altalemur  asked:

do Vulcans have great selfie game because telekinesis or bad because no expression

Haha, they have expressions! Dogs have a surprising amount of control over their eyebrows and lips that you might only be familiar with if you’ve had dogs in your life. They may not use them as humans do, and they may not have as much muscle as we do in that area, but it’s amazing what they can do.

As similar canines, and as a sentient, prosperous and very long-lived species, whose history extends back far more than our own, Vulcans have plenty of muscle in their faces to communicate with each other. It is only their telepathy, and their stoicism, that gives any other impression. On eyebrow game alone, Vulcans have it sorted.

So the answer is: Vulcans are fucking boss at selfies. Nobody can take selfies like Vulcans. Perfect camera positioning, and best expressions.

Other species good at selfies: Romulans. Ferengi. Bajorans and Humans, naturally, though other species might claim that Bajorans and Humans could do with toning down the selfies.

Species very bad at doing selfies: Cardassians. With so little moveable face, and little lip muscle, Cardassians have basically two expressions: 8| and 8>
Klingons, who have no expression at all, only sounds and mandibles. Trill, who do have expressions but you could never ever simultaneously photograph their whole expression including their crest, whiskers and mouth - unless from the side, which makes it more of a portrait than a selfie.

Species that prove you don’t need expressions to have top selfie games: Betazoids. Especially Lwaxana.