The 12 Signs as Types of Cats

Aries: big tabby cat that brings its owners dead mice as a thoughtful gift
Taurus: fat kitty that likes to sprawl out lazily on the window sill
Gemini: a skinny little punk cat that never shuts up with its meowing
Cancer: shy cat that hisses at strangers from underneath the furniture
Leo: fluffy white cat that seems to have a sense of entitlement in the house
Virgo: extremely quiet gray cat that very rarely even makes an appearance
Libra: flirty kitty that is always purring and rubbing against people’s legs
Scorpio: cat that observes you silently from afar as if plotting your death
Sagittarius: crazy brown cat that tries to jump and climb on the walls
Capricorn: very old cat that likes to collect buttons and pieces of lint
Aquarius: cat with a unique patch of fur that happens to think it’s a dog
Pisces: the weird cat that literally stares off into the distance for hours

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Nova, my friend’s kitty, is stranded in a shelter in Columbus, Indiana. She had to put her up for adoption and the person who adopted her decided she wasn’t worth it and let her go. She has a personal vendetta against bits of paper, she cuddles, and she’s so sweet. If you can adopt her, please message derekhalewithagun to find out which shelter she’s in :(