oh my dollar valentine results

ok first of all i want to thank u all?? i didn’t expect such a big turnout. if you’re not included in this list you either: a) submitted as yourself, not your muse; b) don’t have a teenager muse; or c) don’t have a teenager verse. 

i just want this to be a reminder that this event does not give you permission to break peoples’ rules, or force ships onto others. if another mun does not want to plot, or thread based on this, whatever! don’t bother them. it was literally all just based off a dumb survey.  it’s not a real muse matchmaker. :p

lastly, i know not everyone who wanted to participate got to! i’m so sorry for that. i realized that if i kept adding people after i’d already started summing everything it would make my life infinitely more difficult. if anyone wants to host a similar event in the future, i won’t hold it against you.

now, below the cut is your muse’s top 5 results, in order of how well the muses matched. your muse may be mentioned in multiple persons’ results.

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