• Hamilton at Hogwarts: Hogwarts anon here! Maybe a little blurb from all of them about the sorting ceremony/their first day? thank
  • John x gender neutral wizard reader at a time when witches and wizards are being hunted down
  • James Madison x gender neutral reader
  • ‘Our flats are opposite each other and your kitchen window faces my kitchen so we always see each other making coffee at 3am’ AU - Jamilton or Lams
  • heard a scream and thought you were getting killed but it was just a spider college au - Mulligan and Laurens please? (ps. ur like my fav)
  • Request: A fluff story about cake, King George and reader style please!
  • So y'all (aka elams x reader) just chilling on a bed. Yeah, that’s it. Alexanders clicking away at his computers, you’re doing some makeup on Eliza as you are all going out tonight and she wanted to make an effort. John is rooting through your wardrobe, looking both for him and Alexander as Alex doesn’t seem to want to put his computer down.