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Why do you dislike yarn bombing? Sorry if this is an annoying question, you're just the first person I've ever known of to express dislike for it and it would be interesting to know.

  • Yarn bombing is also known as graffiti knitting, and it clearly appropriates the art of graffiti (which is seen as lowly, dirty, criminal, etc.) and attempts to turn it into something more ‘acceptable’/’family-friendly’ (read: white).
  • Most, if not all, yarn bombing individuals/groups are affluent and white and do their yarn bombing in rich/gentrified neighborhoods.
  • There’s a yarn bombing group that likes to call themselves ‘Knitta Please’ or ‘Knitta’ for short. They’re white.
  • Other individuals/groups like to give themselves cutesy little punny ‘gang’ names.
  • The person really known for spreading bombing in graffiti is a Black man, who used the tag ‘CORNBREAD’. And a majority of folks involved in the birth/history of graffiti were men of lower socioeconomic status (especially men of color, and especially Black men). They are not given credit.
  • These yarn bombers don’t have to deal with the same things that graffiti artists deal(t) with. They don’t have to worry about being chased/killed by cops. They don’t have to worry about turf wars. They don’t have to worry about their safety when/if they ‘get caught’. Their privileges make them harmless. All they get as backlash is ‘they should’ve asked before they did it’ (which defeats the purpose but whatever).
  • And a lot of yarn bombing is focused on ‘cozying’ objects. Knitting around a tree, a utility pole, a bicycle rack, etc. They are using and wasting resources that could be used to make and provide warm clothing for people who need it.
The 100 3x04 recap
  • Jasper is still...jasper
  • Bellamy what the fuck man
  • Lexa fighting turns me on more than it should tbh
  • Roan u chill my knitta
  • Pike becomes chancellor aka why the fuck did u guys vote for trump
  • Monty is still a precious cinnamon roll pls protect him
  • No Raven reyes aka why
  • #LeaveLincolnAlone2k16
  • Clarke and lexa fighting about the fact that they care for each other is the air I breathe
  • Kane and Abby are done with everyone's shit and so am I
  • Ice queen is dead lets party fam
  • Lexa w kids !!?!
  • Lexa in thaT DRESS !!
  • L E X A AND CLARKE !1!!