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NEED KIT soo like ur Kits best friend in the asylum or something

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doing headcanons bc i got  soooooooo many requests

- him instantly befriending you

- bc you’re a. cute  b. sane

- blushing when he asks to sit

- “what'cha in for? being too cute?”“i was framed actually but thanks”

- story telling

- comforting each other

- playing chess

- making up escape plans

- him taking care of you after your meds

- crying

- “i wanna go home”“imma get'cha outta here, promise”

- eating together sometimes

- complaining

- hugs

- being scared when he’s in solitary

- humming songs

- mindless sex

- telling you about his wife

- helping him and Lana

- he comes back and gets you out

- *points to sky**whispers* “aliens”


another cute to sexy in 0.7 seconds

Preference 7 - Your sick

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Tate (Alive) : As soon as he heard you coughing and sneezing he wouldn’t let you out of his sight, if you needed medicine , tissues or soup he would get them for you. You would often protest to leave you alone because you didn’t want to get him ill but he didn’t care, he would be by your side until you got better. 

Kit: He would be a fuss pot and even the slightest cough he would run to you asking if you needed anything, he would run to the shops probably buying every product in sight with the amount of bags he came back with.  He would buy you medicine, tissues, chocolate and even rent a few movies, he would even tuck you in bed because he wanted you to stay warm. 

Kyle (before the accident) He would try to make you feel better by trying to make you laugh by telling you some of his classic jokes, even though they weren’t at all funny the way he explained it made you giggle. If you were really sick he would be so worried about you that he would let you cuddle up to him not caring if he got sick.

Jimmy: Living at the Freakshow people did tend to get sick easily so he wasn’t surprised when you came down with a cold, he would make you stay in your/his trailer away from anyone so it didn’t spread or you didn’t get worse. He would try to do his bit by making you feel better if it meant getting you food or making you soup, it would often end with you getting better and him ending up catching the cold. 

James: He would treat you like a Queen (not like he don’t already) but you was giving the up most care. If you needed anything to eat or drink he would make Miss Evers get you something, he would never let you move a muscle or try to work yourself so he would insist you stay in bed till you were well enough and able. 

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sorry if i'm super late =_= for the ships. I'm black with warm undertones, 5'3, humble, 60's - now music all genres especially alt, poetry, a liitle awkward, lowkey freak ;0, highkey shy af. love ya!

You and Kit would also make an awesome couple! He loves how humble you are, but still insists everything you do is amazing, and constantly tells you how brilliant you are. He also encourages you to express yourself and your opinions more, because he knows they are valid. You and Kit are both awkward people, and so almost everything you do makes each other laugh.

You and Kit both listen to any kind of music, so whenever there’s a good song on the radio, he’ll dance to it with you.