Free Kittens!

Heya is anyone in Florida looking for kittens? My cat had a litter of four, one black boy, one grey girl, and two grey and white, one a girl and the other a boy. They’re healthy, it won’t be much longer till they’re ready to be weened and we’ve gotta find homes for them, or else my dad wants to put them in a shelter and I’d hate for them to have to go to a place like that, I want to find them safe homes where they’ll be cared for because really they’re the sweetest things in this world. If anyone’s interested, please dm me? I can send pictures of them and whatnot and we can arrange things.
We would keep them ourselves but that would mean we’d have legit ten cats and we’re really low on money right now, we can’t afford any more in the family as much as it breaks my heart to have to let them go, so please, if anyone’s out there that’s closeish to Lake County FL, hit me up, or tell a friend?? 

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Can you do 25 and 43?

25: “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

Tyler looked over at Ethan, who was adoring the kittens in the petshop. 

“I want her.” Ethan says, pointing to a small black kitten, the smallest out of all the kittens.

“Are you sure? She’s the runt.” The shopkeeper says.

“Yeah. She’s so cute.” Ethan says softly, watching the shop keeper take the small kitten from the cage.

He hands the small bundle of fur to Ethan, and Ethan jitters in excitement. 


“I cannot believe you talked me into getting a cat.” Tyler groans, watching it crawl around on their bed. 

“She’s cute.. Can we name her Shadow?” 

“I like that.” Tyler says, crawling into bed with the small animal. It couldn’t be any bigger than his hand. 

She crawls over to Tyler and begins to rut her head against his hand, begging for pets. 

“I think she likes you..” Ethan giggles, crawling into bed. The small kitten crawls onto Tyler’s chest, and curls up into a small ball.

Maybe a cat wasn’t such a bad idea 

#43: “YOU DID WHAT?” 

Tyler had just begun to nod off, as he gets a call.

“Hello?” He mutters, sleep pulling at his voice.

“T-Tyler? I flipped Mark’s dirtbike.. Can you come get me?” 

“YOU DID WHAT?!” Tyler cries out, grabbing his shoes and pulling them on. “Ethan I can’t even drive that thing. It veers too much. Where are you?”

“I’m at the bottom of the creek by the old school.. I can’t really move.”

“I’m on my way.” Tyler says, nearly sprinting to his car, calling Mark.

“Meet me at the creek. Ethan flipped your bike. He called me for help so he isn’t good.” Tyler says, trying not to panic. 

“Holy shit. I’m on my way.” Mark says. The line goes dead.

Tyler starts the car, and begins to make his way to the creek.


“Ethan?” Tyler cries out, at the top of the creek.

“Tyler!” Ethan sobs out, Tyler turns towards the sound and see Ethan on his back, the dirtbike on top of him. Mark pulls in next to Tyler’s car, which was still running and the door was still open.

Tyler slides down the side of the creek, and pulls the bike off Ethan carefully. His leg was twisted at an awkward angle, his lip was busted and his hoodie was torn and covered in blood and mud.

“Okay. Ethan?” Tyler whispers. “I’m gonna try to move you.”

Ethan nods, grabbing Tylers wrist before he can put it under him. He pulls Tyler to his lips, kissing him softly.

Tyler kisses back, and pulls away, tasting Ethan’s blood. He didn’t really care at this point. 

Tyler worked his hands underneathe the smaller boy, trying to lift him up, only earning a pained cry from Ethan.

“Okay, Okay. Where do you hurt.” Tyler says, tears pricking at his eyes. Mark kneels down next to Ethan’s leg, attempting to move it back into it’s correct position.

Ethan cries and begs him to stop. Tyler pushes his hand away and picks up Ethan too quick for him to comprehend. 


A week later, Ethan was on crutches. He had broke 4 ribs, and his femur. 

“You’re never allowed out of my sight again.” Tyler groans into Ethan’s neck.

“It was fun tho.” Ethan giggles. Tyler shoots him a glare before Ethan connects their lips.