RuroKen Location Site Tour <15> Koko-en, in Himeji

After a long interval, I was reminded of the fact that I had not posted one of the most important location sites yet!
It is Koko-en Garden, where the assassination of Kiyosato was taken in RuroKen 1, and where Mr. Okubo, the Secretary of the Interior, was assassinated by Sojiro in RuroKen 2.

(Photo 1)

This shows the entrance of Koko-en Garden.

(Photos 2~4)

When I visited here in 2012, some pictures used to be displayed at the entrance, but when I went there this spring, I found just a poster of RK2 and Takeru’s (and Ishihara Satomi’s lol) autograph at the gate.

(Photo 5: map)

To see Kiyosato’s scene, you have to pay the entrance fee.
Look at this map and find where it is.

(Photos 6, 7)

Kiyosato and his friends walked along the blue arrows.

(Photos 8, 9)

Kenshin dashed along the red arrows and put them to the sword.

To see Okubo’s scene, you need no money.
It was taken along the river outside this garden.

(Photos 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16-17)

Compare the patterns of the stone wall there with the photos, and you’ll find the right place :)

Aside from RuroKen, this garden is really beautiful. You can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring and red leaves in autumn. There is a tea ceremony house and they serve you manju and powdered green tea for ceremonies for 500 yen. (You can download PDF Catalogue here)

Koko-en Garden is just on the west of Himeji Castle, known as ‘Shirasagi-jo (Egret Castle)’, which was recently renewed. If you visit Koko-en Garden, do visit this pretty castle, too!

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