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Confessions of the Human Secretary (Platonic AkaKuro Fanfic) -PART 1-

This is my first collab with Nina. She came up with an AU where vampires, dhampirs and humans lived together ‘harmoniously’. Sounds cliche right? Well, we decided to go for a little twist. Maybe you’ve read something like this but as an avid reader myself, I beg of you to try this fic out. As said in the title, it’s platonic akakuro. Even non-shippers can try this out. PLEASE DELETE WHATEVER VAMPIRE TROPES YOU HAVE BEFORE READING (except them drinking blood and having sharp canines)

It’s fun and quirky, emotional and I could say a little ‘slice of life’. We put our heart and soul into this, so please enjoy~  (This is half crack so yeah)

Word Count: 2341 | Read on AO3

Entry #1

My name is Kuroko Tetsuya.

When someone offers you a job as a secretary to the most powerful vampire on Earth, no matter how good the pay is, don’t take it.

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anonymous asked:

Midorima and his crush who keeps trying to talk to him and stuff everyday, but one day he sees that they’re starting to get discouraged because they’re starting to think he’s disinterested due to his tsuntsun responses. how would he react? thanks! ^o^

Being the tsundere that he was, though he’d never admit it, Midorima wasn’t the best at showing emotions. Recently, you had started following him around. He would never admit it to anyone but he actually liked it. He liked your questions and how curious you were about him. He liked that you actually tried to get to know him first before straightaway asking him out – which some girls actually did.

You, on the other hand, felt like your methods weren’t getting anywhere. He barely gave you any answers, only one or two words. Other times, he just looked so tired with your curiosity. You sighed, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. You really liked him because he was hard-working and sweet when he wanted to be, but since he didn’t seem to like you back, your efforts seemed futile.

When Midorima realized that you started to back off, it was too late. He was confused why you suddenly started avoiding him or why you just stopped coming around his classroom to talk to him. He was disappointed to say the least. He thought that you actually liked him.

One day, he was walking towards the gym when he heard your voice and Takao’s talking to each other. Thump. His heart beat aloud in his chest. He felt his mouth dry up. Was that it? Were you interested in Takao and that was why you were getting closer to him?

“Of course I like Midorima-kun.” You scowled and that brought his attention back to the conversation. Midorima couldn’t help but listen in to the conversation. “But he’s not interested so I don’t want to bother him.”

Wait, what? So you were interested in him? Crap.

“Shin-chan is just such a tsun.” When their voices became muffled, Midorima leaned against the door, trying to make out whatever you guys were saying. However, the stars didn’t seem to be in his favor because the door broke in and he stumbled inside, caught red-handed.

You blushed crazily, “M-Midorima-kun, how long have you been standing there?”

Midorima’s eyes flew between the two of you and he pursed his lips when he saw the mischievous grin on Takao’s lips. “Well then, I’ll leave the two of you to it.” Takao gave Midorima an encouraging pat on the back before taking off.

You stared at Midorima, waiting for an explanation. “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop,” he cleared his throat. “I was just…”


“Yes,” he slumped. “But…” He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. “I’m kind of glad I did.” He swallowed up his pride and bowed. “I apologize for eavesdropping but I don’t regret it.” You frowned at him questioningly when he straightened. “I didn’t know how you felt towards me and hearing that, I feel… relieved.”


“Yes, because, well, I’m not good with words and I just – I think I may like you but I don’t—“ You didn’t hear anything past that and just threw your arms around him, squealing.


“Wait, what—“