the signs as obscure words

aries — “eoan” (resembling dawn)

taurus — “yataghan” (long curved knife or saber)

gemini — “reliquary” (a small box or shrine)

cancer — “nemesism” (frustration at oneself)

leo — “holt” (woody hill or grove)

virgo — “modius” (the cylindrical headdress of the gods)

libra — “cogitabund” (engaged in deep thought)

scorpio — “aceldama” (a site or scene of violence or bloodshed)

sagittarius — “lustring” (glossy silk)

capricorn — “oxyacanthous” (having sharp thorns)

aquarius — “querent” (one who asks many questions)

pisces — “knosp” (unopened bud of a flower)


A story that’s been in development for a little over five years, yet covers a thousand. It follows these two men, and those that shape them, as they grow and fall apart. From a brotherly bond to a hatred that corrupts everything that comes into contact with it.

Knospe (blond) is a dragon, presumed last of his kind; nearly 800. Daniel is a huli jing, shapeshifter, and over a 1500 years old.