je was een beetje zoals de bodem van een zwembad, die ik net met de tippen van mijn tenen kon raken.
Ik verloor je vaak, omdat ik bezig was mezelf te redden van het water.
Maar wanneer ik te moe was om nog te vechten, kon ik even rusten op jou.
Je bent mijn houvast, lief.

Het moment dat ik hem voor het eerst kon ontmoeten na al die maanden, zijn handen voor het eerst vast kon houden en zijn lippen op mijn lippen kon voelen, toen was ik het gelukkigste.

Het moment dat ik mijn ogen open deed en recht in de zijne kon kijken, mijn vingertoppen over zijn lichaam kon laten gaan, zijn lichaam die zich steviger tegen de mijne duwde, toen was ik het gelukkigste.


“OKAY! So, this morning someone gave me a SUPERBOY action figure. I’d have the way better action features than Kon ever would! So then he came home and was talking about a’valentines’ and I asked him what it meant, he said it was when romantic people do romantic things. So I asked him if it included fucking, and he got all mad! LIKE I LEARNED THE FUCKING FROM HIM AND HE HAS THE NERVE TO BE MAD! So then apparently it’s a bad thing and he was getting madder, so while mad he tried to baby proof my room! I distracted him by setting his dresser on fire, but he used ice breath…so I-….shaved…his cat.”

“We have…so much to talk about. One, you don’t use that kind of language, or talk about those kinds of things, you understand? Two, what do you mean by baby-proofing your room? Three why would you ever think it is a good idea to set something on fire, and then get mad when it is put out?”

“And four, what in the deep recesses of hell would give you the idea to shave a cat? What did the cat ever do to you?”

“So…you’re both getting a good talking-to. And you’re both grounded.”

zeroiasd asked:

What do you think of Kon and Cass as an item?

Cass Cain, right? I like them as a couple, but I don’t think they’d last long term. I’d imagine they’d stay friends after breaking up, though. Kinda like it went down in canon.


February Favorite Movie Challenge: 4/29

Tokyo Godfathers (2003, dir. Satoshi Kon)

I became familiar with Satoshi Kon’s work back when I was only about 11.Paranoia Agent would play nightly on Adult Swim and I was absolutely enthralled. It’s safe to say that, being so young, I had never seen anything like it. It wasn’t only the dark and adult themes that garnered this reaction from me though, I had never seen anything visually like it, And I don’t mean animation wise either. The stylistic choices made to convey information and tell the story were completely unique to anything I had ever seen before, and very rarely anything i have seen since. It deeply influenced the way I thought of how films should look and feel and it continues to do so to this day.

Before I had even fully realized my interest in film and was primarily interested in animation I dived in Kon’s filmography, And out of all his incredible, awe-inspiring movies Tokyo Godfathers continues to be my favorite.

Comparatively Kon’s most down-to-earth and comedically toned of all his work,Tokyo Godfathers is about three homeless people; Gin, an older man with a pessimistic attitude, Hana, a melodramatic transgender woman with a sentimental side, and Miyuki, a temperamental teenage girl who come across an abandoned baby while scavenging through the garbage on Christmas Eve. The trio begin a journey across the city, trying to find the parents of the child.

As we follow the three we learn about them and their past, and how they ended up where they are now all while with uncovering the mystery behind the lost infant.

The story and characters are incredibly funny, tragic at points, and endlessly entertaining. While this is the most levelheaded and simple of Kon’s films it still contains, like all his films, scenes and visuals so fantastical they’re almost impossible to replicate with live action film and still give off the same effortless effect. Either the editing is too fast paced and tight or simply, no one would even attempt doing the work behind what it would take just for the small details scattered around the film, scenes and cuts that last only a few seconds packed with information that add so much to the film.

Tokyo Godfathers is incredibly unique, It’s a drama, it’s a comedy, It’s unlike most other movies, and It has to been seen to be understood and believed.

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