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Knicks have deal for Anthony Randolph, but Donnie Walsh reluctant to pull trigger?

Buried in the caption of a picture of Carmelo Anthony, Marc Berman offers the following:

“According to team sources, Donnie Walsh is reluctant to deal Anthony Randolph to the Timberwolves for a first-round pick, which could be used in a deal to acquire Carmelo Anthony.”

February 9th, 2016

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And now for the news…

A major snowstorm affecting the Northeast could hurt turnout at today’s New Hampshire primaries and Donald Trump, worried about another upset, urged voters to:

“defy the weather and get to the polls.”

But just in case his voters don’t show,

Trump also has a back up plan to keep the competition out…

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton has been attacking Bernie Sanders for some of his sexist supporters, who are becoming known as:

“The Bernie Bros”

But I’m guessing some of this criticism stems from jealousy too…

Since Bernie gets to hang out with fun party guys, while Bill is stuck rolling with:

“The Clinton Clan”

The U.S. is charging the widow of an ISIS leader for her role in the death of American hostage, Kayla Mueller.

Which doesn’t sound fair, because don’t radical Muslim men treat their wives like property?

All I’m saying is…

You don’t see any knives or guns doing hard time.

On Monday, scientists reported that “sighs” are more than just an emotional reaction to express relief or disapproval.

They are also a life-saving reflex, necessary for survival.

So if you sighed after reading that last Muslim joke….

Your welcome.

And finally, the New York Knicks fired head coach Derek Fisher yesterday.

With a 23-31 record this year Knicks President, Phil Jackson, said:

“It was time for us to make a change"

But it’s not just the coach that needs changing.
Personally, I think the whole organization needs a re-brand.

Here’s my simple, yet effective, recommendation:

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"I don't have anything going with Denver" - Donnie Walsh

Via NY Daily News:

Amar’e Stoudemire would not confirm a report that he reached out to Carmelo Anthony via a text and told the Denver Nuggets All-Star that he wants him to play in New York.

“I haven’t talked to him,” Stoudemire said following the Knicks‘ 131-125 loss to Utah Wednesday night. “I’ve got so many friends I talk to throughout the league, but I haven’t really talked to Carmelo at all.”…

Does texting count as talking?

And what does Donnie Walsh have to say about all this?

“I don’t have anything going with Denver,” Walsh told The News Wednesday. “Nothing.”…

“Look,” Walsh said about being OK with keeping the status quo this season. “I had a plan and I’m trying to build on the plan. If there was a reason to change the plan I’d change it.”

What else is he supposed to say?

The Knick, Great American Railroad Journeys and Dad's Army: TV review – video

Telly addict Andrew Collins reflects on the week in TV, which for him is dominated by The Knick, the incredible New York-set early-1900s hospital drama from Cinemax, showing here on Sky Atlantic, whose first season Andrew binged on and whose second season is now showing. This is complemented by Michael Portillo’s Great American Railroad Journeys on BBC2, which also takes place in New York; doc Back In Time For The Weekend is another round of dressing up in the name of living social history; Dad’s Army (the original, not the new film) continues to delight 40 years later in repeats; and Artsnight returns at an unholy hour with a film about masks

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