Thanks to everyone that said such good things about my human!Sonic characters design! \(;7;)/ You really helped me taking them back!
So, let me show you my human!Knuckles design! :D

My really first design of him (back in… I don’t know, probably five years ago?) was really really boring. It wasn’t anything special, and since then I wanted to make it unique. It’s about five months that I had in mind to try to give him tribal vibes, and the result is so darn satisfying-!!
I’m so proud of this design!

And I also kinda used him right away to practice a little a sat pose, which came out better than I expeceted. Huzza!

While drawing him I also discovered how freaking awesome tribal tattoos are. I want one so much now-
The moon one on the chest is obviously a reference to the one his original version has, while the scorpion actually means both danger and life. I thought it was a perfect match for him!

Also, bonus with the absolute best drawing of all I did today:


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