Does anyone else think of that one issue of Red Robin, where Tim has M’gann pose as him at a press conference so that Vicki Vale sees Red Robin and Tim Drake in the same place at the same time, but nobody else knew about the set up besides the Batfam?

Can you just imagine the entire superhero community seeing Tim Drake on television being shot, and they’re all probably panicked, but then less than a millisecond later the camera pans to show Red Robin fighting Scarab, and they’re all throwing down their capes, cursing out Batman and the entire Batfamily.

Like, Conner was probably halfway to Gotham when Clark calls him, and Kon just stops midair and goes “jesus fuckign. How do you deal with this bat stuff?” Then Clark says “Don’t ask me. I just found out Bruce isn’t actually dead.”

I can’t stop thinking about how Tim was the only hero among his closest friends in the Teen Titans who wore a cape. So sometimes the core four would be super impressed with how Tim was able to keep up with them without superpowers, but then sometimes Cassie is calling Kon and Bart to wait up because Tim got his cape caught again or the villain literally just pulled Tim back by his cape.


young justice fancast

Khả Ngân as Artemis Crock // Dylan Sprayberry as Kon El // China Anne McClain as M’gann M’orzz // Ava Allan as Zatanna Zatara // Trevor Jackson as Wally West // Keith Powers as Kaldur’ahm // Aramis Knight as Dick Grayson // Boo Boo Stewart as Roy Harper // Zendaya Colleman as Raquel Ervin // Chi Pu as Jade Nguyen

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures used here

[In honor of s3 being announced I decided to do a fancast with actors and actresses as closely to the characters ages as possible.]