Ruroken Location Site - Himeji, Koko-en Garden - Part 3 of 3 (x)

This September I did it - I visited a location site for Rurouni Kenshin movie trilogy! This was made possible by the careful planning of my sister (aka Translator-sensei) and informative and super-useful post by @stephany-310 (link).

What an iconic scene! This is where Kenshin fights and kills Kiyosato. Gets his scar… okay, I’m crying now.

On the first picture me and Kenshin face different directions - the fight took place behind me and before Kenshin. Kiyosato walked out of that gap in the wall (to the Kenshin’s right) and Kenshin ran to meet him (from the direction behind me).

On the second picture Kenshin stands over Kiyosato’s dead body and I am pointing at the place where Kiyosato fell (actually, he fell a bit behind the place where I’m pointing at).

How come I visited the location site where two famous murders were shot? I don’t know. I reallt don’t know. Ruroken is cruel like that.

It was shot in Koko-en Garden near Himeji Castle. Amazing place.