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Hi! Can I rec A Fluffy Galra Keith by lancelover30902? I love how cute and fluff the fic is!! ;))

A Fluffy Galra Keith by lancelover30902 (1/1 | 2,646 | Teen And Up)

“GALRA! GAL- Mmmphh!”

“You say ‘mullet’ one more time, I’ll torture you.”

Okay, this was not a party invited for Lance.

P.s: This is maybe before season 3 or 4?? I dunno….

“things will go better if you just hold my hand”

from Voltron Legendary Defender
By Raose

I needed to sketch these two in these uniforms!

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* = smut

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Happy Halloween! here are my favorite red and blue boys dressed up as my other two fave red and blue boys

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Brave New World: A Summary
  • Lance: Look, the point is I’m a little gay? I don’t know. I like guys and girls so I’m not straight and I’m not gay, I’m somewhere in the middle, okay?
  • Keith: You mean you’re bisexual.
  • Lance: No Keith, I’m not a fucking bicycle. Very funny.