The signs as glee club girls

Aries: Santana Lopez

Taurus: Quinn Fabray

Gemini: Madison McCarthy 

Cancer: Marley Rose

Leo: Kitty Wilde

Virgo: Rachel Berry

Libra: Dani

Scorpio: Sugar Motta

Sagittarius: Mercedes Jones

Capricorn: Jane Hayward

Aquarius: Brittany Pierce

Pisces: Tina Cohen-Chang

Obviously Christmas is totally my favorite time of the year – it doesn’t get much better than my main man Jesus being born and rockin’ it on earth – but if I have to listen to one more Christmas song talking about a fat man in an ugly red suit “coming to town” I am going to be forced to whack someone over the head with a snowboard. Just sayin’. 

You losers are so fortunate.

If I wasn’t a soldier of the Lord, there’s no way I’d be spending a second on this site. But, in an effort to give back to the community, I decided to join. Despite all the hideous tags about ‘fat acceptance’ and 'age play’ - seriously, why are these things suggested on the main page?! - I did find the Ryan Gosling tag. Welcome to my little slice of the internet.

✿ - It’s slightly, and by slightly I mean wildly, repulsive just how many nappy headed hoes I’ve seen walk into class today. I get it, y’all had a bangin’ night celebrating the birth of our free nation, but that doesn’t give you a free pass right into Lindsay Lohan Ville. Please, for the love of my Holy Father, comb your hair, straighten your shit, and stop making me want to bleach my eyes at the sight of your ratchet ass. 

I’m pretty sure my death is going to come down to these weird diet shakes. I’ve never wanted to shove pasta down my throat as much as I have right now. If we lose our next competition, which we won’t, this’ll all have been for nothing which is totally insane. I haven’t ate solid food since Thursday. I wouldn’t recommend getting on the wrong side of me. PSA over.

The City of Light → Kyder f2f

[Kitty sat at a table outside one of the many cafes that was set up just for it’s view of Prism Tower. At first she’d considered visiting it upon her arrival in the city, but she’d decided against it. She wanted the first time she stepped into the tower to be the time she obliterated Clemont, it’s electric type leader. Besides, sitting atop the Prism Tower alone seemed almost…sad. People came from all over to climb to the top with the person they loved and look across the city and feel small and insignificant together. 

No, Lumiose wouldn’t be the City of Love for Kitty. It would be the city of brutal gym victories and coffee with too much milk in it, if the “cafe au lait” she was drinking right now was any indicator. It probably didn’t help that the only person Kitty had met lately who she’d want to kiss at the top of the Tower was hung up on another girl, not that she’d ever admit that to herself. Not even now as she saw him walking toward her. She crossed her arms as he approached.] “We were supposed to meet thirty minutes ago, you idiot!”

Today was rough.

First I went through a full day and now more than ever I have realized just how long that is.  You disappear for half of one and all of a sudden life just seems to droll on so much more than you thought.  I’m never skipping again.  Don’t even get me started on how practice went.  Excusez-moi while I settle into some pajamas and binge on Netflix with the best cup of hot chocolate I have ever had.

How to distinguish the bitchy side of Kitty, Santana and Quinn

After playing all 3 of these characters ate one point or another, it’s came to my attention that people often merge these 3 characters into the one when trying to portray only one of them. Sure, they’re all Grade A Bitches, but it’s the way they go about them that makes them unique. Here as some quick points and similarities all 3 of them have that make each of these bitches different in their own unique way.

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