Making Kites (Compilation)
Making Kites (Compilation)

Making Kites

No World Concerto celebrates 18 solar orbits at this lighthouse. Keeping to the now long-gone 8tracks arrangement, here is a very short compilation of a few favourites from year 1 7.  

  1. The Kynds - So If Someone Sends you Flowers… 
  2. Simon Turner - 17 
  3. Los Teddys - Sellado con un beso
  4. The Outcasts - Loving you Sometimes
  5. Stone Cold White - Peoples
  6. East River Pipe - Life is a Landfill
  7. We the People - In the Past 
  8. Townes Van Zandt - Waitin’ Around to Die 
  9. צ'רלי מגירה - נכשלת באהבה

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March 1896
Artist: F. Schuyler Mathews (American; 1854–1938)
Page from a calendar published by L. Prang & Co. (Boston, Mass.)