In the early 800s in Baghdad, there was an illustrious center of knowledge called – unimaginatively – the House of Wisdom. Baghdad was already a trade center, and the money from that helped pay some of the brightest minds in the Arabic world to sit around and be brilliant. al-Khwarizmi was one such. While there, he produced his most famous work The Book of Restoring and Balancing. In it, he explains how to solve complex mathematical equations by a method he called al-jabr, Arabic for “reunion of broken parts.” When translated into Latin: algebra. al-Khwarizmi’s name, when his book was translated to Latin three centuries later, was rendered as Algorismus. Seem familiar? al-Khwarizmi’s name in its original form also means “algebra” in Arabic, which seems fair since he pretty much invented it.
Gratitude: Extinguisher of Depression

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You feel a sickness inside of you. An anchor weighing you down. You might not even know why you’re feeling this way, you probably don’t. This makes you angry at yourself, leading you to a self repressive cycle where nothings makes you excited, boredom is your best friend, and self-pity and hatred are your new roommates.

This is a very real situation, and it effects so many people. It’s a feeling of helplessness inside your own mind. A feeling that no matter how hard you try, you can’t escape from. A feeling of hatred, of anger, of giving up. I know, I’ve been there.

I also know how to get out of this cycle, being in it too many times for my own good. It comes with practice and exercise. If you are willing to get better, to remove these toxic ideas from your mind, keep reading. If you aren’t, well, keep reading anyway, you might realize you are stronger then you think.

Where does it come from? 

You’re having a great day, which turns into a greet week and life is good. You are happy, things are great, when all of a sudden depression hits you. It hits you so fast and so hard you feel confused. Wasn’t I happy just yesterday? This comparison leads you to a worse state of self, eventually taking over all your faculties turning you into someone you loath.

To understand how to get over depression, we must first understand where it comes from. Now there are a lot of factors that play into you feeling the way you feel. What you eat for instance, eat too meat and you feel lethargic. Eat too much sugar, and you’ll crash and feel regret. It can come from your actions. Did you exercise? Did you meet a goal? Did you miss a goal? Maybe an evil desire you carried out is causing this feeling? These questions are important. You can’t find a solution to a problem, if you aren’t aware of whats causing the problem in the first place.

This is step number 1   – Learn to analyze yourself.

I am working hard to create a e-book that you can purchase and use as a guide to start self-analyzing yourself. This is important not only for this exercise but for a vast number of issues in life. If interested in reserving one please send me a email at

Be grateful

So now that you have analyzed yourself, understand that the root of most depression is ungratefulness, or a lack of awareness to all you should be grateful for.

Being grateful takes work, and the easiest way to ingrain this depression busting attitude is practice. Think about all you have to be thankful for, if you cant think about anything, how about your eyes? Without them you wouldn’t even be able to read the letters on this screen. How about your hands? What about the fact that you are breathing automatically, without telling or reminding your brain to do so every second of your life? How about the fact that you have life? No matter how many wrongs you have done, how many failures you have racked up, is it not amazing that you are still alive? That you still have time to re-correct those wrongs, the opportunity to experience all life has yet to offer.

Think about your friends, your family, or even better, you. You should be extremely grateful for being you. Out of the billions of people in this world there is only ONE you. No copy, no mass reproduction, just an amazing individual with purpose and specialized talents. If you just thought in your mind that that isn’t you, stop.

Repeat these words every day:

I am thankful for being me, for who I am, for my strengths and my weaknesses, because I know there is no one like me, and I am awesome! 

Gratitude is the extinguisher of depression. Depression is a trick played by our untrained minds that we don’t have enough, or we aren’t enough. Its such a simple trick, just make everything you have seem like its nothing, and everything you don’t have seem like its everything. Its a trick marketers know and exploit everyday, and you let them by actually believing their lies!

5 Steps – Take action! 

I want to leave you with a concrete action plan that if you follow it you will see results.

  1. Learn to analyze yourself.
  2. Write a list of things you are grateful for, constantly adding to it.
  3. Repeat every morning and every night: I am thankful for being me, for who I am, for my strengths and my weaknesses, because I know there is no one like me, and I am awesome! 
  4. Practice this mindset ALL THE TIME.
  5. Start seeing life through gratitude.

