German Spring Vocabulary

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der Frühling - Spring

April - April
blühen - (to) bloom
die Brise - breeze
die Knospe - bud
der Hase - bunny
der Schmetterling - butterfly
das Küken - chick
der Krokus - crocus
die Osterglocke - daffodil
Ostern - Easter
das Ei - egg
die Blume - flower
grün - green
das Gras - grass
wachsen - (to) grow
etw. ausbrüten - (to) hatch sth.
die Hyazinthe - hyacinth
Juni - June
März - March
Mai - May
schmelzen - (to) melt
die Narzisse - narcissus
das Nest - nest
die Kuhglocke - pasque flower
das Kaninchen - rabbit
der Regen - rain
der Regenbogen - rainbow
der Regenmantel - raincoat
die Jahreszeit - season
der Frühjahrsputz - spring cleaning
der Spross - sprout
der Sonnenschein - sunshine
tauen - (to) thaw
die Tulpe - tulip
der Regenschirm - umbrella
die Frühlingstagundnachtgleiche - vernal equinox
das Wetter - weather
windig - windy
der Wurm - worm

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Okay, so this is irritating, I was trying to FINALLY answer an ask that had been submitted ages ago (which has recently become relevant), and in the midst of trying to save it tumblr bugged out and ate it. >8C

So you have to take my word for it that an Anon had asked me a question along the lines of:

Why are there two versions of Knospe?

To which I say: AH, do you mean this whole thing?

The short answer: