Honey Bee Wax Seal Kit from CognitiveSurplus

Seal your letters with the amazing honey bee. Each seal comes in its own kraft gift box with a stick of metallic gold mailable sealing wax. Light the wick and allow a pool of wax to collect on your envelope, then press the seal into the center of the pool and your letter is secure!


Mamma wants to show the human her babies. Or maybe put the human in with the babies?

THERE ARE NOISES! Turn sound on and die of cuteness overload.


The Lucky Finders of Wonka’s Five Golden Tickets!!

Inspired by Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory /2005/ ^^ I tried to keep the girls in their *signature* look by mixing styles along with including my own spin on them 🌀 🍫🍬🍭📺 ✨ Enjoy! 😎

• Isabelle belongs to @trashasaurusrex

• Violet belongs to @helthehatter

• Garbage Baby ‘GB’ belongs to @humanityinahandbag

• Waverly belongs to @wilde-ly-oddity / @feverwildehopps (me)

• Luna belongs to @crewefox

I had to take a picture of this using my phone rather than scan it…because my new sketch book is too big for the stupid scanner!

Anywho…decided to draw more of these. And I finally was able to give Nick’s kits names. The one Judy is holding is named Amare (The runt), the one by Judy’s leg is Andre, the kit beside Nick’s leg is Aubrey, and the kit biting her ear is Alicia! ^^

Nick: Thank you for giving me support all the way through this crazy ride. 

Judy: Your welcome Nick. We’re partners, I’m always there for you! And now your kits as well.

Nick: And now you have to deal with 5 foxes and I’m gonna teach them everything I know. They’ll be little mini me’s!

Judy: Oh gosh I hope not.