Sunray Humanized by ~shadowkixx

Bam! Finally finished it. Basically the point of me drawing this was reflecting upon a question command-a-pony asked on my Sunray blog, involving Sunray’s “archenemy” Moonbeam Frowns. (Origunal OC name do nut steel :U)

But how can Sunray fight if he isn’t properly dressed for the occasion? Also, I drew him as a human since I need to draw more humans.

As the mod of Sunray Smiles, I have to take notice to people who don’t feel good. I have to “brighten their day” as I would say it.

So, here’s to you mod of Ask Lovelace. I hope this makes your birthday, and your day, better!

Best wishes,


I drew this because it was a thought I had. What if Vanellope was older? Also, I can just imagine how awkward it’d be for Ralph, the Best Man, to escort the Maid of Honor, Vanellope, at you-know-who’s wedding. Either way, I made this look too cute. Not sure if I’m actually starting to ship it. @~@


So I pretty much have this AU in my head, where the developers for Sugar Rush Speedway wanted to give Vanellope von Schweetz a more sensible age/design for her princess stature, because why would a 12 year old be in charge of a kingdom? And the events that occurred in the movie pretty much happens the same way.


It’s amazing how a couple of features can make a huge improvement in my art. Both of these were drawn on my phone. The left was Autodesk Sketchbook. The right was MediBang Paint. The one feature that MediBang had that vastly improved this drawing though was the ability to flip the canvas horizontally. I just like MediBang in general, and how the final drawing turned out.