Follow these 5 steps for one week, just 5 days, and I promise you will see immense results. You have to work at it. Our minds have been so conditioned to be thankless, to see the bad, and doubt ourselves, that it has become normal. This will break routines that have been set in your mind for years, maybe your whole life, and it will take time. I promise the results you will FEEL will be more then worth it.

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Thanks & don’t forget, you always have a friend here at Amazing Life!

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RE: The Longest Armed Standoff In America May Finally Be Over

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So I just read this article on Huffingtonpost, you can read it here, titled ‘The Longest Armed Standoff In America May Finally Be Over’

Let me let David Lohr, writer of the original post, give you a bit of background.

“Gray, a 66-year-old carpenter with alleged ties to anti-government militia groups, has not left his fortified Trinity, Texas, property since January 2000, after he was accused of assaulting a Texas State Police trooper during a traffic stop.”

Lets dissect this one hypocrisy at a time.  Mr. Gray has ties to anti-government militia groups, lets clarify that for everyone sanity and call a spade a spade…Mr. Gray has ties to anti-government radicalist groups. Gray was stopped at a traffic stop where he assaulted a Texas State Police trooper. How he managed to not get shot twenty times, tased, and then have his lifeless body beat up by five officers is beyond me, but lets move right along. So this took place back in 2000. Remember the year 2000, no? Neither do I, but it was a long, long, long, time a go.

Here is what happened next:

“When Gray failed to appear in court to face those charges, a warrant was issued for his arrest. In response, Gray and his family armed themselves and began regularly patrolling their wooded 47-acre compound.”

It appears that after Mr. Gray assaulted the trooper he was given the generosity of a simple court date, which he missed, and then a warrant for his arrest. In the meantime, Gray and his family decide to barricade their 47 acre property and do daily patrols. If you weren’t sure by now, yes, he is white.

So we have this white radicalist who has become a fugitive living life outside the law in the comfort of his home. He does this for the next fourteen years, until former District Attorney Douglas Lowe, drops the case against him before leaving office in 2014.

“It had been going on for 15 years, and somebody just had to make a decision that it was time to say it’s over,” Lowe told The Dallas Morning News of his decision to drop the charges.

Wow. If there is anyone minorities all over America are envying right now, it is definitely this man. Kudos America, you have proved once again the luxury that comes with being white!

This article is in response to the original article called ‘The Longest Armed Standoff In America May Finally Be Over’

My intent is to point out the massive divide between how white criminals are treated and talked about in the media vs. how minorities are treated by cops, government, and the media.

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Knowledge Center - NEW Health Disparities Research Library

NEW! The Knowledge Center at theOffice of Minority Health Resource Center maintains a collection of 50,000 documents, reports, books, journals, media and articles related to the health status of racial and ethnic minority populations. The library collection also includes sources of consumer health material in more than 35 languages.
South Korea Springhill Group: Journals

South Korea Group of Springhill |

China has been quietly and gently pressuring North Korea to scrap plans for a third nuclear test, said two sources with knowledge of closed-door discussions between the countries, but there is no indication how Pyongyang will react.

If North Korea goes ahead with the test, China would consider taking some retaliatory steps, but they would not be substantive, a source with ties to Pyongyang and Beijing said.

North Korea has almost completed preparations for the test, Reuters had reported in late April, a step that would further isolate the impoverished state after last month’s failed rocket launch that the United States says was a ballistic missile test.

“China is unhappy … and urged North Korea not to conduct a nuclear test near Changbai Mountain,” said the source, who declined to be identified.

China feared a radiation leak and damage to the environment from a blast, the source added. “China also complained about the environmental damage to the area after the first two tests.”

When North Korea conducted nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009, it caused environmental damage to the mountain straddling the border with China. North Korea ceded part of the mountain to China in 1963.

Springhill Group Home : Facebook Buys 650 AOL Patents

Facebook is set to pay Microsoft USD 550 million for 650 patents recently auctioned by AOL in its effort to boost its IP for the looming litigation against Yahoo.

Under pressure from its stockholders to make changes to prevent further revenue fall, AOL was obliged to sell and license over 800 patents to Microsoft on April 9. It would retain over 300 applications and patents after the auction.

