I’d like to make it clear that just because I attend some of the local bars and/or clubs, it does not mean that you are entitled to mistake me for one of the servants. I will not fetch you a drink, give you a lapdance or whatever it is you think you can demand out of me. Pull your head out of your fuckin’ ass and take a real good look. I’m too pretty for that kind of shitty job.

I have great news to all of you basic bitches, John Eltons, Marilyn Manson music videos cast members, and overall fat slobs who have nothing better to do than look up cat videos on YouTube to redefine a sense of purpose in your life! The mere thought that your Kitty-less lives have thus far been just that is honestly pathetic, depressing, and downright sad and sinful. 

Luckily for you, I’ve decided to grace you all with my presence here at this school because let’s face it; my brother and sister may be cute but they aren’t me, so you’ve all probably gotten away with a lot more bullcrap than I’d let pass around here. Once you all get to know me you’ll understand that I am the only sensible and judgmental person (in a good way) around this joint, and it won’t take long for you to want to thank me for shaping up the fatties around this school. That being said, I’ll take thanks in forms of checks, cash, and trips to the ever delicious ‘Waffles on Maple’.  

Now, for those of you who don’t know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Kitty Wilde, if you’re not even remotely an idiot, you’ll make sure to call me Miss, or Miss Kitty. If I hear even one joke about my name, or someone making meow noises at me, I will not hesitate to slap you so hard that you’ll have to call up your mother and beg her for her old prostitution tips to use on the weekends off campus because the Good Lord knows your daddy’s money isn’t going to be able to pay for all of the Rhinoplasty I’ll make sure you need. That’s all, go back to your boring lives now, and remember, God is always watching you.

I bet you losers were absolutely devastated during my absence but I’m back and you can all return to being as perky as Santana’s fake boobs once again! That’s right - yours truly has returned from her two week adventure around Europe. I’m trying not to be a total wreck about it, but obvs I’m not happy about being back in Lima instead of continuing to perfect my tan on the beaches of Italy.

UNDER THE CUT are 66 images that could pass as the ship of RACHEL BERRY and KITTY WILDE, as requested by ANONYMOUS a millenia ago. (Thank you, as always, for your patience!)

These should fit a variety of AUs, and while none of the images are ours, I did take the time to search for them and resize them all to be 500x500 for easier ‘instagramming’ purposes, so a like and/or reblog would be appreciated if you plan on using!

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Second day of senior year, and I’m already blowing off homework to catch up on netflix shows that I didn’t finish over the summer. Who ever said to watch a show with fourteen season in a three month span to me proved me wrong because I didn’t finish. Either way. I only have a few seasons left of that, and already slowly back into the swing of things of school and cheerios. Who’s pumped for the first football game in a few weeks?


Under the cut are #77 gifs of Kittina aka Tina Cohen-Chang and Kitty Wilde. None of these gifs belong to me, so all credit goes to the original creators. Some of these may have similar content but are different sizes or colors. There are several gifs in this hunt that were made by me that could work for Kittina as well. If you see a gif that belongs to you and either want me to take it down or give you credit, please message me. Please like/reblog if you found this helpful. 

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For anyone that hasn’t heard, I am officially dating basketball team member and wannabe bad boy, Jake Puckerman. It was only a matter of time before he came to his senses and recognized that dating me was the obvious choice. And don’t think I won’t catch any one of you batting your drug store fake lashes at him because I will, and I will personally make sure you never come crawling out of the dumpster where you fished out your bedazzled jean skirts ever again. Got it? 


Hello Glee RP tag! I will try to keep this short and simple. I have started writing 1x1s only recently and I‘ve been having the time of my life so far; I primarily RP in the Glee community but I am open to many other fandoms. Feel free to ask any questions, but, before you do, explore the links below!


Let’s get one thing straight before we get to introductions; there are two different kinds of people on this earth and they’re both represented here. We’ve got our sinners and we’ve got the righteous, and if present circumstances haven’t made the distinction clear enough, let me take a minute to preach the word of The Almighty. You see, he warned us that a time would come when we found ourselves judged, and I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty freshly weighed.

I’m going to give you all a taste of this kitty cat’s brutal honesty and say what y'all are all too naive or otherwise deluded to have noticed so far; those of you that have found yourselves reacquainted with the most ancient system of human objectification are sinners that have the misfortune of spinning your sinful lives during the time of reckoning. And I don’t think I need to say that I am honored to be given the opportunity to work as His hand.