So way back in December I made a post about some gorgeous wool I got for a shawl, and half a year later, here it is! I actually finished the main body of it in February, then didn’t get round to doing the leaves on the top border ‘til around Easter, and its taken me another few months to get round to taking photos! (And clearly a boiling hot day is the best day to stand in the sun with a woolly shawl around you…) But isn’t it pretty? :)

I used this pattern for the shawl, and the only alteration was adding the leaves on the top edge.

Finished Object Friday!

This lovely hat is RIngtail Hat by Stephannie Tallent, knit up in Madelinetosh Merino Light, in Fawn (now discontinued), and Unicorn Tails of Whiskey Barrel, Big Sur, Celedon, Glazed Pecan, and Cousteau. 

Anywho, I’m pleased as punch about it. It was a quick knit, it is beautiful (tooting my own horn here), I plan to wear the daylights out of it, and it didn’t even take that much yarn. I’ve got enough leftovers of the Unicorn Tails for a Leftie, if I could only find another skien of Merino Light in Fawn to purchase at a destash. I might resort to toshsock in Fawn. I’ll keep you updated. Happy weekend, darlings.


In case you wondered what the bulky (Frances, we call the base) Caramel Warms A Gray Day looks like when knitted up, I present Holly’s Project. The pattern is Gull by Larissa Brown. It’s a stunner, eh? Gorgeous!!!

But this is one of those colorways you go by with only a slight pause, because really, it’s not striking. It’s not beautiful. It’s not pretty. It’s got variations of brown or beige in it and that’s just boring, right? That’s why it has such a cumbersome name. I wanted yarn shoppers to think of a caramel macchiato on a rainy, fall afternoon. Makes it feel a little better right? But now that Holly’s sent in this photo, I think shoppers will actually swoon when they see the yarn - at least a little bit. Maybe they’ll give Caramel Warms A Gray Day not just a second look, but maybe a third or even a forth!

So thank you so much for the photo, Holly! 

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My Favorite Neighbor Came Home

I’m so proud. I’m pleased as punch.

So, forever and a day ago, I posted a pic of my “WIP wednesday” mittens. And then I proceeded to ignore them for the whole. darn. summer.

Well, not anymore I didn’t.

Ain’t they just beautiful. I’ve got hearts in my eyes.

And… the best part?

project page here