FAMINE is hungry and determined to eat what makes him human/ consumes secrets whispered between sheets/keeps them pressed against the roof of his mouth/ rain-slick streets/ his car floats above the asphalt/ flies down freeways/ chews his way through friendships/ takes a boy’s heart on his tongue/ fights the urge to swallow

CONQUEST pushes herself past her breaking point/ carves her grades into her skin/ five sports teams and counting/ two am cramming facts into her skull until they poke through the skin of her temples /debates pouring alcohol into already hard coffee/ runs in the mornings/tries to leave weakness behind

WAR slips their tongue over their teeth and thinks/ these should be sharper/ hides brass knuckles in the sock drawer/ kicks parked cars/ knows the glory in becoming invincible/ merciless

DEATH haunts his own house/ drifts down the carpeted staircase to microwave dinner/ never makes his bed/ or leaves it/ flicks through sites/browses people/ seeks something to spark/ ignite a forgotten fire/ smells sweet and purifying

-four apocalyptic horsemen with no horses, d.t.w

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when aces & aros are like "pda makes me uncomfy!!!LGBTQIAAPWTF+ spaces are supposed to be safe for EVERY1!!!" i just... **inhales** boy. I'm a lesbian, i'm trying to be out and proud w my gf. When I go in the Big City with her, i carry a tiny knife in my big hand (it's illegal). She's thinking about buying brass knuckles (and shortly after the Orlando shooting, we were srsly thinking about getting bulletproof vests). Our hands barely touch when we're riding the subway (1/2 lesbean complaining)

(2/2 lesbean complain)and ppl still do the Nasty Look at us. My best friend and his best friend, two gay boys, get told they’re “indecent” when they hold hands (they’re not a couple, they’re just very emotional and need to be held). 

Cishets aces and aros don’t seem to get that GAY PDA CAN GET THE GAY PDA-ers FUCKING KILLED. They’re just “i don’t mind the gays as long as they don’t shove it in my face :///” homophobes, recycled. Gay pda is brave, gay pda is radical. 

(lesbean complaining again, my bad) and moreover, we have the right to be affectionate in OUR SAFE SPACES. Why would you come into a LGBT space if ur pda-repulsed, it’s litteraly one of the only places we can be gay in peace. 

SGA people leave in fear of being affectionate with their same-gender partner. Cishets will never feel that tiny feeling of victory mixed with sheer terror when they hold their so’s hand in public. Gay pda is brave and radical. LGBT’s ppl existence is brave and radical.

A white man popped Zimmerman in the face at a restaurant.

George Zimmerman told police he was punched in the face Sunday night at a restaurant in Sanford, Florida, while explaining to fellow diners that he shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense, according to a police report released by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

While witnesses claim in the police report that Zimmerman bragged that he shot Martin, Zimmerman said in the report that he was not bragging, but trying to explain he shot Martin self-defense.


Zimmerman is still alive though, so I’m really not that excited.  He should be punched dead in the face with brass knuckles every time he leaves his house tbh.

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  • Catapult
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Humbug B sides

Let me introduce you to the lyrical masterpiece that is this song. But first I want you to imagine that you’re in a bar, a squat, grey and sickly bar. It’s not the kind of place people come to drink, it’s the kind of place people come to die. There aren’t enough lights for the size of the room and all the shadows have knife edges. Eyes shine from those shadows like hot pennies. Fat tongues run over gold teeth, fat fingers run over brass knuckles. Deals are made here, heads are broken. 
Just then, the door swings open, a shaft of empty daylight spills over the tables like a bloodstain. A man is stood in silhouette. HIs shoulders are trim, his waist lean, he stands like an alley cat, he looks like violence. 
He walks up to the bar and leans on it, his leather jacket squeaking slightly. He runs a hand through his dark hair and stabs the barkeeper with a glance. 
In a voice like two stones being ground together at the bottom of a well he says; “I’ll have a water please.” 

‘He’ll tell you how the day after a triumph feels the as hollow as the day after a tragedy’


Do you know what i have seen nothing about. What Sardonyx said in “Know Your Fusion”

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“Every fusion gets something new: a new power, a new weapon…” but no one has actually talked about it. Well I am. You see, the whole episode was trying to figure out what Smokey Quartz’s new…thing was, and in order to figure out what it is, we gotta break down everything. 