Aside from the 800 patents bought by Microsoft, AOL will also give them license to 300 patents it has retained for a tag of USD 1.056 billion. Thus, Microsoft ultimately acquired 925 AOL patent applications and patents, 650 of which will go to Facebook. The 2 firms has also agreed to license their patent holdings to each other.
Pedophile Culture: Understanding Complex Issues

I came across an article on my Facebook feed titled You’ve heard of rape culture, but have you heard of pedophile culture’. It caught my attention, and I decided to read it through.  You can read the article here. The article was in response to Todd Nickerson’s personal story and struggle with pedophilia. You can read his article here.

It is imperative to read both sides in order to develop a circular understanding, instead of a biased one. When reading try not letting your own, personal emotions, guide your thought development. The purpose of this exercise is to take in information and develop an overarching understanding of what the issues are.

The biggest problem with reading just to respond is that you miss out on logical reasoning. The aim is to develop the ability to identify and relate with both sides of the issue, in-order to arrive at an unbiased, educated, conclusion. This requires logic, something that’s becoming increasingly rare. Take a cursory look at most comments sections and you’ll see what I mean.

So what do we get out of reading both articles?

Todd gave insight into his condition and the struggles he faces. He gave a glimpse into his life, from a young boy to now, and how he continues to deal with his issues.

Alicen Grey, the author of ‘You’ve heard of rape culture, but have you heard of pedophile culture’, highlighted various issues, uncovering the blatant pedophile culture that exists in this country which specifically targets women.

How can we relate the two instead of pitting them against each other?

Simple, use logic and deepen your understanding. Both authors talk about the role of environment in which pedophile culture proliferates. Todd was fondled when he was young which might have led to a development of his sexual orientation.  Alicen hints at the same points. I do disagree with her point that all males are responsible for the creation of this culture. She furthers this point by stating that by understating his pedophilia would be submitting to it. This in my mind is like blaming the entire white race for racism, without understanding that there are white people who suffer from ingrained racism but fight against it. Does acknowledging it mean we accept it? Absolutely not!

He refers to himself as a monster, and she counters by saying he is just a man, like every man. Generalization is a friend of ignorance. Something we must work hard not to do. People don’t fit neatly into boxes; we are more like Venn diagrams.

“Generalization is a friend of ignorance.”

I would like to highlight the tonality of both sides. One is coming from a place of being misunderstood, the other screaming to be understood. Both are right in their own way, and that’s the point. One doesn’t have to be correct just so the other is proven wrong. This notion of pitting people, ideas, cultures, and beliefs against each other is detrimental.

So what did we learn?

There is no side we can point the finger at. It is the height of ignorance to do so. To claim males are the problem or retort that females are the issue is insane. This reasoning lacks logic and has no place in civil discourse. The biggest proponents of pedophile culture, as pointed out by Alicen, are Hollywood, the music industry, the cosmetic industry, and advertising as a whole. The problem also lies within each and single one of us. Yes, organizations have created an environment where rape and pedophile culture thrives, but we also promote it by allowing inappropriate television programs to indoctrinating our children. We allow it by letting young malleable brains to hear music with vile messages, unchecked.  We encourage it by taking the taboo out of pornography, letting it become a norm.  The biggest issue though is miseducation, misdirection, and lack of understanding one another.

The only way we can reverse this process of subjecting a women’s identity with sexuality is by working together. Men and women have to understand each other instead of competing with each other. We have to understand what makes us different and how we are meant to be protectors of the other’s pitfalls.  Together we have to take a stand against the entertainment & cosmetic industry.  The only reason they continue to use female sexuality to sell is because it works. Imagine if women no longer looked up to these “models” and stopped replicating them in the way they dress, behave, and appear. Imagine if men worked on becoming free from the slavery of their desires, if they fought against their predisposition and challenged their feelings of lust. If they worked against this need to dehumanize women and see them only as tools of sexual pleasure.

Lastly, imagine if we, together, stopped celebrating men who rape and abuse women. If we stopped laughing and thinking it’s okay to watch movies or tv shows where the lead male is depicted to be a sex crazy maniac who has a long list of all the women he has slept with, framed like a Harvard degree, showing it off and beaming with pride. It offends me as a man, it offends my friends who are women, and it takes lunacy to a whole another level.

