difference between reading smut and fluff 

smut/ rated M and E: 

  • pokerface sage level
  • frozen af
  • slight mouth twitching
  • less breathing/no breathing at all
  • often reads at exposed public spaces


  • tendency to break things
  • screaming
  • raptor noises
  • more screaming
  • fanning self
  • chill level at -0
  • hits everything and everyone
  • always on the verge of cardiac arrest
  • abnormal heart rate
  • external manifestation of the devil high on rainbow weed
  • ‘bitch you dont touch me while im reading this or i will hurt you’

So, a ship between Naruto’s brother, Konohamaru, and Hinata’s sister, Hanabi, could actually become a thing soon. A crack ship, many of us had headcanons of, could actually become canon now.

NaruHina might actually soon get a sister ship.

You better sail on that KonoHana ship, while the fandom’s innocent, fresh and new. JUST LOOK AT THIS PURE SHIP.

And also look who seems jealous and annoyed.