Le Centenaire knuckle-duster pistol

Manufactured by a French gunsmith at the N°5 Boulevard de Strasbourg in Paris, France c.1889 - serial number 25.
.22RF Short single shot brass barrel, brass knuckles and steel lock plate with steel trigger and bar-hammer - the single action firing mechanism is made of only four pieces including these two, the others being two springs.

A small self-defense weapon made to commemorate the centennial of the French revolution, a sort of little brother to the Apache revolver.

Onehitting the encounter

So, I was playing a Savage Worlds homebrew campaign, where I was a military scientist who volunteered to go on an expedition to an island frozen back in the Dark ages. My scientist was actually a Weird Scientist with a staff that could shoot lasers and a pet “murder weapon” as I liked to call it. I was riding down the road on a caravan with 2 NPC soldiers, when a group of Dire wolves and a giant centipede charged from the trees.

DM: Alright, your turn, (me).

Me: I want to put on my brass knuckles and punch one of the wolves, then fire my pet murder weapon at the centipede.

DM: Roll.

I had a D4 in strength, so I was relying on my wild die. I roll, and immediately Ace my strength die. I roll again, and Ace a second time. After about four more of these, the DM told me to start rolling for my murder weapon.

You have three guesses as to what happens next.

DM, after hysterical laughter on seeing the results: You One-Punch this wolf-like creature into the other one, shattering both of their necks on impact, sending them flying through a few trees. Then you turn, pointing at the giant centipede, and your laser dog (another name for my murder weapon) fires a beam from its mouth. The centipede is hit dead on, incinerating half of its body while melting the rest in a massive fireball as you turn, sliding some sunglasses on as you walk away without looking back.

My scientist character promptly sat back in his hammock, falling asleep almost instantly, while the rest of the caravan guards and the two military officers stared in shock and awe at the melting remains of the centipede.


The True Companion

Manufactured either in the US or in France/Belgium c.1869~1870′s - serial number 204.
.32 cap and ball twin-shot cylinder, single action with spur trigger, brass knuckle folding handle, brass frame, blued cylinder.

A very streamlined version of Louis Dolne’s more famous Apache pepperbox, without the useless folding blade and with a noticeably slimmer profile due to its reduced cylinder capacity. There’s no way to know if that gun was a copy or a production of Dolne himself, but the lack of name and the use of a caplock firing mechanism indicates it might have in fact been an American production.


Made some good old bappers!

These are “bladed knucks” props for a Dystopia Rising player.
In-game they are supposed to be basically brass (or steel) knuckles, but with blades attached for maximum damage.

The white popsicles don’t exist in the game’s reality and are the actual striking surface, because punching a dude in the noggin is a bit too dangerous, even with foam covers.

The customer’s character is a bodyguard/bouncer in a casino so I made his knucks casino themed. Dice, slots and cards! Bonus points to whoever figures out the pun I made with the card hand :P

Irritation aside:

Props to Owens and Reigns, though. 

Roman willingly took brass knuckles to a surgically reconstructed nose (and paid for it). That’s some hardcore shit. 

And Owens broke his spine for our sins. 

That’s real dedication to entertain us. Thank you so much. Regardless of how you feel about their characters, the people behind them are workhorses. 

Dumb thought

I’ve been wondering for a while what weapon Sapphire had and most fans seem to agree that she had knuckle dusters because of those octohedral crystals you see on the joints.

While this makes sense I was always really bothered by it because in general gem weapons seem to match the user. Steven wants to protect people, Jasper is headstrong, Ruby thinks with her fists, the list goes on and on but I never found any quality that links Sapphire to brass knuckles. In short I needed another object to create those knuckle ridges but where else would I find a weapon with 8 octahedrons in sapphire blue?

I know, I know, I’m dumb homestuck trash here but the sad part is it actually fits Sapphire’s personality. It was confirmed in Hit The Diamond that Sapphire can see all alternate futures and has to judge which is most probable, but just because one seems likely doesn’t mean it’s the future that will come true. 

Essentially, Sapphire is rolling the dice every time she makes a judgement based on a set of possible futures. She just has to hope luck comes out on her side…

If only they weren’t made of fluorite