Kola Boof

I Had to Share A Message to American BW from Kola Boof


Black People keep reminding me of the great evils White Men have traditionally reigned down on Black Women.

But I would submit…that the humiliation, debasement and abuse inflicted by our own people black men….is far more hurtful, damaging and lasting than what OUTSIDERS can do to us—and that is because we care about our own black men and we need their love, protection, acceptance and acknowledgement just like any other race of women need their men (their reflection) to be their’s 1st and foremost.

I would like to remind everyone that African women….were routinely ritually raped and vaginally cut…long before they ever set foot in America.

Black women were mutilated chattel long before they were enslaved in America. African women know this is true. EVERYONE has freely raped & abused us without punishment…not just White men. NO ONE….has ever protected us.

And right now in this new age 21st century….it hurts very deeply when your own race of Black men constantly celebrate the beauty of everything but a Black Woman, constantly judge Black women by their “shade of skin tone” and hair texture…constantly praise & elevate skanks like Kim Kardashian but outcast black women for the same behavior.

So I am dead serious when I say that…Black Men….have hurt Black women more than ANY outsider ever could.

I have lived in USA for 30 years (off and on)…I have barely known any White men. When I did encounter White men on the street, most of them Smiled at me and were extremely polite and courteous. Other than that…I have not really known very man White men in the way that I know/knew Black men.

I was adopted & raised by a wonderful Black American father (Marvin Johnson) who loved me, protected me and raised me that I was to find a man like him to marry. He loved my Black American mother and was married to her for 50 years…until his death.
He was tall, dark skinned and absolutely the best man I knew.

My Black American mother (Claudine Johnson, called “Prell”), who lives with me now that daddy died, is so close to me that you would think she was my birth mother. And she is not happy that my new husband is White & Jewish. She doesn’t like it. But she sees what Black women face in 2013 and she told me, “You made the smart choice even if I don’t like it. You’re my daughter and I stand by you. Your sons love Jason and that’s the deciding vote. He spoils you and those boys rotten.”

On an earlier post, when I said that White Husbands protect black wives from Black Men & their White Wives & black woman-hating mulatto offspring…..I was speaking on *White Husbands of Black women* …..and not the history of ALL WHITE MEN and White Supremacy.

One of the benefits of marrying a White man is that he is the power source in this country. No one on this landscape can do anything without ultimately answering to him.

So yes, since the majority of Black men in America treat Black women on a *sliding scale* disposable basis and have placed every woman in the world above us….it’s good to have a White Husband who can protect me from the humiliations and insults reigned down on my chocolate beauty by my own Black men and their two-faced slag-hearted White wives.

We won’t even get on how White women claiming to be *sisters* are so desperately down for BM’s debasement of BW. But yeah, I’m enjoying those 2-faced bitches being jealous of how fine & tall Jason Appelbaum is and cutting their eyes talking about, “Why would he want her?” I’m enjoying these ruddy-faced plastic-bodied California White Bitches & their SHOCK that Jason actually chose the best that was out'Chea.

People in Africa need to realize that most of what I write pertains to being a Black woman living in America.

This is not like Africa over here….AT ALL.

And though many of you African men also suffer from self-hatred and adore all things European…it’s quite different with the Black American males. They literally hate their black mothers and do everything to undermine and dehumanize the image of their mothers. Listen to their Rap songs (bitches ‘n ho’s…I don’t like dark skin women) and their “hip hop cultural” language (she nothing but a hoodrat) to understand me.

They have a very toxic culture in Black America and they don’t see it. Most will deny it and just say “Oh you Africans just don’t like us–yall think yall better than us; you African bootyscratch'n mofos.”

But AA culture is worse than just being Sexist (as we suffer terrible sexism in Africa).

Over here, it’s more about Color Caste System and straight up hatred for Black women. The history of the Black American woman is not even acknowledged over here. They will openly disrespect the Black American woman and put a White woman in her place—and she better act like she likes it.

If a White woman gets into a fight with an AA Woman…the Black men ALWAYS take the side of the white woman. Everything in the Black Community is the Black American woman’s fault–despite the fact that she carries the entire thing on her back with little help (just like back in Africa) smh. But the difference is…these Black American men will spit on, hit and kick a Black woman in front of a Mulatto Woman, White Woman, Asian/Latina Woman. Every race of Trash Fish is placed in front of the Authentic Black Woman over here.

