• Atton Rand: Anybody here catch that? All I understood was 'very'.
  • Bao-Dur: I think he wanted us to give up the General to his poorly-trained collection of bounty hunters.
  • Atton: Ah, well, that would explain it. Which one do you want?
  • Bao-Dur: I'll take the stupid one who decided to threaten us instead of shoot us when he had the chance.

Meetra Surik is the canonical identity to KOTOR 2’s protagonist. She was a jedi knight during the Mandolorian Wars under the command of Revan and Malak. During the Battle of Malachor V, she lead a trap for the Mandalorians involving the Mass Shadow Generator. The generator created massive destruction on the planet, ripping Mandalorian and Republic ships out of orbit alike. In the ensuing aftermath, Surik ties to the force had been cut and she was exiled from the Jedi order

Later on, she searches for Revan, who has gone missing on his journey to retrieve the Mandalore mask and encounters Lord Scourge. They team up to fight Revan’s captor, but that’s a story for another time. 

Kreia is probably one of my favorite KOTOR characters of all time. I mean, she’s like…..basically a more devious version of Palpatine 4000 years before Palpatine was even alive? On top of that, she wants to kill the Force itself? And she genuinely seems to care for the Exile too, even if she manipulates the shit out of them and the entire Ebon Hawk crew.

Plus there’s also the matter of her being implied to be Arren Kae, the Handmaiden’s mother, and Revan’s original Jedi master, so that’s another thing…