Facehuggers need to get to work in the morning too, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to spot one riding the subway. This awesome Knitted FacehuggerKatie Freeman of Knitrocious (previously featured here). In fact, that’s her selflessly helping the predatory Alien parasite navigate the wilds of the NYC subway system.

When Freeman was asked on Reddit if she often wears her sinister creation in public she responded:

“NOPE. This was a rare occurrence. I had just finished it and had it in my bag. My friend and I were on the subway and I put it on for sh*ts and giggles. She took the picture.”

Head over to Freeman’s Knitrocious Etsy shop to get your very own knitted Facehugger friend and check our more of her fantastically unsettling creations.

[via Reddit]


Hi friends! I make super cute headbands such as the ones posted on the left and headband/cowl combinations like those on the right! I sell them for the prices listed below:

Light headband: $10
Two light headbands: $15
Scarf: $20
Light headband/scarf: $25
Thick headband: $13
Cowl: $17
Thick headband/cowl combo: $25
Light headband/thick headband/cowl combo: $30

Any of the lighter headbands can come with a large bow, a small bow, or no bow.

Colors that I have:
Navy blue
Royal blue
Dark purple
Light green
Light blue
Hot pink
Lime green
Cherry red
Wine red
Pastel yellow

You can choose up to two colors for cowls and headbands; you can choose only one color for a scarf. Please send me a message here or at Hannah.greenberg@oberlin.edu. I need the money to pay for my education as well as a binder to feel less dysphoric. If you can’t purchase anything, please spread the word. Thank you so much!


Yarn tourism, pt 2! I found another shop!

I serendipitously came across Stephen and Penelope today– I was wandering around Amsterdam and entered the shop just before she closed for the day (I didn’t even realize the time! I don’t usually go into a shop 3 minutes before closing! Oops!). I decided to buy a very reasonably priced crazy zauerball (at home they’re twice the price!) and the cutest tote bag. The back of it has little bikes all over!

I am just so pleased–This shop was just such at treat. I wish my local yarn shop was like it!

thedoctorsprotege asked:

Hi!! Do you have any good tips for blocking?

Sure! This is my process:

1) soak in water and Soak (a fiber soap) for 45min-1 hour

2) gently squeeze out the excess water and lay it in a towel. 

3) Roll it up in the towel and squeeze out more of the water

4) Lay it out on your board (I use a sewing measurement cardboard, $5 from Walmart)

5) Start pulling and pinning into the shape or measurements you want. 

I use straight blocking wires for long straight edges and curved blocking wires for circle or curved pieces (usually shawls). 

For shawls, I usually like to pin it as far as the yarn will let me. Fitted pieces obviously need to stay within their measurements. Keep it mind it’ll shrink a tiny bit when you unpin. 

Usually leaving it overnight is enough for it to dry, although a lot of my fingering weight shawls dry within a few hours.

I do *not* bother blocking socks - your foot will do it naturally, although I will often use sock blockers when drying them after washing - but mainly so I don’t feel bad that I paid $30 for something I don’t really need ;)


I can’t sleep and I’m still upset from earlier, so I’m coming up with a list of artistic endeavors to try out/return to now that I have more free time. Crafting is a hell of a lot of fun, and it produces awesome things you can give away to people. I used to do a lot of crafting before school got in the way. : )

Candlemaking! It’s rather easy to pick up, and I love candles. I just combined the remnants of two candles to make a salted caramel and vanilla candle, and ohhhmygosh. :3

Crochet/knitting. I know how to knit, although it’s a bit crappy unless I use a loom. I’d love to be able to make amigurumi toys, like this (I didn’t make this one):

I’ve done a lot of knitting, actually. I never finished it, but here’s four feet of fuzzy rainbow scarf:

I’ve also done a lot of hats:

Ribbons! I used to make barrettes and sell them in artist alleys (before I got put in charge of my own :P):


Paopu fruit!

These were really popular with kids, obviously. :D

Sculpey! I made the centerpieces of those barrettes with Sculpey, and I’ve done hairclips, pendants, and a couple of cosplay pieces:

Angel/devil wing hairclips. This first run was a little heavy so I had to alter the process a good bit. 

The golden things (which, looking back, WERE SUPER CRAPPY) are triforce symbols. I am proud of the paopu fruit, though. One customer and her girlfriend bought paopu fruit pendants for each other and exchanged them in front of my table. ;_;

A crappy, definitely unfinished version of Rarity’s element of harmony from MLP:FiM. It looked pretty awesome when I finished but I lost those pictures.

Chain maille! I have the beginnings of a few bracelets:

More cross-stitching! I’m currently working on the Disney princesses, but I did this a few months ago:

How lame would I be if I made a Sculpey pendant version of the triangle tag on Deerper’s collar from Soft Spot? Because I really want to. :3

The moral of this story is that I’m blowing part of my graduation money on art supplies. Because I have missed making things soooo much. ^_^

…and looking back at stuff I’ve made and either given away or sold to other people, I feel a little better.