People act like they don’t understand what I am saying. But these Black Americans know damn well what I’m talking about. And they are truly wrong if they think I, an Egyptian-Sudanese Gisi Waaq Oromo from Nilotic culture…is going to be downgraded and humiliated by THE BLACK MAN.

I know my history going back 26,000 years…as an African Woman. And I would rather hang the Black man than be disrespected and devalued by him.

I speak 7 languages, I am a strong thinker, a competent mother and a jolly, attractive and wondrous Woman of many, many skills that attracted my White Jewish husband.

Skills that Black American Men weren’t even interested in…because my skin is too Authentically African. My hair, though long and thick, is too nappy. They have completely forgotten Africa and all that they came from. 400 years of Slavery has beat it out of them.

So that’s not my fault.

I married a wonderful Black man (who was not American) and was with him for 10 years, but he was against me having a career. He forced me to choose between him and my career. 0_o.

He (Simon) is a wonderful man, however, and he gave me two wonderful black sons.

MOST of the Men I’ve been with were Black (from Mike Tyson to Djimon Hounsou to my Nigerian fiance in London to my Black marine biologist boyfriend on Martha’s Vineyard to my recent fiance Posr A Posr in Harlem, NYC).

Though we had good times and love…none of them were in a hurry to make me the Queen Goddess of their world. Not on the level that I, Miss Kola Boof, require.

Frankly…I look at Black American women…and most of them are SCARED of the Black Man. Truly frightened to acknowledge the “lack of love” and constant humiliation they receive from Black American men. These women have been conditioned by BM to believe that *Because they were raped in slavery*…they don’t deserve to be happy. They are told that they were *bed wenches & maids* and that the Black man can do whatever he wants while we women suffer and pay for our rape (it’s always our fault that we were raped—look at how AAs keep using Osama Bin Laden’s rape & kidnapping of me to represent some 'love story’ I was in).

Black American men are exceedingly selfish (just like African men). They lie on Black women’s history…distort Black women’s actual living conditions….neglect Black children , abandon Black children, demonize and “Racially” debase Black Women. The darker & more African you are…the less human you are to a Black American male. They place no value on Africanness…it’s the opposite….they try to lift up TEENA MARIE or Kim Kardashian as African Queens. Mulatto women who once occupied that chair of adoration–are now made to less than a “Real” White Woman. The Black American male celebrate & endorse all things light skinned, Eurocentric and Non-Black when it comes to women.

Obviously…the babies are not coming out Black anymore. From Nick Cannon to Tiger Woods to Wesley Snipes to OJ Simpson to Michael Jackson….the babies look PURE WHITE (or in Wesley’s case, pure Korean…in Kobe Bryant’s case, pure Latino).

This is what these men want…to breed themselves into Non-Black people. And no one is allowed to question it.

But when I…an African woman with 2 full black sons…marries a White man. Then suddenly it must be questioned and made polemic.

I have loved and supported Black Men…my entire life.

I have always PREFERRED and praised and risen up Black men….my entire life.

I would say that almost every Black woman who is with a White man…has done exactly what I did…gave their all for Black men.

SO PLEASE…do not tell me the history of what “WHITE MEN” have done against Black Women…because it doesn’t even compare to the hurt and pain, the literal scars we carry from trying to get love & acceptance from generation upon generation of Self-hating Black men.

When I think of **THE DEVIL**….he ain’t White. His ass is Black.

No matter what THE WHITE RACE …or in my case, THE ARAB RACE….has done against African people—my greatest heartbreak remains the betrayal and denial dished out by Black men the world over.

Their hatred of African looks & African babies, their worshipping of Mulattoes, their worldwide message of humiliation and rejection for Black Women….is a heartbreak that I, as an African mother, will never get over.


That’s what I have to say in the face of people claiming I owe Black men some special consideration and loyalty.

My loyalty is to my womb.

I produced Full Black Sons–continuing the bloodberry of Africa…which is more than Sidney Poitier, Tiger Woods or Nick Cannon can say.

And I am confident that HUGE numbers of future Black women will also be marrying out of their race…because Black men made it that way.

