#leona #king #angelkof #kof. Okay so story behind this one is that a close friend of UDON who used to help us out at the booth a lot asked for this combo piece of me and @trickydigits Joe Ng. The show ended and I took the pages back home with me. I actually misplaced them for a few years and then found it since i changed offices 3 times. Before my work begins this week I figured I better get it done 4 years after point! Sorry for the wait pal, usually I’m super quick but I just don’t like doing the 3 character shots. Still this seemed to turn out ok! Also I can do this stuff a lot better than before!

I know a lot of you are going on and on about King in this pic but it’s actually all about #angel #kof . I’ll give you one last look as I’ll be dropping this one off tonight and won’t be able to snap photos. Thanks for all your comments and shares!