kill their teacher who is an alien/octopus/thing that plans to destroy the earth by the end of the school year, and both the teacher and the students treat the fact that they have to kill him as just another school activity
  • the son of satan that wants to avenge his dad by killing his dad
  • a zombie that lives with a silent necromancer, a tsundere magical girl, and another tsundere vampire
  • a kid with anxiety goes fishing with an alien, a “prince”, and an indian man with a duck
  • the adventures of an unemployed god with a reluctant sword, who is a highschool boy, and a girl that can’t control when her spirit leaves her body
  • a kid that can’t pilot a robot but is really good at piloting the robot, and everyone wants him to get in the robot, even tho he doens’t like piloting the robot, which is kinda weird ‘cause sometimes he doesn’t get out of the robot. He also sees alot of boobs.
  • a blue haired dude who makes a nosebleeding hairdresser, a pierced dick rabbit lover, a self-concious robot, a prision breaker, two passive-aggressive fans of him and beastiality, and part of himself that habited the body of his dog robot and is now in his twin dead brother’s body, fall in love with him
  • the densest guy in the world that can write a pretty good love story, even tho there’s a girl that tried several times telling him she loves him, which he always never gets the idea she does

There are plenty other gems but these were the ones I could remember.