Sisters…pass this around to other Black women. Let us stop being scared and humble and bowed down to a Phantom Black Massa Kang and get some fucking sense and some fucking power in this world….FOR US.

The Revolution…at last…needs to be about US Black woman. The Black Race can only truly come from us. That is why they call it “MOTHER AFRICA”….because it’s our Black wombs that produce Africa and the Black Race.

The Black Man is dead….and only we have the power…..to bring him back. Only we have that Womb.

It’s time for Black women, worldwide…to wake the fuck up and stop being the weak timid little wallflower losers. You Black American women are the daughters of Queen Harriet Tubman and Queen Sojourner Truth…you need to start acting like it…and stop pretending you don’t know who Kola Boof is. Yall ain’t that fucking mixed to where you forgot my voice. You Black American women recognize my voice. You know that bitch in New York Harbor ain’t your damn mother.

So STOP putting down Kola Boof and co-signing the lies invented about me by White Racists and Self-hating Black Men and Arab Oil conglomerates.

You Black American women RAISED ME…you know who I am.


As humans, we often claim that we can’t help who we love–but that’s not true. Humans definitely choose who we are willing to love and who we are not willing to love. If we couldn’t control who we loved, then you would see men who are married to women in wheelchairs, you would see women saying the sexiest man alive is a blind man…The truth is the best people are often not noticed, not loved, not chosen, because we have societal pressures and societal statuses and messages and images that tell us who is to be loved and who is not to be loved.
—  Kola Boof
As a black woman in a white supremacist world, I can’t honestly claim that I’ve suffered any more prejudice and mistreatment from white men than I have from my own black men. Both groups seem to live by the white man’s standard, so they both hate, degrade, exploit, and humiliate black women, fail to even acknowledge our presence. Yet when it comes to race loyalty, I always took the side of the black man–not because he was morally superior to the white man, but because he was the one I gave birth to, the one my womb produces.
—  Kola Boof
God’s hair (the proof)
Hair from blood at the root
Hair like jungle holding up oceans
Hair born from virgins black as
Outer space forever
Plat-dragged and rising to eat the sun
When we kill and destroy the genetic DNA of the black man we call that “good hair”
because GODS hair is not manageable
—  excerpts from Kola Boof’s poem “Gods Hair”
We turn on the television and only our suffering is recorded by the white man’s cameras—our poverty, our hunger, our disease. Not only exaggerated, but the cause of our downfall is never truthfully explained. And while the white man films himself saving us, medicating us, feeding and protecting us, the black man is portrayed as a loser who can’t even navigate his own land, can’t love or feed his family, and can’t standup as an African in the image, fully human, that God created him in. He’s just a backward nigger in a dying, stinking, rotten paradise that everybody wants.
—  Sea Horse Twee

TW: anti-blackness

sometimes i forget that when i answer asks publicly on my profile page, they are routed through to my twitter account.

apparently the Kola Boof fan club, and Kola Boof herself, came through to my twitter account to “explain” to me the value of her referring to blakc americans as n*****stock. because apparently i don’t understand the complexity of her writing and needed further explanation as to how “pro black” she is. 

despite her explanation that she refers to “all blacks worldwide” as n*****stock, maybe she should take into consideration that maybe there are some “ blacks worldwide” that wouldn’t appreciate being called n*****stock at all. 

that maybe nobody wants to be referred to as n*****stock just so a “pro black” author can make a point

Loren Kleinman’s ‘Breakable’ Things - March 25th, 2015

Award winning poet and author Loren Kleinman is to release her hotly
anticipated third collection, Breakable Things, with Winter Goose
Publishing in March 2015.

In this latest collection, the Treble Pushcart Prize nominee, Kleinman
presents the world around her through breakable objects. These are as diverse as the humanly frail bones and hearts, to man-made artistry such as cabinets, and so much more between.

The reader learns that broken does not mean damaged. Being broken can be a necessary part in the process of becoming a whole person.

Kleinman said of the collection: “This book shows that after the fracture, after
the breaks in the surface, there is always light.”

Breakable Things is a testament to the idea that everything is breakable, and
everything somehow finds its way back together again.”

Jason Carney, author of Starve the Vulture, said of the collection: “[Breakable Things] has a visceral quality. I was drawn in by the details and kept connected with the phrasing. There is a flow to this text, a common
experience of relationships coupled with the unique perspective of being
alone, which creates fascination within the reader." 