-Omar M

The point of this exercise was to help you develop logic through which complex issues can be analyzed and understood. It takes work, to control your emotions, and come to a logical understanding of an issue, especially when it’s something you might disagree on. It is imperative to work on this aspect of our lives each and every single day. The more educated we become, not for the desire to stroke our ego and prove someone wrong, but to arrive at a deep understanding,  can we begin to open our minds. 

To learn more on how to develop logical thinking I am working on creating an introductory course. Keep checking back to see when that becomes available.

Please follow my blog for more articles & be sure to comment your thoughts! 

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1Z0-583 Oracle Chain smoker Productivity Kit 11 Technical Consultant Essentials Exam

Description anent Oracle User Vitality Kit 11 Technical Consultant Essentials
Oracle Habitual Productivity Kit 11 Technical Essentials permission is ideal insomuch as individuals who gave a strong background and proficiencies developing or implementing User Effect Violinette solutions. The 1Z0-583 certification exam covers subjects approximative to perform single and multi user developer, Knowledge Unite installation, executes service packs for single parce que well correspondingly multi-user installation, Troubleshoot installation problems, run manual db salvation\all being scripts, employ the Knowledge Inside User Import tools, manage the server of the Knowledge Battery, confer application support, deploy published content and a bonanza plural. Additionally, advanced training how well cause experience in the flanch is needful before you can apply for this countersignature.
Early the candidate completes the requirements and pass the exam, ourselves yellow better self terminate now earn the head of Oracle Drug user Productivity Kit 11 Technical Certified Implementation Specialist. This is extensive whereas you can now be recognized in what way particular of the best IT admirable crichton in your clique straw-colored organization.
Examination Information:
1Z0-583 exam has the duration of 120 bulletin, which dovetail of 80 items of goldstein-sheerer test questions. The passing rate of this certification exam is 60 %. Enjoyer Productivity Kit 11 Technical Teacher Essentials viva cost for about USD $195.00 only.
Skillful of the covered topics in this exam are System Condensed version, UPK Knowledge Midriff Installation, System Maintenance and Obtaining Nurture, In Application Sign, Deploying Published Disposed, UPK Developer Installation, Preceding Accession Topics, Publish and Deploy Well-inclined
How to Prepare pro the Exam
Preparing for the 1Z0-583 exam is easy as long indifferently you have the right virtu materials. Typically, these resources can be obtained online through oracle or rare manciple. This criticule can be used as a sage means seeing as how you to study and assess he. Some of the study guides that you can find online kick upstairs even provide you with the practice trial that is similar to the irrefragable audition.
Oracle can over state the candidate field of study guide that iron will practice the supplicant insomuch as the exam. Inasmuch as a matter of matter of fact, the exam seems until be just like the unfalse one. This can attendant you move how nimble you can contend for the test questions. The best thing about the practice exam provided by oracle is you bust actually have the chance to feel and experience the actual exam. Inner man gives you the confidence and willpower to do good while you are already in the actual exam because you know.
Finally, the might key on how to pass this exam is in order to practice the subjects or topics that are covered by the certification exam. Then alter fit this, it first choice be there word by word very sensible for myself for inch this exam. Plenary alter have to do is to wait for your notarized statement cadet the exam.
Cultivating Talent, A Father’s Insight

External image

I was talking with my wife the other day. We were having a nice conversation about our childhoods. She was telling me that even though she is grown up, she still looks for encouragement from her parents. Being an artist, she genuinely cares what her parents think of her art work.

This got me thinking about how as kids we never truly stop looking at our parents for approval, for gratification. It’s that sweet soul candy we are genetically modified to seek. To look up to our heroes and for them to say, “you make me proud”.

I started looking back at my childhood. At the times when I made something, or achieved something, or felt like I had accomplished something my dad would be proud of. Most of the time I didn’t get that satisfying “son, you make me proud”, moment. Growing up I searched for it in other people, in all people. I would constantly need gratification for my work, for who I was.

Our parents, and by our I’m speaking from experience on the Asian parental unit, (I’m sure this applies to all parents in general though), took great efforts to come to America, educate themselves, and work to raise us.  This extreme sacrifice of energy and time is an achievement many of us will never match.  Most of our fathers and mothers did have to walk up the proverbial steep hill, twice, to get to work and back.

All this effort was an immense burden undertaken solely for the happiness of their children. It is utterly humbling.

