The ONLY acceptable way to end The Vampire Diaries is:

Human Elena returns madly in love with Stefan.

Klaroline FINALLY being a thing.

Damon dying.

Bonnie burning Mystic Falls to the ground (after she enchants everyone to leave it)

That’s it. ANYTHING else is pandering and fanservice.

If I get a corny Delena reunion without any build up and even cornier Steroline “wedding” or whatever the fuck their forced deal is, I will scream.

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There is still time for another crossover with ‘The Originals’, right? Pinterest is bursting at the seams with 'Klaroline’ and fans are still willing the romance on. We can kind of see why. Although starting off as enemies and Caroline nearly getting killed in the process, their relationship took an unseen turn. Season seven has hinted that Caroline may even need to seek Klaus’s help to protect the twins. As characters, they are polar opposites. Caroline is a kind hearted stickler-turned-vampire and Klaus has a reputation as one of the shows most notorious villains. With portraits as gifts and talks of being each other’s 'last love’… it is just too adorable to end.

Candice Accola on Klaroline at SDCC: “I love it. The Klaroline fans are going strong!“

I would just like to say, whatever happens next season with Klaroline, I will forever hold them close to my heart. Klaroline changed my life and helped me through a painful time in my life. For that, they will always be my number one ship. My forever OTP. Klaroline Forever.

It’s absolutely possible. Without making promises that I can’t deliver on, Klaus did say he’s ‘the first love of your life, I intend to be your last. A lot has happened between that statement and the end of this show and a lot more will happen before the end of The Originals, but it’s not something we have forgotten. Whether we’ll deliver on it or not, I can’t say, but we are very much aware that that exists out there.
—  Julie Plec

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prompt + kgb spy!klaus and caroline, socialite and daughter of a former nazi doctor, pose as a married couple in 1960s rome to break a lucrative ring of nazi sympathizers who want to revitalize nazi europe

Written by guest writer @princess-of-the-worlds

Shot In The Dark

“What are you doing here, Salvatore?” the man asks in exhaustion, accented voice sluggishly.

Stefan Salvatore stares distractedly into the shadows in front of him. Though unable to view his old friend, Stefan can visualize Klaus  from the surveillance pictures taken earlier today. Same lean build; sculpted muscles hidden by civilian clothes. Those dark blue eyes now shadowed with sorrow and melancholy. Sandy blond curls ruffled messily, though aged with slight dashes of grey. Smooth, square jaw littered with stubble. Though grizzled and scarred, he is still Klaus.

“We need you, Nik,” Stefan replies cautiously. “You’re needed back in the field.”

Klaus’s head snaps as he turns to face approximately wherever he believes Stefan to be positioned, murmuring softly, “You know that I don’t do that anymore, Stefan.”

Not since Elijah fell off the train as they travelled through the Alps, desperate cries lost in the vast abandon of snowy mountains, body growing smaller and smaller until he disappeared from sight, Klaus’ own distressed wails for his older brother ringing sharply through his ears as he gaped at his empty, outstretched hand dangling out the open train car door in horror.

“I don’t do that anymore,” he repeats offhandedly.

“I know, I indeed do know,” the Salvatore sighs in frustration, rubbing the bridge of his nose wearily. “But we need you back. You’re the only one who can do this.”

Klaus barks bitterly, the gruff sound echoing into the darkness. “Lieutenant Niklaus Mikaelson or the Hybrid?”

Stefan falters, his prepared stream of words cutting off just as he opens his mouth to reply. “Both,” he finally admits uneasily. “Only the Hybrid can head this mission; there’s too much at risk for it to fail.”

There is a moment of silence that stretches on for too long as Klaus considers Stefan’s offer. “Fine,” he says, voice rough and abrasive as he clears his throat several times.

The silent night presses in from all corners as the shadow of a man slides into place behind the worn bench. Barely visible under the faint glow of the far-off street lamps is the figure of another man seated there.

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Klaus is the guy that everyone wants to know with his dashing looks and charisma. Caroline is the sweetheart of Michigan State and she happens to be harboring a crush on the football player and when he asks her out, she accepts without much thought. What she doesn’t expect to learn is that he set his sights on her with the sole intent of winning a competition. What will she do?

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