Sometimes things don’t always go as planned. The pair of gloves didn’t work out. The colors didn’t contrast enough to make the pattern stand out. I screwed up the amount of stitches several times. I frogged the whole thing (more then once)  

But just because things don’t go as you planned, doesn’t mean the out come has to be bad. 

Over the weekend my friends and I planned a beach trip. Communications were poor, and messy, and we got the beach later then expected. Yet, I still got to snorkel all the way out to that island. I saw starfish, clownfish, and dove for sand dollars. It was a hard swim, there wasn’t a lot to see, but it was still worth it. I saw a different side of the ocean and did something people don’t do everyday.  

So don’t worry… just because it isn’t going your way, doesn’t always mean it’s going to be terrible. 


So, I’ve been seeing the campside shawl everywhere and I’ve decided that I need one in my wardrobe. So, I’m frogging these bmfa socks I started awhile ago.

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Latest project! I’ve only made dishcloths once before, but my sister is setting up a new kitchen so I figured she could use these. The bicolored one is supposed to be a frog, but I’m not too impressed with the pattern. It will still work just fine though! Also, discovered that I like “I Love This Cotton” waaaay more than “Peaches and Creme.” It’s softer and a lot easier on the hands.

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name: bella

time and date: 9:53 AM, july 5th, 2015

average hours of sleep: 8 is my ideal but sometimes i get less

last thing you googled: ‘how to knit a frog’ lmao

birthday: january 25th

gender: female

sexual orientation: probably demisexual & panromantic??

favorite color: green or yellow maybe???

one place that makes me happy: a river i like to swim at that has a cute little frog living there who i am friends with

what i’m wearing right now: overall dress and a white tshirt…..exciting, i know

last book i read: the last one i read was the night circus, currently working on the wind in the willows!

most used phrase: i don’t know! actually.. thats probably it. ‘i don’t know’. or ‘wonderful’

last thing i said to a family member: ‘i’ll clean the other pond later’

favorite beverage: smoothies,,, ,, mint tea, WATER

favorite food: oatmeal or sushi or pancakes or pea soup?????

last movie i watched: jane eyre (2011)

dream vacation: a magical migratory journey across europe featuring trains and art museums and flower markets

dream wedding: no

dream pets: sugar gliders!!!!!! 

dream job: novelist and also beekeeper or baker or something ridiculous! but maybe also a teacher or a children’s librarian 


tagging YOU if you want to do it!!!!

let’s play a game:

Gold saints + random generator interests

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oh god here goes!

Aries Mu: scarves, dogs, and architecture
Taurus Aldebaran: include fishing and planes
Gemini Saga: glassware, camping, and theater
Gemini Kanon: wolves and dodgeball
Cancer Deathmask: gothic liturature and cupcakes
Leo Aiolia: fantasy novels, knitting, flashy pop singers, and neckties
Virgo Shaka: hunting and old castles
Libra Dohko: writing fanfiction, puzzles, old weaponry, and justice
Scorpio Milo: seashells, rocks, and body-building
Sagittarius Aiolos: bees and ferrets
Capricorn Shura: sharks and knitting
Aquarius Camus: frogs, checkers, and drawing
Pisces Aphrodite: eldritch abominations, bats, and genies

/dies laughing at half of these