This monumental challenge, however, is overlooked by said children. They don’t realize the sacrifice, they don’t see the hardships, they only enjoy the fruits of their labor. This leads to a massive canyon, dividing parent-child relationships.  A canyon on which one side parents are shouting, on the other, children not listening. It is a serious issue. An issue I have seen first hand in many, many households.

I have had talks with teenagers who all complain that their parents just don’t understand them. Whats funny is, parents tell me the same thing.

So, how do we solve this great divide, if you will?

A wise man once said that to understand someone else you must put yourself in their shoes. To see from their perspective. If you can do that, you can gain an understanding that will lead to compassion and mercy. Two major ingredients needed to resolve any conflict.

Sometimes life bestows on you this holy grail of perspective. Case and point, becoming a parent.

When I became a father I was young, naive. I was 24 years old and knew nothing about being a father. I suppose most fathers are born this way. We learn on the job, becoming experts in our field soon enough. As the days turned to weeks, I started having epiphanies. I still have them to this day, my beautiful daughter is two years old now, and with each I gain perspective.

I start to see what my parents saw, how and most importantly, why they acted the way they did. At the same time I still hold close the emotional holes left by their unwillingness to nurture my creative needs. It’s a problem that plagues most homes. Kid’s are told to put aside their painting, writing, break dancing, basketball playing, self expressing creativity, and focus on being…wait for it….realistic.


Money, or lack of it, is the driving cause of fear. If you don’t have money, you cant raise a family, you can’t eat, you cant support yourself, and you’ll die a miserable death all alone by the side of the road. Pretty convincing if you’re a wide eyed 10 year old who knows nothing about the “real” world. These types of misinformed, fear inducing, conversations are what drive a wedge deeper into that canyon. Parents need to start nurturing creativity and building talent. I believe if parents focused their efforts on cultivating talent, interests, and passions we would see the emergence of brilliance. Kids need to be told to follow their dreams, hell most adults I know need to be told this fact. So stop. Stop fearing the worst, and start seeing the best. The best in your children, because it is that development, that thought process that will strengthen your bond. It is the relentless encouragement, appreciation, and understanding that will lead to happier families which in turn will produce some amazing adults, which will lead us all to a more sustainable, fostering, progressive, society.

-Omar M

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Buku Risk Sharing in Finance: The Islamic Finance Alternative

External image

Judul Risk Sharing in Finance: The Islamic Finance Alternative ISBN 978-0-470-82966-0 Kolasi xxiv, 285p.: il.; 23,5cm+ index. Bahasa Inggris Pengarang Hossein Askari, Zamir Iqbal, Noureddine Krichene, Abbas Mirakhor Penerbit John Wiley & Sons


Baru-baru ini bencana keuangan AS telah mempengaruhi seluruh dunia dan menyebabkan tinjauan utama manajemen risiko dalam lembaga keuangan. Mungkin alternatif yang sederhana adalah mengadopsi sistem yang digunakan selama berabad-abad di bidang keuangan Islam. Berbagi Risiko dalam menguraikan Keuangan atas ini ide baru, menunjukkan bahwa sistem keuangan Islam dapat dikembangkan untuk digunakan di seluruh dunia dengan menyediakan paradigma membantu untuk menyusun reformasi keuangan global.

Menunjukkan bagaimana keuangan Islam berhasil dapat memperluas array nya risiko bersama, misalnya menerbitkan saham pemerintah untuk membiayai proyek-proyek pembangunan dan menempatkan batas pada penjualan pendek dan memanfaatkan, buku membuat kasus yang menarik untuk berpikir di luar kotak untuk membangun kembali pasar saham bersemangat.

Menyediakan analisis investigasi historis, teoritis, dan empiris komparatif manajemen risiko baik di konvensional dan sistem keuangan Islam-jenis

Menggali manfaat dan implikasi memperkenalkan keuangan Islam di seluruh dunia dan menjelaskan bagaimana ketergantungan luas pada pembagian risiko dapat diimplementasikan

Membentuk koneksi antara sistem Barat kontemporer cacat keuangan kapitalis dan kuno, bentuk-bentuk tradisional pembagian resiko lazim di bidang keuangan Islam

Menawarkan tampilan yang tepat waktu reformasi keuangan, Berbagi Risiko Keuangan mengacu pada keahlian penulis Zamir Iqbal dari Bank Dunia, bersama dengan sejumlah rekan-penulis Abbas Mirakhor, Hossein Askari, dan Noureddine Krichene untuk menyajikan bentuk baru dari reformasi keuangan. Info lengkap dari buku ini silahkan kunjungi : .

Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts

As an introvert, this video really helped me understand myself. I suffered from the problems she talks about heavily all throughout my schooling. I always thought there was something wrong with me, that I needed to change, be more outgoing and talkative. I wish schools taught this, I believe it is necessary for people to know it is okay being an introvert, it is okay being an extrovert, whats important is understanding ourselves and each other.

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Buku Governance Reimagined: Organizational Design, Risk, and Value Creation

Judul Governance Reimagined: Organizational Design, Risk, and Value Creation ISBN 978-0-470-59878-8 Kolasi xxii, 234p.: il.; 23,5cm+ index. Bahasa Inggris Pengarang David R. Koenig Penerbit John Wiley & Sons


Ditulis oleh David Koenig - seorang ahli yang diakui secara internasional pada praktek tata kelola dan manajemen risiko, buku ini menyatukan beragam ide untuk menempatkan pemerintahan dalam perspektif baru. Dibagi menjadi empat bagian yang luas, sumber daya ini dapat diandalkan menuntun Anda melalui cara yang mengejutkan bahwa nilai diciptakan, peran bahwa persepsi, perilaku, dan dinamika kelompok bermain dalam keberhasilan organisasi Anda, dan langkah yang harus diambil dalam merancang kerangka tata kelola yang tepat untuk memungkinkan setiap organisasi untuk menghasilkan nilai yang paling dari inisiatif yang menyebabkannya untuk membentuk di tempat pertama.

buku ini selain sebagai panduan Anda, Anda akan mendapatkan jawaban penting untuk beberapa pertanyaan sulit, termasuk: Apa yang kita tahu tentang tata kelola sistem yang kompleks yang dapat membantu kita menyadari potensi kelompok dan menghindari kompleksitas runtuhnya bahwa begitu banyak organisasi besar pengalaman? Bisa struktur pemerintahan harus dirancang untuk mengatasi berbagai kebutuhan dan keyakinan dari mereka yang persepsi kita yang penting bagi keberhasilan organisasi kita? Bagaimana melihat risiko sebagai “commons,” dalam lingkungan jaringan dan distributif pemerintahan, memungkinkan organisasi untuk memberikan lebih banyak utilitas dan hidup lebih lama? Apa peran kepercayaan dalam apa yang kita lakukan, dan apa dampak spesifik pada bagaimana sistem menciptakan nilai? Setelah Anda menetapkan suatu lingkungan di mana orang dapat membuat hal-hal yang bernilai bagi orang lain di luar organisasi Anda, sementara juga menciptakan nilai bagi mereka di dalam, Anda telah berhasil. Ditulis untuk direksi, eksekutif perusahaan, pejabat terpilih, regulator, mahasiswa, dan mereka yang terlibat dalam pemerintahan pengambilan risiko pada semua jenis organisasi. Info lengkap dari buku ini silahkan kunjungi :



If you would like to receive a complimentary copy of a publication, please contact us.

Funding Employee Benefits: A Risk Manager’s Guide - Outlines the advantages to funding employee benefits in a captive arrangement and provides guidelines on how to structure this type of program.

Pension Research White Paper - Spring’s pension research examines ways to use captive products to reduce funding and accounting volatility associated with pension plans, as well as avoid the problem of trapped assets and the expense of plan termination.

Healthcare Captive Opportunities White Paper - Outlines significant opportunities for healthcare captives and provides guidelines on how to implement these options. In addition to enhanced capital utilization, the knock-on benefits of adopting one or more of these strategies can be significant. They include a reduction of loss volatility through increased portfolio diversity, an increase in the captive’s return on invested capital (ROIC), and lower risk transfer premiums.


Our client work does not occur in silos – we recognize that sophisticated organizations demand a fully integrated approach to solving their challenges. Our clients represent a diverse group of industries and come to us from all over the globe. Below are case examples of our work. They illustrate the value created, problem solving and innovative solutions implemented to meet and satisfy the needs of our clients.


