How to distinguish the bitchy side of Kitty, Santana and Quinn

After playing all 3 of these characters ate one point or another, it’s came to my attention that people often merge these 3 characters into the one when trying to portray only one of them. Sure, they’re all Grade A Bitches, but it’s the way they go about them that makes them unique. Here as some quick points and similarities all 3 of them have that make each of these bitches different in their own unique way.

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You losers are so fortunate.

If I wasn’t a soldier of the Lord, there’s no way I’d be spending a second on this site. But, in an effort to give back to the community, I decided to join. Despite all the hideous tags about ‘fat acceptance’ and 'age play’ - seriously, why are these things suggested on the main page?! - I did find the Ryan Gosling tag. Welcome to my little slice of the internet.

Today was rough.

First I went through a full day and now more than ever I have realized just how long that is.  You disappear for half of one and all of a sudden life just seems to droll on so much more than you thought.  I’m never skipping again.  Don’t even get me started on how practice went.  Excusez-moi while I settle into some pajamas and binge on Netflix with the best cup of hot chocolate I have ever had.

I’m pretty sure my death is going to come down to these weird diet shakes. I’ve never wanted to shove pasta down my throat as much as I have right now. If we lose our next competition, which we won’t, this’ll all have been for nothing which is totally insane. I haven’t ate solid food since Thursday. I wouldn’t recommend getting on the wrong side of me. PSA over.

Believe it or not, ladies and gays.

But yes, the hot bitch of McKinley has arrived. Usually I wouldn’t even think twice about wasting my precious time on some online freak show that’s better fitted for the pervs that infest the world but somehow good ol’ Dani convinced me that this would be a good idea. So, I would say I’m excited to be here but that would make me liar and that is something I am not anymore. Let’s just pray that I don’t end up regretting this.

Well, hello.

Despite the fact most of you have either just scrapped your way out of high school or are still sitting in the little room where pedophile teachers fill your mind with nonsense about achieving your dreams through songs- I have decided to try to stay in contact with you all. Having to bear your idiotic typing would is better than listening your annoying words in person. Anyways, we both know that there a questions that you are dying to ask me but you simply just can’t find the courage too. For that go here, if you feel like talking to me- which I can’t blame you- just simply talk to me. I would say I don’t bite but that would just be a lie.

Phone Call || Bree
  • Kitty hiccuped softy as she stared out at the lake, hugging her knees to her chest as she finally turned her phone back on. She had been there for...a few hours, at least. It was about 9 am when she ran from the dorm, and now it had to be around midday, maybe later. She just wished she had thought to drive, as the lake was a long walk from the dorm. Wiping at her eyes, Kitty sniffled as she dialled Bree’s number. It had taken her forever to calm down to where she could actually speak, but even then she still had to wipe her eyes every few moments. “Baby? Can you come get me, please?” Kitty asked in a small voice, her voice breaking slightly.

So, I hear Arthur’s making it his mission to rope all the glee kids into going to a carnival which sounds both hilarious - where I can watch you losers almost hurl all over the place - and torture, because I have to spend extra time with most of you, The only thing that’s mildly redeeming about this trip idea is the fact I could get to destroy y'all on the bumper cars. Be there or be spending your weekend alone.