Some Notable Bioware characters who share voice performers

Not a complete list at all but quite a few voice actors and actresses who cross over from Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. (list does not include The Old Republic, as I’ve not played that one)

Also worth noting that some of these actors also played minor roles as NPCs in the games, but I couldn’t find all of them (also gave up after Alix Wilton Regan’s went up to 5 picture slots)

Jennifer Hale - Bastila Shan (KOTOR, KOTOR II), Female Shepard (ME, ME2, ME3), Krem (DAI)

Raphael Sbarge - Carth Onasi (KOTOR, KOTOR II), Kaiden Alenko (ME, ME2, ME3)

Steve Blum - Oghren (DAO), Grunt (ME2, ME3)

Alix Wilton Regan - Female Inquisitor (DAI), Comm Specialist Traynor (ME3), Macha (DAII), Ser Cauthrien (DAO)

Nicolas Boulton - Male Hawke (DAII, DAI), Reyes (MEA)

Jo Wyatt - Female Hawke (DAII, DAI) Dr. Cole (ME3) Ostagar Nurse (DAO)

Courtenay Taylor - Juhani (KOTOR), Jack (ME2, ME3)

Freddie Prinze Jr. - James (ME3), The Iron Bull (DAI)

Allegra Clark - Josephine (DAI), Kesh (MEA)

Ali Hillis - Liara T’soni (ME, ME2, ME3) Scout Harding (DAI)

Indira Varma - Vivienne (DAI), Sloane Kelly (MEA), Moshae Sjefa (MEA)

Like I said, not a complete list. I may revisit this post at a later date and add more! If there are any other Bioware carryover voices you’d like to see on the list please let me know!


Visas: “Canderous, the Force lies in all living things. I have watched my people die- you will survive. You have no choice.You have been wounded before and lived, Mandalorian. Rise…many battles do you still have left in you.”

Canderous: “You… sound like Revan. At… the end. Do you know what she told me, in those last days on the Outer Rim? That the Mandalorian Wars were our doom and we had been deceived. That it had never been our decision to wage war on the Republic. Revan said the Mandalorians didn’t invade Republic space ten years ago because it was our choice. We were…tricked…our entire people sacrificed as pawns…and we never knew it. She said there was a war coming. That it was waiting out in the Unknown Regions, in the dark, waiting for us to destroy each other.”

Visas: “A war? This war?”

Canderous: “No, not this one- another one. More terrible. Against an evil we couldn’t begin to comprehend… a war of belief, that had been fought for thousands of years. Revan went off to fight it.”

Visas: “And left you here.”

Canderous: “Revan was one of the greatest military leaders in the galaxy, in history. She knew what she was doing.”

Canderous: “And I always follow orders.”

Knights of the Old Republic II: A Summary
  • Exile: I think that we should pick option A
  • Kreia: you have chosen... poorly
  • Exile: *reloads* I think that we should pick option B
  • Kreia: you have chosen... very poorly
  • Kreia: I honestly have no idea
  • Kreia: they never finished writing the script

Oh yeah and don’t forget the way Atton *begged* Kreia, who he hated with a fiery passion, not to tell the Exile his secret, the way he said, “you can’t tell them, please! I’m asking you! I don’t want them to…” through gritted teeth as she used the Force to probe his mind… Even when he was in pain, humiliated, and being confronted by someone he couldn’t stand about a secret he desperately tried to keep, he *begged* her not to tell the Exile, letting his tough guy front fall away for a few seconds in utter desperation… It’s too early in the morning for this degree of angst yet here I am.


The Force Awakens vs. The Knights of the Old Republic - Parallels

Has anyone noticed certain similarities between KotOR and TFA characters? 

  • Kylo Ren may be the biggest Darth Vader fanboy, but Darth Revan is his fashion guru,
  • Rey with her weapon of choice, girly pigtails and outfit resembles Bastila Shan. Not to mention the accent.

Those characters are completely different in terms of personality but the visual similarity is certainly there. It makes me wonder – what if some parts of TFA were really inspired by KotOR? I was trying to come up with other possible future connections:

  • A deserter (Atton Rand/Finn) from an evil organization (The Sith/The First Order) meets a Force sensitive woman (femExile/Rey). He develops a crush on her and desperately tries to conceal his dark past from her. Played for laughs with Finn, played for drama with Atton,
  • Rey could have lost her connection to the Force due to some traumatic experiences, just like Exile or Rey’s memory was wiped out like Revan’s,
  • If Kylo Ren is the founder of the Knights of Ren and if they are a group of fallen Jedis/force sensitives, it mirrors Revan with his Revanchists,
  • Snoke could be an expy for the Sith Emperor, who lured a promising, young Jedi knight into the dark side of the Force.

I know, it doesn’t change anything for KotOR fans like myself. The games will remain Legends and won’t make it into the new canon. Yet spotting those similarities gives me hope that at least KotOR heritage wasn’t completely wasted.

