Last week we teamed up with Coleman Canada’s Get Outside program to explore BC’s Purcell Mountains. We set up a nice cozy camp on the shores of Kootenay Lake, then set out on day trips into the mountains. We tackled two trails in the Glacier Creek drainage: Monica Meadows and Jumbo Pass.

These are stunning hikes into some of BC’s best wilderness, surrounded by glacier views and massive granite peaks and miles and miles of alpine meadow.

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I grew up just down the road from the granite-flanked Valhalla Range, and I feel their pull every time I go home. This past summer we were lucky enough to do three trips into the Valhallas, two hikes and one 5 day canoe trip. The first hike was a bush-whacking day trip up a little ridge overlooking a steep narrow valley directly across from some of the range’s most signature peaks, including Gimli. It was a startlingly quick hike, though the road in was long and difficult, and no trail exists. The views were simply magnificent, even in harsh midday light. We’re very much looking forward to exploring this area more in the years to come. // fieldandforest.co