Geoffrey Gatza, publisher at BlazeVOX [books], said: ”Breakable Things is a rattling tribute to the fragility of consciousness and memory. “I’m cut on the floor, / porcelain in the skin, / and he breaks / he breaks he breaks he breaks me, Loren Kleinman writes. Fastened with pinching, deep detail, the shock of loss and a seasoned sense of being resonate throughout this book. Here Kleinman describes the bewilderment of being and the feelings that come from breathing, existing. “I step into the dirt. / Its dampness / makes me feel I exist.” Caked with shame and smoke, soot and blinking bugs Kleinman renders a panorama of sharp, dazzling poems that haunt and captivate us long after the reading of this book is completed.“

Kola Boof, author of The Sexy Part of the Bible, said: "With unpretentious clarity, guts and a bit of soul, Breakable Things has solidified Loren Kleinman as my favorite new poet.”  

Celebrity Author & Egyptian-Sudanese Womanist Kola Boof Writes an Open Letter to Nina Simone Director Cynthia Mort About the Erasure of Nina's Image

According to "Celebrity Author & Egyptian-Sudanese Womanist Kola Boof:

A new film directed by a White woman who claims to be Nina Simone’s number one fan aims to achieve what America couldn’t achieve while Nina was alive-the total erasure of the Empress of Activist-Cool from her own Black image-an image so subversive and counter culture in its dark Negroid-ness that the challenge of living it imbued Nina with a justifiably rebellious and outspoken symphony of under-dog passions; all of it expressed through grandly operatic musical masterpieces, scornfully bold and unrepentant public truth-telling, beautifully Afro-sculptural body posturing, and most of all, Nina’s defiant love for herself and for her people’s political well-being. Nina Simone was no ordinary jazz stylist, woman or public figure. Everything about her was intelligence married to fire. She was charismatic, eccentric and Queenly. And above all else-she was the moving embodiment of raw cultured Blackness.

This is why it’s truly a milestone in revisionist history and Hollywood Colorism that the unauthorized film so disingenuously titled “NINA” casts the typical BET-caliber privileged but talented light skinned actress-in this case not Halle Berry or Thandie Newton, but up and coming go-to-Princess Zoe Saldana, a valiant self-proclaimed Latina of African descent via the Dominican Republic as Nina Simone.

I’ve always liked Zoe Saldana. You could even say that I was a big fan. But since the “Nina” controversy I’ve lost respect for her.

The film’s White woman director (bursting with good intentions as white women always are) unwittingly demonstrates why White women and Black women have not been able to forge a true sisterhood-the white sister can’t see the Black sister’s reality even when staring straight at her. And because of that inability to see us, the image chosen to represent Nina becomes a mocking dehumanization, an erasure of Nina’s swarthy and robust Black victory. Everything Nina stood for while surviving in that Black body becomes whitened and desensitized by the cloying signature of dishonesty. But of course, White people are making this film for White people anyway. None of these films from “Django Unchained” to “Nina” give a care about the Black people they’re depicting. They’d cast Adele (the overrated twang crooner) as Nina if they thought they could get away with it. As an African-born woman, not a true Westerner, I feel completely comfortable stating what’s obvious-that it matters that the woman who plays Nina Simone be dark enough. And that it matters that she have ties to the American Southern States (Dixie they call it). It matters that she be grounded in the lacerating reality of America’s unrelenting anti-Black woman imaging and socialization.

How someone claiming to love Nina and wanting to honor Nina could fail to see the importance in that is beyond my comprehension. I detest Cynthia Mort. I suspect Capitalism and typical Miss Anne entitlement and delusion are her real conduits.

Of course many people disagree with me. The argument goes that we’re denying Zoe Saldana her own Black identity and a chance to win an Oscar. But then photos are released showing Saldana on the set “as Nina” and wonder of wonders-she’s done up in Black face like a minstrel imitating a Black person! She’s got dentures, a prosthetic nose, Afro wig-begging the question-why didn’t they just cast a sensible choice like Kimberly Elise, Yolanda Ross (Stranger Inside), India Arie or Nina’s personal pick Whoopi Goldberg in the first place?

