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how do you tell between a black kitten with ghost stripes vs a black smoke kitten?

if you ruffle the fur / brush the fur back on the cat and the base is silver, its a smoke. If the hairs are solid black the whole way thru, then its just ghost stripes

For some reason, this photo is really popular on my Facebook!

Ichabod showed us pretty quickly that his mild head injury wasn’t about to slow him down. Ichabod is our Halloween foster kitten who is available for adoption; until he finds his forever home, he’s learning to love life comfortably with us. :)
Note: he was outside for a photoshoot and supervised; we do not support outdoor cats.

People who hurt black cats on Halloween need to be thrown into the fucking sun.

Happy Halloween and please keep your black kitties (I would argue all kitties, just to be safe) indoors during this time because unfortunately some gross people who shouldn’t be alive sometimes abuse our fur babies. They think these cats are “bad luck” and/or in general are just sick monsters who hurt kitties. Stay safe this October, everyone.

MCU’s most popular Avengers youtube videos
  1. Tony Stark declares ‘I am Iron Man’ to the world- (10 million)
  2. Iron Man rides nuke into wormhole like a badass -(9.5 million)
  3. Captain America discovers the internet- (9.39 million)
  4. Tony Stark says ‘fuck you’ to the senate - (7.6 million)
  5. Top 10 Awesome Avengers fights-  (7.6 million)
  6. Thor discovers kittens - (6.2 million)
  7. Black Widow+ Hawkeye brawl in supermarket ft. angry Cap - (5 million)
  8. Hulk Throwing Thor Into Building (compilation) -(4.8 million)
  9. Avengers drunk karaoke- (4.75 million)
  10. Iron Man drunk kissing Captain America- (4.7 million)
  11. Hawkeye jumping off buildings Like A Boss (compilation)- (3.2 million)
  12. Women’s Self Defence with Black Widow- (3 million)
  13. Avengers rick-rolling Captain America- (2.1 million)
  14. Captain America rick-rolling Avengers- (2 million)
  15. 10 reasons why Spiderman would be an awesome Avenger (Made by ‘SpideyParkertheAvenger’)- (1.8 million)