Reveal day is here. My new tattoo is coloured and healed. It is for my daughter, Inara, and joins with the one I had done for my son. The koi represents that she is one half of my two Pisces children. The “Firefly” is a nod to where we got her name. The water joins hers to her brother’s tattoo. My goal of a full arm sleeve tattoo is half way there. Love it!

I'm tired of fish being used as decorations

I don’t care how rustic it makes your kitchen look. Betta fish don’t belong in mason jars.

I don’t care how elegant it makes your coffee table look. Goldfish don’t belong in vases.

I don’t care how relaxed it makes your living room look. Koi fish don’t belong in small tanks.

I don’t care how cute it makes your kids room look. Guppies don’t belong in modified mini gumball machines.

Fish need space. Fish need filters. Fish need heaters. Fish need specific amounts of sunlight. Fish need you to open your fucking eyes and realize that they are living creatures. Not decorations.

The moment a fish is taken from nature and put into captivity to breed and sell, is the moment that you need to step up and take responsibility for giving those fish a comfortable life.

If you buy it, you should care for it. The RIGHT way.

Tranquility: Keep your mind and heart clear and peaceful.

Still in the Buddhism / zen mood,
Liyu’s so fun to draw!! Especially since he can spring lotus blossoms or create magical display <3 I love fantasy genre!

Also, maybe he looks like Aang when his robe is half open? kinda good look on him though *v*

I think I’m gonna have this available on my redbubble shop! If you like you could check it out and support your artist here