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Hi, can I send you request? I was not very good because I recently found out that I can't have children. I think I need a bit of support. So how Evans characters react if his S/o never able to have her own kids because serious woman's health problems?

- Wouldn’t be super upset himself but would comfort you
- Tell you that you could still adopt or something
- “At least we don’t have to use protection now”
- Tries to keep your mind off of it

- Would be devastated
- Wanted you to make sure nothing else was wrong
- Spends some time alone because he doesn’t want him being upset to make you feel worse
-Makes sure you don’t think it’s your fault

- It hurts him but he tries to make the best out of it
-“We could adopt and help kids that need parents”
- He knows how much it hurts you and tries to cheer you up
- Tries to take you places where there aren’t children for awhile to help keep your mind off of it

- Is both hurt and relieved by the news
- “At least we know that the kid wouldn’t be like me”
- Comforts you the best he can
-You guys would probably end up with a lot of pets

- He would be a little upset but not much because he doesn’t want another child like the one he already has
-“If children mean that much to you, we can find away to acquire one.”
-Would spend any amount of money to try to make is possible for you to have a child
- Makes sure no one else in the hotel brings it up

- Would be upset because he wanted children when he was older
- Comforts you and keeps you from blaming yourself
- Tells you he’d take you anywhere you wanted to try have something medically done or adoption
-Comes home with a puppy or cat to try to help

- Would be relived because he didn’t want to have anymore children
- Comforts you the best he can and tries to act like it bothers him too
- Talks to you about all the things you’ll be able to do since you won’t have children
- Offers to have one of his children come lie at his home for you to care for