Lets start with new weapons. Gem weapons not only reflect the gem’s personality, but also how they fight. We know this based on the fact that two Ruby’s have had different weapons, a glove and a chisel, reflecting how they feel and fight. Garnet’s weapons are her Gauntlets, comprised of Ruby’s glove, and something of Sapphires (possibly a brass knuckle, but who knows). 

Originally posted by 32floz

They are hands on and force Garnet to get close and personal with her attackers, which is what Garnet is like, personal. 

Sugilite’s is a flail, the strength of the Gauntlets plus the quick, preciseness of the Whip. 

Originally posted by garnets-hips-dont-lie

Amethyst is someone who likes to keep their distance physically and emotionally, which is what a whip kind of does, and Sugilite is fierce and strong and likes to wreck stuff, and her weapon shows this. 

Sardonyx’s weapon is a hammer, with the strength of the Gauntlets and the Spear.

Originally posted by miare

Now here is where is gets tricky. Pearl is a character we know as perfection and knowledgable. Her weapon doesn’t really reflect this, but it does reflect her. It is a spear, like that of a Knight might hold, that is what it is meant to represent. A spear can be both a melee weapon and a projectile, and that is what Pearl is like. She can be distant and close. She was close with some, and distant with others, and that is what her personality is like. But when you put this shadow like personality with confidence like Garnet, you get Sardonyx personality…a comedian, and their weapon is like that. It can be… “Specific! Intelligent! Accurate! Faultless! Elegant. Controlled! Surgical! Graceful! Powerful! But yes, occasionally, I am known… to smash.” She is all of those things, and that really comes up in her weapon. A hammer can fix and break things. 

Now there is Opal. I’ve talked about how both Pearl and Amethyst can be distant, and there overly silent fusion with a BOW AND ARROWS speaks for itself I think.

Originally posted by miare

Alexandrite is the tricky one, she seems to have no weapon and uses all the fusion’s/counterpart’s weapons

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Well…I guess when you are comprised of someone who is over confident, has no confidence, and someone who is an extremist on who they talk to, your personality is everywhere. You wanna be distant but be with people. You can be destructive of helpful. You know, that’s how I feel as to why she actually has no weapon of her own (not to mention, what would it be)

This is the same for malachite

Originally posted by thisblogisinactivebutstillhere

Destructive and head-strong plus a pacifist…you just are a confused fuck. Which is what she was, only one was ever on control, like a split personality

NOW we get to our friend Smokey Quartz

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Steven’s playfulness plus Amethyst being distant, but open to Steven is right there in their YO-YO, a thing you gotta keep close if you wanna truly kill…poof a man.

Okay, we all knew about weapons and I may have just wasted my time explaining weapons to a bunch of people who probably know more than me…but hey, we all knew nothing about powers until NOW. “There must be some common thread between Steven and Amethyst that’s heightened by their fusion” Fusion itself is a Heightened form of the two counter parts, so lets take this further shall we.

Ruby + Sapphire = Garnet

Fire Element + Ice Element = Electrical Element

Easy enough right, elemental powers that are common which is made more powerful in a fusion. Ice and fire hurts…but imma guess electricity could hurt more, right..?

Amethyst + Pearl = Opal

Whip flame + Spear laser = Powerful arrows to kill a whole flock

Right, speaks for itself again I guess

Garnet + Amethyst = Sugilite

Over-power of fusion + Quartz Soldier strength = MASSIVE HITTING PUNCH

Originally posted by 32floz

Garnet + Pearl = Sardonyx

Speed/Hyperbole of fusion + Finesse and flexibility = Multiple spinning torso

Originally posted by lionmemes

I know this  seems farfetched, but I think it makes sense, she does even say that spinning is her thing

Now for the fun one

Garnet + Amethyst + Pearl = Alexandrite

Elemental + Flame whips + Lasers = FIRE BREATH

Originally posted by dianarox22

They are all somewhat heat based, not to mention it looks cool as heck.

Malachite was tricky, because I was thinking that

Lapis + Jasper = Malachite

Waterkenesis + Quartz Strength = Ice powers

But we have seen Lapis make ice before, so it baffled me, she made ice that was strong enough to stop Garnet, so what was Malachites thing

Lapis + Jasper = Malachite

Flying + Spin attack = mid-air spin?

Literally the only other thing I could come up with


Steven + Amethyst = Smokey Quartz

Speed of Descent Regulation + Spin attack = Mid-air spin?


Speed of Descent Regulation + Quartz Strength = Flying?\

Im just guessing here