Some say it’s because Saldana is a proven box-office star after playing in several Hollywood action films. But I say recent two-time Oscar nominee Viola Davis is just as hot and that Viola’s film “The Help” grossed twice as much as Saldana’s last two films, “Columbiana” and “The Words”-combined. So who’s the hot property? And just think about it. If Viola Davis starred as “NINA,” she’d put her foot in the pot and come up with yet another Oscar nomination if not an outright win. The publicity from that would drive up the box-office and DVD sales. They’d have a hit and a prestige picture in one. Or imagine if cultural genius Lauryn Hill had a notion to use this as a showy comeback vehicle-or if the ravishingly beautiful and hungry-for-a-chance newcomer Adepero Oduye (Pariah) got to dazzle us with her too often unemployed brilliance. But with Saldana, all the filmmakers have is unforgiving rage from the one group of people that can make this film flop simply by refusing to show up-Black women. And I can promise you right now, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Black American women are tired of the colorist Hollywood caste system. They love Nina Simone religiously. They know that Nina’s daughter Simone was not asked to be a consultant or even contacted to give her blessing. They know the leading man that Nina falls in love with in the film was a strict homosexual in real life and that his reality, too, is being erased for the purpose of making a quick buck instead of art with integrity. They aren’t dumb enough to pay their hard earned money to be so degraded and erased from their own historical imprint. Cynthia Mort’s film will flop, because enough of us have vowed to make it flop. But what a wasted opportunity! Imagine if they’d done this thing right and put the real “NINA” in the moan. Imagine if they hadn’t rendered Nina invisible in her own story. With Viola Davis, Lauryn Hill or Yolanda Ross as Nina, it would have become a classic.

Originally posted on Shine from Yahoo! http://shine.yahoo.com/beauty/celebrity-author-38-egyptian-sudanese-womanist-kola-boof-045300398.html 

Words of Kola Boof - Usama Bin Laden’s mistress

I just saw myself on the cover of the National Enquirer. It says “Exclusive Interview with Bin Laden’s Mistress”–but I’ve never given an interview to the National Enquirer; I have never in my life spoken to anyone at that magazine. In fact, up to this point, I have not given anyone anywhere an interview regarding my feelings on Osama Bin Laden’s death.

A week ago, my favorite television news anchor Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) stated that I was Somi’s “ex-wife” (because members of the Sudanese government authored a book claiming this). In Los Angeles, one of the top Black stations reported that because I tweeted about Osama’s demise two days before he died; I must be working for the CIA and was aware he was about to be killed. The cover of the National Enquirer claims that I was kept chained in Osama’s compound. None of this is true.

At this moment, I am embroiled in a serious matter that includes confrontations with Osama’s lead wife Najwa over possible monies that were left to me. I will get to that in a moment, but first to make it clear how I feel about Osama’s death and to make it clear why I haven’t felt like talking about it yet, here’s the Official Statement I gave the night Osama died:

“I rarely ever talk about Somi, but for the last two days on Twitter, somethingcame over me and I did nothing but Tweet about him.

Now I know why.

At last….I forgive Somi for everything he did to me and for all that I witnessed. I set him free and I dream for him to be healed.

My greatest sympathy is with his mother, Hamida, the only person in that family who is willing to hear from me. One mother to another, I close my eyes and embrace her with so much compassion.

I feel that no one has more accurately and fairly characterized her son than I have. I knew him to be a monster, a genius, a poet, a racist woman-basher and a very passionate, deeply sensitive confused being.

Like all of us, he was somebody’s child.

I am not God, so I leave him to whatever comes next. I still have his poems and each year they have a different meaning. But now the papers are cool to the touch. I feel many things…things that people would not understand…I look at the gray hair I have…and all I can tell you is this….

Usama, Usama, Usama–Peace.”

I think this statement spoken in my own voice reveals a lot for those who have intellect and can understand that the “Monster” Bin Laden was a real multi-dimensional person for those who knew him; not a media contrived cartoon. I have been greatly demeaned and disrespected by the U.S. press regarding my affiliation with him and I would like to say one thing straight out–Ninety percept of the media’s problem with me is that I’m a Black Woman who looks Black and not mixed. It has been said to my face. Connie Chung and her producers at CNN asked me point blank, “Why would a man of Bin Laden’s wealth and stature have a black mistress?”

