maliciousmango  asked:

Hi! Just wanna tell you that I really love your blog and all the おいしい and 甘い treats you post!!!!! Since I'm visiting Japan, what foods do recommend trying? Thanks! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Thank you.

When I was in Japan, I liked:

1) Bread! You can get very wonderful bread at Japanese grocery stores and bakeries. (The convenience stores, like Family Mart, also sell bread, but it can be kind of dry and low quality sometimes.) For bread, I recommend melonpan (melon bread), especially the kind with cream inside. I also recommend anpan (sweet bean bread), kareepan (curry bread), and sandwiches (such as katsu sando and fruits sandwiches).

2) Street food! Try taiyaki, dango, okonomiyaki, yakisoba, yakiniku, imagawayaki, yaki-imo, crepes, soft serve ice cream, takoyaki. Taiyaki, dango, and crepes are my favorite. I once had a very unique kind of dango with lemon frosting, at komachi-dori in Kamakura. But plain an-dango is lovely as well.

3) You should also try parfait and pancakes! Japan has a big selection.

4) Try visiting a cake shop. Japan has a lot of French-inspired sweets. Monburan, strawberry shortcake, cheesecake, cream puffs, tarts, etc. Having grown up in the US, I didn’t find most of the cake I tried in Japan quite sweet enough, but I don’t know if you would feel that way.

5) Sushi. It might seem overrated, but sushi places with the conveyor belt are really fun. Salmon sushi, negitoro, and tuna sushi are my personal favorite kinds of sushi.

6) Wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets. They might be an acquired taste if you aren’t accustomed to them, but I can never get enough haha. Try daifuku, manjuu, taiyaki, monaka. If you don’t like anko (sweet bean paste), then try ice cream daifuku. There is a brand called Yukimi Daifuku that you can buy at the convenience store.

8) It is worthwhile to try to find an Okinawan restaurant. Okinawa has a distinct food culture from mainland Japan. Try chanpuru, Okinawa soba, Murasaki imo (sweet purple potato indigeneous to Okinawa).

9) General dishes that I liked in Japan: nabe ryori (all kinds of stew, normally made at home), curry rice, omelette rice, sukiyaki (beef stew), oden (I don’t know how to explain it but I like it), onigiri, ramen (you can get really over-the-top bowls of ramen at restaurants).

10) If you go to Yokohama, visit Chinatown (Chuuka-gai). Try milk tea with tapioca, goma dango, nikuman (steamed meat bun), anman (steamed sweet bean bun), gyouza (dumplings). You can also go to a buffet in Chinatown, but trying the street food is cheaper and more fun I think. There are a lot of fun stores to buy souveniers as well.

11) There’s always candy. Meiji chocolate is very nice. You can buy a bunch to bring home, so focus more on trying fresh food while in Japan.

I know I am forgetting some things, but this should help you I think. You can browse my blog for more ideas. (⌒ー⌒)