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Yay it's open and it's my first time to request! I wanna request a fluff with Akashi Seijuro wherein he'd be jealous of a guy from another team getting too close to his SO after his match with the said guy's team. You make nice drabbles and i 💖 it

welcome welcome! i hope u like this bub ♡

this got kinda angsty at the beginning and might not be exactly what you asked for? drabbles mean more details and i needed to add in more details for it to make sense, turn out good and suit his character at the same time

This wasn’t the first time he’d seen him so close to you. Sometimes it was at the mall, at the park, “What a coincidence!” He’d say whenever he ran into you. 

It really irked him to see another guy’s arm around you.

He knows that you two had a past together and he knows that you’ve been good friends even after you’ve broken up but still, do you not realize how hard it is for him to see another guy smile as happily as he does whenever he’s with you?

He really tried to be okay and not overthink this but it’s getting a little hard to do that when he’ve just won a match and you’re nowhere to be found. He sighed and went to wipe the sweat that was coming down his forehead. 

Usually you’d be running to him right now, embracing him in your arms without even caring whether he was drenched in sweat or not. You’d help him wipe his sweat away with a towel while having the warmest smile on your lips.

It really didn’t make him feel any better that the team they just beat had your ex boyfriend on it. The same guy who’d always stay a little too close to you, the same guy who would smile so happily whenever he sees you as if you were everything to him.

And it also made things worse that you weren’t the only one missing, but your ex boyfriend too. 

Akashi knows he’s the one who’s truly your boyfriend, but what if? Just, what if he was wrong? 

He could feel a pain in his stomach and rage running through his blood. Even though he just won a match, it didn’t feel like he won anything at all. Not when you’re not here where he needs you.

He threw the towel angrily and started making his way out of the court to try and find you. 

Different thoughts were running through his mind right now. Thoughts he wished he’d never have to think about, feelings he wished he’d never have to feel and go through. 

“Please. Let me be wrong. Please.” he muttered under his breath as he felt his footsteps growing faster and faster to find you. 

There wasn’t a sight of you inside the building nor his. His heart felt tight. Hurriedly, he went to look outside the building.

He found you. 

Right outside with him. He was just about to assume the worst and take another step forward but he heard you speak.

“Listen. You can’t keep doing this. I have a boyfriend, an amazing one that I’d never replace. We’re over. We’ve been over for an entire year now and though you keep on trying to change that, I’m sorry but I’ve moved on. Please stop doing this, we can’t be friends anymore. I’d rather stop being friends with you than see Sei hurt.” you spat.

You sighed and went back inside the building. 

You’ve noticed how close he’ve been trying to become lately and you knew he was trying to be more than just a friend. You also noticed the way Akashi’s look changes whenever he sees him with you. Despite not saying anything, you saw how sad it made him feel.

Truth be told, as harsh or blunt as that last line sounded, you meant it. Akashi is your everything and you’ll make sure he knows that. 

You walked into the hallway that had Rakuzan’s changing room but saw Akashi standing with his back resting on the wall. As if he was waiting for you. 

“Sei!” you smiled and ran to hug him.

He smiled back and hugged you. You were just about to plant a kiss on his lips when you noticed how quite he is? He didn’t even say anything when you called out his name.

“He wants to get back together with you?” he asked suddenly.

“You heard it all?” you asked softly. Your eyes filled with worry. 

“I went to look for you after the match and couldn’t find you anywhere but outside. I thought the two of you needed a moment so I left.” he said, not meeting your eyes.

You couldn’t tell whether he was sad or happy but nevertheless you are gonna pour your heart out to him and let him know how much you love him and tell him how no one would ever be able to replace him.

“Sei, I’m so sorry. I should have told him sooner, I shouldn’t have waited this long. At first I really wasn’t sure what his intentions were but the minute I realized it all, I stopped him. You are my all. Not him, it never was him nor will it ever be.” you smiled.

He didn’t say anything. He was still holding your hand in his but that’s it.

“I promise you, not for once have I ever thought of leaving you for him. I know you’ve been hurting because for a while because of this and I am the worst for not doing something about it earlier. Please, I jus-”

His lips were on yours. You couldn’t continue what you were saying because now not only was his hand in yours but his tongue was in your mouth too.

You could feel him smiling.

When the two of you finally let go, you were panting for breath and he was smirking.

“Thank you. For being with me, for staying by my side and for proving how lucky I am to have you.” he smiled.

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Characters that didn’t get along at first (putting it mildly in some cases) but became best friends/partners

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