Exotic deceitful monikers like ‘sex slave’ and ‘chained woman’ are applied to my image but were never applied to Patti Hearst–who was held against her will for more than a year and had sex trains with the nine Black men holding her–yet was not given a single exotic title. And unlike the garden variety White public mistress (Monica Lewinsky, Camilla Parker Bowles, etc.), my word alone nor my stature as a strong African novelist, activist and poet is enough to accrue common respectful treatment towards my person or my image. Extraordinarily literate facts and information I wrote about Osama years ago, things that could have helped them find Osama, are ignored as they focus on tabloid-like single sentences from my memoir (Osama lusted for Whitney Houston!; he was a Pot head). It was me, after all, who said ten years ago that Osama’s guards used cell phones (I was crucified by Peter Bergen for that; though they discovered last week that it’s true). It was me who reported ten years ago about Osama inventing the “kidney dialysis myth”–me who reported on his marijuana gardens and his obsession with Western culture. It was me who first wrote about his hatred for Sadaam Hussein.

Male journalists like Morgan Spurlock (who says he laughed about my rape) and supposed Bin Laden expert Peter Bergen (whose published facts have now been proven to be less accurate than mine) discuss me as though I’m a deceased taxi dancer or a maid who stole coins from their nightstand. Sadly, because Black Americans can’t decipher anything until White people confirm and approve it for them–I have been just as unfairly treated by Black journalists and so called Black academics and intellectuals. Which makes me shudder to think what would have happened to Thomas Jefferson’s slave Sally Hemmings had she dared write in her own words about her affair with the President of the United States. How would her claims of child rape turned to a forced long term relationship to eventual love been received by her own people?

Sally Hemmings was twelve years old when she gave birth to President Thomas Jefferson’s son, Thomas Jefferson Jr. He was in his fifties (I’ve since learned that the majority of Black American slave women got their first rapes between the ages of nine and thirteen and were freely raped by both White masters and fellow Black male slaves). As I well know, and share with Sally Hemmings–just because someone rapes you doesn’t mean you don’t go on to have a deep relationship with that person.

Osama raped me the first night we met. But out of my fear and determination to survive we became comrades; lovers; we wrote poetry together, I did his hair, I cooked for him, he gave me jewels and money; sent me to Milan on shopping sprees; buried one of his guards that I killed and made it so I only did one night in jail. Living at La Maison Arabe was hardly the life of a slave–I wasn’t in chains, honey. I supervised Osama’s men despite not being allowed to leave Osama. And let’s not forget that half the wives of Arab rich men live that exact same way–many are married against their will, fathers give away daughters, women are snatched off the streets. Women had no rights in the Arab Muslim world when I was there modeling, acting and “hostessing.”

It hurts to have so much valuable information; so much intelligence and to be so truthful and articulate–yet have “white powerful news controllers” decide that you’re not the right image for what they’d like to promote. Therefore, part of history is always missing.

Osama’s wife, Najwa Bin Laden, who wrote so snidely about me in her memoir a few years ago is now forced, at last, to recognize me. I’m sure she’d rather have me killed than see me collect money from her husband. According to her I was Somi’s “abeed lan sharmuta” (n***er slave whore). But that’s alright. I’m the one he kept for pleasure and not mere Islamic duty–as she well knows and sleeps alone with–and always slept alone with. Pitiful head covered door mat jockey.

The rank ignorant pettiness (well Kola’s not pretty enough!) and the treatment my story and my personhood have received shows you exactly why the Americans couldn’t find Osama for more than a decade. It shows you why Peter Bergen in all his almighty “million dollar advance” rhetoric could never locate Osama but had to degrade and slander me to protect the credibility of his own toilet-read tomes. And it shows most of all–that you can’t keep a good woman down. I was not the one who revealed that I’d been with Somi. The London Guardian newspaper started it all; I originally denied the story out of embarrassment and then the U.S. Homeland Security (more like “Gangland Security”) forced me to admit to it. From then on, I was trapped in a maze of defending my reputation and my personhood. And so the tragedy of my life is that I have told nothing but truth…yet the truth did not set me free.

My one revenge is that I’m not going anywhere. I think the Americans have noticed that by now. And I leave you with this bit of common sense and mother wit–”In any mansion…it’s the maids and the whores…who know the most.” You can’t stop what’s real