Eirikur: He is same aged like me but he thinks he is an adult. He does not want to play with me at all. but I won’t give up trying!

Knut: He is sooo calm, He is a lot like Bertram. I think he likes me too!

Bertram: He is really loud and annoying. I prefer Knut over him…….

Karl: He is so scary, He always look at me so angrily, I prefer avoiding him if we meet.

Matti: I don’t like him….. but he brings me candies…….

Celebrity Polar Bear Knut Is Dead

Berlin Zoo’s celebrity polar bear Knut is dead. The zoo’s bear expert, Heiner Klös told the German news agency DPA that the bear collapsed and died on Saturday while in the water in the zoo’s polar bear enclosure.

Klös told DPA that between 600 and 700 visitors had witnessed Knut’s death. The zoo’s staff were shocked, he said.

The cause of death is currently unclear. According to Klös, the polar bear was alone in the compound at the time. The three other bears that shared his enclosure – his mother Tosca and two other bears named Katyusha and Nancy – had already been shut in. The zoo plans to perform an autopsy on Knut to clarify the cause of death.

“It’s terrible,” Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit told the Berlin newspaper BZ. “He had a special place in all of our hearts. He was the star of Berlin Zoo.”

Knut, who recently turned four, became world famous when his mother rejected him shortly after his birth in December 2006. Part of his fame was due to the bear’s close relationship to Thomas Dörflein, the photogenic zookeeper who became his replacement mother and hand-reared the cub. Dörflein died unexpectedly in September 2008 at the age of 44.

Knut, the adorable polar bear who became a world sensation after his mother rejected him and he was hand-raised by a zookeeper, collapsed and died on March 19, 2011, in his enclosure at the Berlin zoo. An autopsy will be conduction on the 4-year-old Knut, as polar bears in captivity typically have a live more than 30 years; animal activists had long argued that Knut was incredibly stressed. But in this gallery, remember Knut as he was in the good times: playful and people-loving.

Knut, the Famous Polar Bear 

Polar Bear Knut’s Death Tied to Brain Problems

An animal autopsy of the 4-year-old polar bear named Knut that died suddenly at the Berlin Zoo on Saturday (March 19) showed distinct brain changes that may be the cause of death.

The necropsy, or animal autopsy, was undertaken Monday (March 21) at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research.

“The preliminary results show distinctive anomalies at the brain, which could be seen as the cause of the ice bear’s sudden passing,” according to a press statement from the zoo. “Other irregularities on the organs could not be found from the pathologists.”

Though the necropsy is not yet complete, Klös said the fact that they didn’t find any abnormalities in the animal’s kidneys, liver or heart suggest stress did not play a role in the death.

“We are absolutely sure there was no stress and no heart attack, and no broken heart, if it’s possible to find something like this,” Klös told LiveScience.