Knights of the Round Table

can we talk abt how like the table in the lion castle (is that what it’s called???) could seat probably like 15 people like before zarkon fucked everything up there was probably a counsel of people who would sit in and make decisions of like, where are the Paladins needed most? what’s the plan for this battle w this planet? and now allura is literally doing all of it… and she can’t even rlly bring up how hard it is except to coran idk this definitely isn’t well written but just. damn


Sir Gawain: Witch of the Wirral

New 4-page risograph comic in Bright Red on nice 170gsm Munken Lynx Rough paper. It also folds out on the reverse as a poster (a large drawing of Gawain leaving Camelot).

Now available to purchase here!

This is the first in my series of short comics chronicling the further adventures of Sir Gawain, brave Knight of the Round Table. The brilliant, anonymous medieval poet behind the epic Middle English poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight described Gawain’s journey north to meet the fearsome Green Knight in a cursory few dozen lines. We briefly learn that our hero faced many perils along his way, including bears, giants, wild men of the woods, and all kinds of trials of nature. I’m filling in that part of the story with a series of standalone comics, in print and online, following Gawain’s many adventures as he crosses an ancient, mythic, and strange Britain full of monsters and magic.

By the way! For some reason this got saved to my drafts, but here’s the description for the Round Table summer card!

Knights of Marines

Prydwen’s sails are drawn.

They may not have had any experience with ocean expeditions until now,
But Britain’s renowned Knights of the Round Table have nothing to fear.

Even if their destination is the vastness of the ocean,
The friends acknowledge, praise, and compete with each other.

“By the way, Sir Lancelot, do you know how to swim?”
“Of course I do. If I take off my armor, I should be able to
Swim across the Straight of Dover.
How about you, Sir Gawain?”

“Indeed I have no experience swimming in ocean currents,
But I have crossed a river in the midst of a storm.”
“……I see you both have considerable talent.
Well, as for me, I don’t want to drown,
So I don’t dive in unless a lady is drowning.
But, if I were to name a master of swimming in the Round Table—”
“““It’s definitely Sir Kay. He’s abnormal!”””

Under the blue sky, the knights’ laughter resounds.

“I’m sorry to intrude upon your conversation, everyone, but
You do understand your jobs as sailors, don’t you?
Sir Lancelot, redo the sails.
Sir Gawain, prepare lunch.
Tristan, please come to the captain’s room
Since it seems there’s talk of you bringing personal belongings without permission,”
He says with a pleasant smile.
“Ah, I’m so sad……
How did Sir Bedivere see through my secret so easily……?”

Everything leads me to thee

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by WizardKnight

Arthur is the mighty king of Camelot - known for his victorious leadership and battles
Merlin is the loyal prince to his kingdom - known for his kind emphatic nature and loving ways

How will their arranged married work when they are both so different? can the legend be true can one who is so battle hardened and fierce be the other side to another who is so soft and caring

Words: 383, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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On legendry.

Lately, I’ve run across complaints that modern depictions of the Knights of the Round Table are too “anime” - giving them all sorts of goofy powers, and sending them on weird, over-the-top adventures.

Allow me to point out that the following are all actual things that appear in the older tales about the Knights:

  • Sir Kay is said to have had the power to grow to giant size, hold his breath for nine days, and radiate supernatural heat from his hands.
  • Sir Bedivere openly practiced sorcery, and suffered from an accordingly sinister reputation; on more than one occasion, he was saved from being hanged as a witch only by King Arthur’s testimonly to his good character.
  • Sir Galahad possessed supernatural strength and speed by virtue of his moral and sexual purity - making him a rare example of a male character with virginity-fueled super powers.
  • Sir Balin once wielded the Lance of Longinus, and blew up an entire kingdom with a single blow. He also fought an evil knight with the power of invisibility.
  • Sir Marrock was a freaking werewolf.

Conclusion: modern depctions of the Knights of the Round Table aren’t anime enough.

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