Love Furr Boopers. 

This is a small group i’m starting to help save the animals of San Antonio TX. SA has a really bad problem, and that is people abandoning and abusing furr children. There are lack of shelters that are no kill shelters, and the shelters that are no kill lack items and space  they need to help save and treat these animals until they are given to a loving home. What i’m trying to do is raise money and items to help these shelters. I myself rescue animals on almost a day to day basis. I have rescued and fostered a total of 10 animals this year, most now have a loving home but some such as the pits were turned away do to breed, some cats I have are special. The financial problems with rescuing animals is difficult for most people who are doing so. There are vet bills, food, bedding, shots, shampoo’s and the list goes on. Animals have a lot of needs and sometimes those needs can be difficult to meet. So these animals are reaching out a paw to you for help.

Things needed:

 Dog & Puppy Food                        
    Cat & Kitten Food                          
    Blankets, Towels, Washcloths, Bedding
    Cat Litter                                                               Paper Towels
    Dog & Cat Toys
    Dog & Cat Beds
    Dog & Cat Treats                                  
    Medical Supplies
    Dog & Cat Shampoo
    Flea & Tick medications
    Dog Brushes, Nail Clippers, Grooming supplies       Heartworm Preventatives
    Collars and Leashes
    Dish Soap
    Laundry Soap

You can have these items shipped here through Amazon Wishlist and they will be distributed to no kill shelters in San Antonio.

You can also place a small donation to which will go towards more items and donated to shelters for medical supplies and vetting bills. Paypal:

Photographs taken by me goodmorningmonroe

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