Christmas sale .

 I have the following knives available for immediate sale as long as you are over 18 Years old and may legally own these types of knives in your country .

Please do not contact me here but please email for prices / availability at the email below and either describe or link back with pics to what you may want  .

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Rustic knives & gear .

 I have the following ready for immediate sale as long as you are over 18 years old and that these are legal to own in your country .

 Please do not contact me here but please email at the email bellow for prices and availability .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

a mix for my cannibal captain

THE DRUNKEN WHALER - copilot - slice his throat with a rusty cleaver ➔ GRAVEYARD WHISTLING - nothing but thieves - okay i’ll admit, i’m not innocent ➔  NO ONES HERE TO SLEEP - naughty boy - here’s the pride before the fall ➔ BREEZEBLOCKS - alt-j - please don’t go, i’ll eat you whole ➔ LURK - the neighbourhood - i want what i ask for, i get what i want ➔ FLESH - simon curtis - push up to my body sink your teeth into my flesh ➔ BEDROOM HYMNS - florence + the machine - such selfish prayers and i can’t get enough ➔ DEAR DICTATOR - saint motel - i heard he’ll drink your blood just for the taste then laugh and spit it out ➔ ANIMALS - living in fiction - baby, i’m preying on you tonight, hunt you down, eat you alive ➔ COUGH COUGH - everything everything - yeah you’re ravenous you’re champing at the bit ➔ IN ALL MY DREAMS I DROWN - jessica lowndes & terrance zdunich - but i don’t want to go to sleep, in all my dreams i drown   ➔ TAKE ME TO CHURCH - hozier - i’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife ➔ GRACE FOR SALE - terrance zdunich - lest you end up bested, lost and torn, to shreds, disected ➔ BLOOD ON MY NAME - the brothers bright - i’m made of dead man’s money, you can see it in my smile ➔ +mystery bonus track

album cover is an open source meat image lmao

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My daily carry pocket Dump…

The True Tale of Buying a Knife in China

I decided to buy a chopping knife, because cutting vegetables should be enjoyable, so I went to Carrefour across the street from campus. Carrefour is like a French version of Walmart that carries basically everything. In my Carrefour they sell clothing, backpacks, bikes, groceries of all kinds, rice cookers and other home appliances, dishes, beauty products, home and automobile cleaning products, and more. 

They do not sell knives, as I found out. Following some stabbings last decade, and in the run-up to the 2008 Olympics, knife sales in China began to be restricted. As far as I’ve found, there’s no place in the central city to buy a big, sharp knife. I had to go to IKEA on the south side to find one.

We - luckily I had a Chinese-speaking friend with me - found the knives in a locked glass case on the wall after slowly traversing the whole IKEA pathway to the market hall. We spoke to a salesperson and told her which one we wanted, and she brought us to a computer, where she entered my passport number and phone number. We then waited for about 15 minutes while they printed a paper with my information along with the knife’s. To actually get the knife, we had to take that paper to the cashier, pay, and then go to another counter off to the side, where they brought the knife out to us. Finally, we could leave IKEA, but we still had to take an hour-long cab ride home because we wouldn’t be allowed on the subway with the knife.

For a kitchen knife this seems like overkill to me, but it would be good if buying a gun in America were at least this difficult. Recording identification and keeping weapons in a place where not just anyone can grab them just sounds sensible. If it were just up to me I’d probably require a safety certification as well, but this would at least be a start.


Pre Christmas knife sale .

I will be shortly putting these knives up for sale in various forums and online stores  but before I do  if you are in the market for a unique one of a kind custom made knife  for either yourself or a gift for a loved one please contact me direct via email at

please do not contact me here and please only over 18 years old may purchase , I will deal with all emails in chronological order so that no one gets preferential treatment .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from