Below is a list of presentations our experts have given at industry leading conferences and events. If you are interested in learning more about the topic and to receive the presentation please contact us.


Our work is backed by leading industry research.  Identifying current “best practices” and “best-in-class” Future State organizations through benchmarking surveys illustrates one method of how Spring helps our clients meet current challenges and, more importantly, position clients for future growth and expanded market share. Spring routinely designs and conducts surveys on the Integrated Disability, Absence and Health Management and also in the voluntary marketplace. Many of the major players in these services areas are represented in these studies, either as sponsors or participants. If you are interested in learning more about our surveys, please contact us.


Below is a list of our quarterly newsletter the Spring View. Here you can find articles authored by our consultants on topics that are affecting our industry. Click here to sign up for our newsletter.


An insight to our expert knowledge on specific topics, please click below to register and view the webcasts.

Captives for Healthcare Reform and Writing Employee Benefits in a Captive - A webcast to enhance your captive knowledge and expand on innovative ways to manage your risk.

Enhancing Capital Management Through a Captive - A webcast that introduces a new way to utilize a captive’s underemployed capital.

Fuentes de conocimiento

External image

El día de hoy les presentamos una de las mejores fuentes de conocimiento que nos hemos topado en nuestro mapeo del ecosistema de innovación social. Se trata del Knowledge Center de Acumen Fund, un servicio creado para difundir el aprendizaje y conocimiento de un equipo de emprendedores que están revolucionando el mundo de la innovación social.

Tomen un momento para explorar el contenido de su página y déjense inspirar por su extraordinario trabajo. Los dejamos con esta frase que nos dejó asombrados por la magnitud de su significado -

Acumen Fund’s investments support some of the world’s most innovative businesses. Yet, even if we reach our goal–$100 million in investments, touching 50 million lives–98% of the world’s poor will be unaffected by our work…

…We believe sharing what we learn with others will extend our impact beyond our portfolio.

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February 26th, 2012, Day 57: “This is what happens when you take the Internet away from college students…”

Things seemed a bit better today than they were yesterday. I woke up early again to shower and begin studying. I actually went to brunch with everyone this morning, and things seemed normal for the most part. When we came back I immediately took my stuff to the Knowledge Center and studied for roughly 6 hours. While I was there I found out that the power had gone out at the Joe and the Internet had gone out for most of campus. They closed the Knowledge Center early because they couldn’t restore full power. When I got back to Nye I watched the Oscars with everyone in the lounge. Then we messed around for a bit since the Internet still hadn’t been restored.

Buku 100 Kisah Klasik Pemasaran

Judul 100 Kisah Klasik Pemasaran ISBN 978-979-22-9088-2 Kolasi xv, 452p.: il.; 21cm. Bahasa Indonesia Pengarang Jacky Mussry, Waizly Darwin, Edwin Hardi Penerbit Gramedia Pustaka Utama


Kita tentu ingat ungkapan “pengalaman adalah guru yang paling berharga”. Pengalaman merupakan sumber inspirasi dan motivasi untuk menjadikan segalanya lebih baik. Pengalaman adalah sumber pemelajaran tak ternilai. Dari berbagai referensi terkumpul sekian banyak kasus perusahaan yang dituangkan dalam buku 100 Kisah Klasik Pemasaran ini, yang bisa menjadi salah satu sumber pemelajaran. Kisah-kisah ini pernah dipublikasikan dalam website Marketeers dan mendapat tanggapan yang sangat antusias. Hal itu mendorong diterbitkannya buku ini setelah dilakukan sejumlah penyempurnaan. Dengan gaya storytelling yang ringan buku ini akan membuat kita melihat bagaimana sejumlah perusahaan atau merek legendaris mengambil langkah dalam menghadapi berbagai tantangan dan perubahan lingkungan bisnis yang sarat dengan berbagai pemelajaran berharga, khususnya dalam konteks pemasaran. Terlepas dari kapan terjadinya, kisah-kisah ini tetap akan relevan untuk kondisi sekarang dan bahkan masa mendatang. Itulah sebabnya disebut sebagai kisah klasik pemasaran. Pebisnis, pemasar, mahasiswa, dan khalayak umum dapat menikmati buku ini, baik untuk keperluan spesifik maupun untuk menambah wawasan semata. Info lengkap dari buku ini silahkan kunjungi :



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