Get To Know Your Neighbor: A Blog On Blog Interview Series #2 Lee Levin of Knox Road

Well, I’ve been doing this blogging thing for more than a year now, and the difference between online friends and IRL friends no longer exists. The number of amazing people I have met in the indie music world that I am lucky enough to now call friends is uncanny. I wanted to show my appreciation for all of the awesome blogger/music writer folks that have helped me realize it’s ok to obsess over music 24/7 and made me feel like I’m a part of something bigger.

So welcome to the second installment of my bi-monthly series on GITNB, that is my way of saying thanks to those folks mentioned above, and a chance to give back to the community that I love so much. This was also an opportunity for me to give you, the reader, some insight into the blogs that have influenced me. Consider it my own personal take on #FF (Follow Fridays). The series will consist of a five question interview with a different blogger/writer each time, along with a few word associations and of course, a list of what you should be listening to. Hopefully you’ll discover a new blog or artist you haven’t heard of yet. You might even learn something new.

For my second interview I picked someone that has become a dear friend very quickly, Lee Levin of Knox Road. I have been reading Knox Road for years, following them on various social outlets, but really had no idea who ran the blog. Fast forward to CMJ 2011 and as creepy as it may sound, a mutual check-in on Foursquare, along with Lee’s friendly and genuine “the more the merrier” tweet telling me to come say hi, has lead to where we are now. Lee introduced me to a whole other world of music loving folks, this time on the East Coast, that I can’t thank him enough for.

When you think about the music blogging landscape, Knox Road is that blog that’s on everyone’s blogroll, and there’s a reason for it. Knox Road has and will always care passionately about whatever artist they are writing about, and for me personally, this is why Knox Road will always be a favorite. If you ever have the opportunity to meet Lee or anyone who writes for him, jump at the opportunity. He is one of kindest, insightful and interesting people in the music blogging world. I consider myself lucky to know him. So to quote everyone’s favorite Beverly Hills hippie, Travis in the movie Clueless, “Thanks for taking a chance on an unknown kid.” Much luv.

Read what Knox Road says you should be listening to, along with the interview after the jump!

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Next Wednesday can’t arrive soon enough. We’re excited to be presenting this amazing night of music with our pals Knox Road and dreambear. Below is a little sample of what’s to come. See you there!

New Myths - False Gold
Cultfever - Knewyouwell
BLDP - We Are Golden
AM to AM - AM to AM

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Hands - Magic Fingers

     I love the way this song makes my head spin as it’s blowing out my car speakers. It came on the CMJ mixtape from Dre over at Gluttony Is The New Black and I was reminded of it again when she talked with Lee Levin of Knox Road for her Get To Know Your Neighbor interview series. If you didn’t catch the first interview she did for it, look it up. And be excited for whatever’s coming next.

     I feel nervous that someday our paths might cross and I will have to try and pronounce her name… but she runs a really rad ship- so if you don’t follow The New Black, you for real should.

Site of The Day: Knox Road

Knox Road A music blog featuring tons of great mp3’s just waiting to be noted as well as opinion pieces to get the ol’ brain cranking. The site is curated by to lovely gents. Lee takes care of music and Jamie hits you with the opinions.