“THIS IS WHAT TRUE LOVE LOOKS LIKE!” Page 10 ( 11th page but still 10 )

Story: @uzrfrndlyfiction @uzrfrndly

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Sorry for the insufferable wait guys, I’ve been busy with things, ain’t that always the story.

Anyway, here it is! PAGE 10! Update! I tried making it looks as aesthetically appealing as possible, Alot of it was inspired by rem289, I’m sure you all must have heard of her and read her comics, I mean duh!

And like I said, I’m very bad at writing and literature….the dialogues here aren’t exactly in the fan fic, but I wanted to make things a bit more interesting, so I added my own dialogues…..they sound quite cringey, don’t they?

Yeah, there ain’t much else I got to say about this, tell me what you guys think! I’ll try to crank that next page out as soon as possible, will try my best!

Hope you all enjoyed this page! Thank you all for following me, liking my work, helping me reach 1000 followers ( soon will! )! Stay tuned for next update!