Knutsford Visit - Third Day - August 2011

Tuesday 9th August 2011

The Angel

Knutsford is a mile and a half down the Northwich Road. It becomes a pleasant walk when we reach Lady’s Mile. At the end of Lady’s Mile, we find public houses and an area that resembles a well-kept small town. We made our way to the Angel, a Joseph Holt’s public house.  It is possible to buy a well-conditioned pint for under £2.50. We opted for the IPA. Also, one might buy a couple of meals for £9.50. We were all more than happy with the drinks, the food, and the prices.  The building was not haunting or beholding of mystique but it was clean enough. It was not run down or atheistically displeasing either.  I would certainly revisit it for drinks and food. Here are a few photographs to help capture the atmosphere:







Brook Street Chapel

The Cross Keys was not open when we walked passed by again. We satisfied ourselves with minor shopping and a look around Brook Street Chapel. Shortly after that, we took the train back to Stockport. I took the opportunity to take photographs of the chapel too:






N.B. There appeared to be no well signposted child facilities in any of the pubs in Knutsford, let alone anything like a playground area or even a public park.