• Aomine, looking really guilty:Satsuki?
  • Momoi:Yes??
  • Aomine:I need to tell you something, but it's bad.
  • Momoi:Oh, Dai-chan, you can tell me anything. Go ahead.
  • Aomine:I drove the car into a lake while playing Pokemon Go.
  • Momoi, twitching:Will you excuse me for a moment? *leaves*
  • Aomine:*hears intense screaming, runs out the door*

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I wish you would write a fic where Aomine asks Kise out in front of the Kaijo basketball team! I need this! It sounds super cute.

All aokise is always for @limitlessmonster

This isn’t necessarily asking out, but it’s sorta kinda confession-like. Hope it satisfies what you were looking for. 

Something is wrong.

It isn’t only because Kise has obsessively observed Aomine’s style of play that he notices the differences. Anyone would if they know how skilled Aomine is at basketball. He isn’t utilizing his talent to its fullest and Kise is seething.

He notices it the first time Aomine misses the ball when dribbling. Kise dives forward to try and knock the ball away, to gain the advantage, when Aomine flinches back. His fingers miss the curve of the basketball and Kise manages to snag it before he can, stepping back for a fadeaway shot that puts him in the lead.

It happens again when he’s trying to shield the ball with his body, turning his back to Aomine to keep the ball out of reach. Instead of closing in, instead of pressing up against Kise’s back to fight for dominance of the court, Aomine steps back, shielding himself instead of trying to break through Kise’s shield. He scores again and keeps a solid lead.

With anyone else, Kise would write these off as small mistakes. But Aomine doesn’t make mistakes. Not in basketball.

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Hey!!! Can I request Akashi and the lyrics - 'It's getting dark and it's all too quiet and I can't trust anything now' ? Thanks aha

It’s getting dark and it’s all too quiet and I can’t trust anything now.

Also using the rest of the song as inspiration! -Admin Fyre

“What do you mean I’m not allowed in?”

You tried to keep your voice down, but it was hard to stay quiet with all the anger bubbling up in your chest. The butler at the door didn’t flinch from your outburst and continued to regard you dispassionately, as if he was used to this kind of thing.

“I’m very sorry, it is Master Akashi’s wish that you are not permitted to set foot in this mansion, nor to see the young master again.”

What the fuck. You knew that Akashi’s father didn’t think highly of you, but you never thought that you’d be forbidden to see your own boyfriend. “Why? Why can’t I see him?” you demanded. “I’m not leaving without a reason. I’m staying right here until Akashi Masaomi comes out here and tells me himself.”

The butler didn’t blink. “Suit yourself.” And promptly closed the door on you.

Angrily you stomped off the steps and peered up the walls of the towering mansion, trying to locate Akashi’s bedroom window. He should have heard your yelling. There was no way that he’d leave you standing here, right?

There was no way he wouldn’t come and see you.


And yet the minutes turned to hours, and the lights in the mansion began to switch off until everything was dark and quiet. No one had come to the door again and even Akashi’s bedroom light was off.

You shifted your weight uncomfortably from one foot to another, before opting to sit down on the steps. You’ll show them. You’ll wait here all night.

And yet it was nagging you, like a stone in your shoe. Had your relationship with Akashi reached a breaking point at last? After so long, after countless people had commented on the fragility of it, the glass-like nature of that trust and loyalty and faith.

How did you not notice that something was wrong? How had you failed to realise that you’ve been holding your breath all along, hoping and hoping that things wouldn’t end this way?

I’m so stupid, you thought. Like a moth that flies too close to the light after being in the darkness so long, you hadn’t noticed as your wings caught fire and began a spiraling descent to the ground.

As the sun began to rise and the birds began to sing, you rose from the steps, realising that no one was going to come out to you, and began your lonely walk back to your own house.

You thought you understood Akashi. You thought you knew what kind of a person he was - someone who could be unwaveringly faithful to the person he loved, no matter if his friends, his father, or even the whole world was against it. But then again, you reminded yourself, he’s been against the world since the day he was born.

It would haunt you for days to come: whether it was your fault, or his, and until then you would keep hoping that he would come back to you, even if you’ve hit rock bottom and he shows no sign of turning to you again - you would still wait for him.

  • Akashi:Before we begin our match, I should inform you that I've discovered another phantom sixth man, and I intend to destroy the molecular bonds that bind your very matter.
  • Kuroko:Thanks for the heads up.
  • Akashi:You're welcome. *starts leaving* One more thing.
  • Kuroko:Yes?
  • Akashi:It's on, bitch.

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KnB headcanons with Hanamiya, Himuro, and Akashi; their s/o meeting their parent(s) for the first time plis

Hanamiya is extremely reluctant to even invite them over in the first place. The idea of formalities in a relationship, including inviting your s/o over to meet the parents, is pretty nauseating. His s/o would have to bring it up, but Hanamiya would give in at some point, just to put an end to their nagging. He’s mostly concerned about his parents outing him as something other than the cruel and cold person he makes himself out to be, or with that in mind, trying to coddle his s/o in a “you’re so brave for putting up with our son” type of way. He’ll be on edge and irritable the whole time

Himuro will be excited. For him, it’s “official” once he brings them to meet his parents, but he’s undoubtedly nervous. He’ll have had that prior talk with his parents beforehand, an obligatory “don’t embarrass me please” lecture. His main goal is to make sure his s/o is comfortable, and that they’re a good fit. He can’t imagine how awkward and anxious he’d be if his parents and s/o didn’t get along, so that’s what he hopes to get out it

Though Akashi knows it’s tradition, and that it might ease his father into the idea of Akashi having a relationship, he wouldn’t be exactly excited, more apprehensive. He doesn’t know what his father might say to upset s/o, and Akashi can and will defend his s/o if it ever came to that. As a consequence, he knows tension will stir and that’s just going to be a mess for everyone. So while he won’t outright reject the idea, it just takes a while to confidently agree. No matter who the s/o is, they’re probably going to be intimidated by Akashi’s father, but Akashi would be there to brighten the mood and ease the strain whenever possible, holding their hand and offering reassuring touches/smiles when he could


Aomine sits on the windowsill, waiting for his master to get out of the shower. He always took anciently long showers. Just another twenty minutes away from the outgoing blond, and Aomine feels the possessiveness creep in.

He’s still significantly smaller than his master, so any attacks on him would be seen as cute kitten antics.

He longs for the day he grows into a panther.