megumi spy au hcs 

best decoy to infiltrate parties / meet ups / occasions.

‘i get to play under cover dress up and its so worth it honestly’ 

best social skills to casually shift the topic to needed information, can hold a nice poker face or make it seem like the data isn’t anything she’s interested in / good at masking / feigning emotions 

although if push comes to shove, physical matters of torturing to gain the required information isn’t something she’s above. she just doesn’t like to get physical, but won’t hesitate to do so.

the squad guides her through her current locations, gives her commands / tells her what they’re specifically looking for / need to know && she’ll do her best to wander around without looking suspicious !!

again, her main choice of weaponry results in knives, axes, bats, brass knuckles, sledge hammers, etc.

regina george voice: she knows everything about everyone, its why her sweaters so big — its full of secrets 

who ever made it (cause was awhile back, do not remember where) Thank you

That AU where Wendy is a Slayer

such a bad ass idea

I was trying to remember who was her watcher (was it Ford or Stan???)

then I started thinking, if Ford was her Watcher, but disappeared, similar to the  way as in the show (supernatural or same portal) and Stan pretends to be him (and same as show, trying to get him back) but later finds out Ford also has the job as a Watcher and then Wendy’a Slayer powers awaken and now Stan gotta train this teenager with superhuman abilities to kill vampires.

all the Stan and Wendy bonding I could ever hope for :D

lets go punch some pale freaks

“Stan’s personality is one of life’s great mysteries.”

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