My kind of baby.

Video by Magdalena Duhagon - Via Love Meow

queen-alia asked:

Not sure if you're still doing this kind of stuff, but my cat died today very unexpectedly and I need some Stony comfort.

AN: I wasn’t really doing anything to begin with, but I’m so sorry about your kitty :(

Steve had his morning routine down to an art. 

His alarm went off at 6am and he hit snooze until 6:15, at which point he could finally drag himself out of bed and go on his daily run. He jogged for an hour and a half, getting back to the tower for 7:45, and then slipped right into the shower. 

By 8:30, he was dressed and heading to the kitchen for breakfast. In the kitchen, he kissed the top of Tony’s sleep-ruffled head and then scratched behind their kitten’s ears on his way to the fridge -

“What the fuck?” he found himself blurting out, freezing by the kitchen counter as he realised there was a kitten in their kitchen. “Why is there a cat in here?”

At the table, Tony took a long, guilty drink from his coffee cup before clearing his throat. “I… found her in a box outside?”

Steve rolled his eyes and turned back to the little thing. Now the shock of finding her there was wearing off, he could appreciate that she was a little sweetie. Ginger and white striped, and with big, innocent eyes, she was actually one of the most adorable things Steve had ever seen. 

“She just looked so sad and afraid, Steve; what was I supposed to do?” Tony continued. “I’m going to take care of her, honey - incidentally also what I’ve named her - and I’m going to have JARVIS order some cat food, and a litter tray, and some toys -”

“I never said we couldn’t keep her,” Steve replied gently, reaching out to pet the tiny kitten’s head again. “She’s a little sweetheart, isn’t she?”

The kitten meowed and nuzzled against his palm. 

Steve was a little in love. 

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