I apologize, Exile. It is difficult. In reality, you are as foolish as they come. But I needed that holocron badly and I had to give it up just to get the Exchange off our backs. So now we’re gonna have to go get more. And then we’re gonna go on even more adventures after that, Exile. And you’re gonna keep your mouth shut about ‘em, Exile. Because the galaxy is full of imbeciles that don’t understand what’s important. And they’ll tear us apart, Exile. But if you stick with me, I’m gonna accomplish great things, Exile. And you’re gonna be a part of ‘em. And together we’re gonna run around, Exile, we’re gonna do all kinds of wonderful things, Exile. Just you and me, Exile. The rest of the galaxy is our enemy, Exile. We’re the only friends we’ve got, Exile. It’s just Kreia and Exile. Kreia and Exile and their adventures, Exile. Kreia and Exile, forever and forever, a hundred years Kreia and Exile's… things. Me and Kreia and Exile, runnin’ around, and Kreia and Exile time. Aaall day long, forever. All, a hundred days Kreia and Exile, forever a hundred times. Over and over, Kreia and Exile, adventures dot com W W W dot Kreia and Exile dot com W W W Kreia and Exile adventures all hundred years. Every minute Kreia and Exile dot com, W W W hundred times Kreia and Exile dot com.
—  Kreia, upon leaving Taris

It’s Star Wars Day so once again I find myself thinking about how an unfinished Star Wars video game released by Obsidian more than a decade ago has so much inspiration for how I approach writing, character development, and just storytelling in general. 

If you haven’t played Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, I’d recommend doing so. 

It provides a really interesting philosophical take on a variety of elements, tropes, and storytelling devices in the Star Wars universe by ripping them all apart, especially the philosophies of the Jedi and Sith. 


Just wanted to share an ASMR video for those who need help concentrating or inspiration while they are writing, making art, sleeping, whatever.

The video is 1 hour long.

A Star Wars ambient sounds video with Coruscant background noise from Knights of the Old Republic II. A great sleep aid or constant white noise for studying.

Featured sounds: passing spaceships, city noise.

Video is put together by The ASMR Geek whom (in addition to other Star Wars works) also does other sound work involving video games like Overwatch, The Last of Us, and Mass Effect and much more!

Youtube Channel


You guys, Coorta told the Peragus maintenance officer (aka HK-50) that he knew a pilot who did special missions and would be able to get to Peragus to transport them and the Exile to Nar Shaddaa.

You guys.

I think Atton was the guy Coorta was talking about. Atton’s a pilot who is very familiar with smuggling and black market operations, and he never said why he was locked up on Peragus.
What if Coorta called him to come and pick up the Exile and transport Coorta, his crew, and the Jedi to Nar Shaddaa, but the security officer found out somehow and had Atton locked up? Omg


Some of my best (or worst) moments playing KOTOR II

“Stop being all noble around her, in your big hero way. She sees right through your little act. She likes honest guys, not guys who run around being unselfish and heroic all the time.”

“I thought she was the hero.”

- dialogue from KotOR 2.

I got a little nostalgic about Knights of The Old Republic after wincenworks drew my attention to the Star Wars humble bundle the other day. So here’s me revisiting the fandom that got me drawing in the first place. Maybe it’s time to reinstall the game and download that restored content mod.

[The last time I drew Atton and Mical was, what, 2006, 2007. Force help me, I hope you lot never find my old art thread.]

I happen to know for 100% certain™ that Atton Rand has a great singing voice but he doesn’t want anyone to know. He hums or sings to himself sometimes when he doesn’t think anyone is watching/listening and he gets really mad if someone asks him about it. The only person he lets listen to him hum sometimes is the Exile.

anonymous asked:

For the fic meme, Atton/Exile; 22

22. things you said after it was over

They leave her alone. 

They retreat to the quiet corners of the ship, and they leave each other alone, too. Somehow, even the droids know not to bother. 

Atton doesn’t get the memo, but then, he never has. Especially when it comes to her, his exile, his Jedi. So he makes sure they’re far enough away from the death field that was Malachor V and puts the Ebon Hawk on autopilot. And he sits outside of her door. He could break in, sure, that’s not a problem for him at all.

But even he knows better than that.

She knows he’s here, and she’ll open the door when she’s ready.

He falls asleep, his back against her door, chin touching his chest. The door opens and spills him to the floor, half in, half out. There’s a chuckle from the assassin droid. Disturbing.

There’s a snort from her, soft and wet with a touch of humor in it. He blinks until his vision clears, and she fills it entirely. She’s on her knees, bowed over him. Her eyes are red, her face is puffy, her hair is a mess, and it’s clear she hasn’t showered since the encounter. 

Meetra is still the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

“Hey,” is all he manages to get out. He doesn’t even move.

She scoots closer, her hands - scarred and painted figuratively red - are gentle as she caresses his cheeks and lifts his head until she can shift her knees under him for support.

“Hey,” she replies. 

“You’re a bit of an ugly crier.” Because he’s a moron and literally has no idea what else to say, his brain short circuiting. 

“I’ve been told that once or twice before.” But it brings a smile to her lips, a small quirk, a bit of life flashing in her eyes. 

The others have gathered now, a good distance away but close enough to make sure that she’s okay. His gaze flickers to them, and he tries to not scowl. Meetra never looks away from him.

“So what now?” he asks.

“We rebuild.” Meetra leans down, dry lips brushing over his forehead. “Help me.”

Atton’s sure his heart has stopped, that he is dead, that this is a dream, the Force’s way of teasing him. His chest is tight. The words stick in his throat, and he swears he hears Mira mutter a curse in his direction.

“Yeah. I’ll help, it’s not like I have anything better to do now that we’ve saved the galaxy.”