Know Your Enemy

anonymous asked:

You do realize homosexuality is a sin, right? Jonnor is a sin. The two moms are sinners. And you are a sinner judging by your blog and the thingsyou say.

well, i’m catholic and I disagree with you on every front.

also, not to rain on your parade or anything – i’m sure you and your friends have lots of clean, boring, homophobic fun – but the gays got to me first and their recruitment package, to be completely honest, was way more enticing.

lots less doom and gloom, lots more rainbows and kissing girls

in conclusion:

and I can’t rly picture that changin in the foreseeable future mmk

(can we just talk about how this anon doesn’t know stef and lena’s names, but they know about jonnor? JONNOR HAS INFILTRATED EVEN THE HOMOPHOBES GUYS yaaaas get wrecked heteronormative america)