• Kise:Take me to art museums and make out with me.
  • Aomine:But they said to not touch the masterpieces.
  • Kise:Did you just-
  • Aomine:But you know something?
  • Kise:What?
  • Aomine:Somebody's gotta pin the artwork to the wall.
  • Kise:*turning red*

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The gom react to the conjuring 2 pls

Akashi: He thinks he movie is okay but he also thinks that the camera team can do it better.  Making it look more real. Of course he already has seen The Conjuring and Annabelle. 

Aomine: He likes horror movies. So he thinks that the movie is really good. 

Kise: He isn’t a fan of horror movies but he had seen The Conjuring so he had to see the second. He would think that the story was better in the first story but that they had made the movie much better this time with the demons, they looked even scarier this time. 

Kuroko: He isn’t either a fan of horror movies but he saw the movie with Kagami. He don’t like it because he doesn’t like horror movies. 

Midorima: If Midorima ever would choose to watch it he wouldn’t like it. He wouldn’t like it because it’s not realistic. “How can you be scared of things like ghost that doesn’t exist? And do a movie about it?” Midorima mutters after the movie. “You are missing the whole point Shin-chan” Takao sighs. 

Murasakibara: Honestly? He would sleep through the movie and wake up in the end, asking Muro-chin if they could go and buy more snacks. It’s no use to ask him what he thinks of the movie.

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Hey could I request a scenario were Akashi's s/o dad is a big mafia boss please

You didn’t understand why your boyfriend looked so bewildered. Your father had finally made time to have dinner with Akashi and you, two years after you’d begun a relationship with him; the dinner was planned nicely, the only unexpected thing was Akashi suddenly losing his cool the moment he walked into the restaurant’s private dining room.

“Good evening, Akashi Seijuurou,” your father had a huge smile on his face as he stood up to shake the redhead’s hand.

Akashi blinked once. Twice. Before snapping out of it and returning the warm gesture.

“Please, take a seat!” Your father boomed. “Pick up the menu and choose whatever you like!”

Akashi picked it up with shaky hands.

“What’s the matter?” You finally managed to ask ten minutes later (when your father left for an important call).

The boy you knew for so long was the human embodiment of confidence. Now he just looked like a child who lost his parents.

Akashi turned to look at you, his eyes wide and his expression uncharacteristically afraid. “Your father… is… intimidating.”

A moment of silence passed before you burst out laughing. Sure your old man was the leader of a rather notorious mafia group but he wouldn’t hurt a fly, unless he needed to.

However, you could see how people could easily misunderstand him, outside of work; he wore an eyepatch and had scars all over his face. He had several rather graphic tattoos all over his arms and was buff for his age.

But you knew your father, and you knew how much he’d wanted to meet Akashi ever since you’d begin dating him.

Your father could tell Akashi wasn’t like the others before him. From what you shared, Akashi was smart, polite, confident and he loved you. He loved you so much that it impressed your father.

“Don’t worry, Seijuurou,” you patted your boyfriend’s shoulder gently and reassuringly. “He likes you a lot! And he promised he’ll be really nice this evening!”

Though Akashi was still afraid, he was glad. He’d seen mafia fathers before and they were never kind to anyone who fancied their children.

Akashi Seijuurou took in a deep breath and calmed himself. Minutes after, your father returned, a toothy smile on his face.

Your father was surprised to find himself impressed with your boyfriend once more; Akashi’s confidence was overwhelming but humble.

He was perfect for you.

The Anime Club is recruiting again!

So… I’ve neglected this network for much too long, but I’m back and ready to recruit new members. If you’ve previously applied for this network, you’ll have to resubmit an application because I’ve managed to lose all of the previous applications. ;~;

How does the club work?

  • we chat and hangout in a private skype group
  • you have the option of joining the daily or weekend only rooms
  • a schedule of shows is provided, to encourage you to explore new anime

How do you apply?

  • fill out this application (it won’t take long, promise)
  • this network has open admissions, so everyone will be accepted
  • reblog this post, it allows us to advertise to a wider audience
  • optional, but appreciated: follow the admin! joy

Anything else?

  • track the tag #animeclubnet for updates
  • it is recommended that you follow the official blog
  • a lot of the network is explained throughout the application, but if you have any questions feel free to contact us
  • new wave of members will start being admitted in mid/late november