You had been in the Eyrie for some time now, as soon as you arrived back home, you mother banished you to your room. Not wishing you to be in her presence due to shame, she did look look at you instead looking through you. The one person you wished that you could rely on, you felt like a stranger in your own home. That you did not belong, the only place that felt like home was Winterfell and now you had destroyed it.

After a few weeks arriving home; you had become ill. Unable to eat anything as it would come back up again, you were always tired and you couldn’t stop crying yourself to sleep. Worried that you were gravely ill, you sought the advice from the maester; whom confirmed that you were with child. At first you were shocked at the news, but after some time you were pleased to have something to remind you of Jon.

You were unable to send news of your situation, you had to be chaperoned when you moved around the grounds. Watching every move you made, if you sent a raven to Jon, your mother would be informed. It did not take her long to discover that you were carrying a baby, she had her spies everywhere. You were worried that she would take this child away from you, but you would do everything in your power to protect your child.

Months flew by and your belly began to swell, your dresses were unable to accommodate your new form. You would find yourself looking upon yourself in the mirror stroking your naked belly, you loved the child so much you could not wait to meet him or her. Many a night alone in bed you wished it was Jon feeling your baby move and kick within you. You yearned for your husband, you wondered if he thought and missed you greatly as you did him. You did not know if your marriage was still valid, if it was in fact annulled.

Giving birth to your child had been a painful experience, they did not wish to enter this world and wished to remain inside you. It was a gruelling eight hours of labour, you were grateful for the midwife and maids for assisting you. Your mother not once checking on your welfare, did you she regret having you as a daughter? But the pain was worth meeting your beautiful brown eyed girl. She was born with black curled hair just like her father, she even held his expression. As she was placed in your arms and suckled against your bosom, your heart swelled with love. She looked so much like Jon, but at times it made you miss him more.

You named her Lily. Lily Snow.

As time passed Lily grew, she was quick to learn to walk and to talk. Each day looking more and more like her father. Before you knew it two years  had past since you last saw your husband. Your mother still cold and even had spread her hatred of you towards her own grandchild. 

One day two visitors arrived at the Eyrie to see your mother, Petyr Baelish and Sansa Stark. You did not understand why she was here and not with her mother or father. Sansa was happy to see you, you had always enjoyed each others company at Winterfell. She was said that you left Winterfell it wasn’t till much later that Ned and Catelyn explained to her about your hasty retreat. 

Whilst your mother was kept busy by Baelish you invited Sansa to your quarters and for a glass of wine. It was then Sansa explained the circumstances of her arrival to your home. She told you about your uncle Ned being executed by the brat Joffrey, that your aunt and cousin had been slaughtered. That the Lannister’s and Frey’s had conspired to have them killed, there was also rumours that Bolton and his bastard son had been involved. Your were disgusted by their actions and vowed to have revenge, you had been close with both Jon and Robb. You were curious if news had reached Jon. You were angry at your mother for not informing you of your aunts death, your mothers own sister, Catelyn was more of a mother to you.

Since Baelish arrived, your mother had become more unstable. Growing jealous of the attention he was paying to your cousin Sansa. You did not like how he followed her, almost lusting after the young woman. You had to witness your mother almost murder Sansa as she failed to push her out of the moon door. She began yelling what seemed to be nonsense at Baelish, drawing the attention of guards and lords. It was until she informed the whole court that she and Baelish poisoned your father, sending chills throughout your body. Immediately you yelled at the guards to arrest Baelish and your mother, they were separated and put in cells alongside one another.

As Robyn had not yet come of age and also showing signs of being unstable, you were appointed by the court Lady of The Eyrie. As the only suitable heir to watch over The Eyrie. 

It took some time to get used to your new position, you were pleased to receive the help of Sansa and the Lords of Eyrie. As appointed Lady you sent word to Jon informing his sister was safe and unharmed in your charge. However failing to inform him that he had a daughter, it was something you did not wish to send in a letter.

Soon your lands came under attack by soldiers claiming to be paid for by the Bolton’s, they wanted their hands on your lands. They began burning villages to the ground, raping and torturing your people. Causing them to flee and seeking your help. You needed help, sending ravens to the houses of the North you asked for their help to rid your lands and theirs of the Bolton’s. If you all banded together you could help regain the North from those who sided with the Lannister’s and killing your relations. Most had responded to your pleas, most of the houses in the North respected your father and in his memory wished to assist you. 

Men and women arrived at The Eyrie from all corners of the North, they had been guests for several days when an unexpected visitor arrived. 

The visitor was escorted by your guards, worrying he may be an assassin sent by the Bolton’s. At first you did not recognise him, until he pulled down his fur hood. 

It was Jon. 

He looked older, no longer the young clean shaven man that you remembered. His dark her had been pulled back into a bun at the back his head, he had even grown a beard. You asked to be left alone with Jon, assuring them that he was not there to cause you harm.

‘Jon? What are you doing here? I thought that you were at the wall’

‘I am no longer part of the brothers of the wall’ He answered ‘ I was betrayed by those I thought I could trust, they attacked me and left me for dead’

‘Attacked? Are you hurt?’

Feeling concerned you walked over to him, wanting to check he was not badly injured, but he stopped you before you could.

‘I am well y/n. I did die but the red witch brought me back’

‘You died? Oh Jon. This was all my fault’

‘Y/n this was not your fault. It was mine I helped the wildlings enter our lands, it was too dangerous for them to be behind the wall. The white walkers and undead draw closer to us as we speak’ he added ‘We need to stop them before it’s to late’

‘And we will. But first we must take back Winterfell from the Bolton’s, he sent a raven demanding we give up and hand our lands over. We have to end this, he has your brother Rickon held in the dungeon’

Jon looked angry at the news.

‘Then I will help you take back Winterfell and then we have to stop the white walkers’

You nod, slowly your walk closer to his form. You hand cups his cheek, as you thumb brushes against his beard.

‘I’ve missed you Jon’

Quickly you wrap your arms around his neck as his arms slip around your waist pulling you into him. He buries his head into your neck and you hold onto him.

‘Gods Y/n. I have missed you also’ he murmured against your skin.

You pull away and look up at him.

‘Jon there is someone I wish you to meet’

Confusion reaches his face as you grab his hand and lea him away from the great hall. Walking through the endless maze of hallways, you arrive at a small room. Opening the door you find your daughter playing with her toys on the ground being watched by the servant. Dismissing the servant, you walked over to your daughter and picked her up from the ground. Jon stood in the open doorway looking puzzled.

You mad your way back over to him with your daughter in your arms, her head resting against your shoulder looking at the stranger.

‘Jon this is Lily’ you introduce ‘This is your daughter’


‘I discovered I was with child not long after I arrived at the Eyrie. I was not allowed to send a raven to inform you and I did not wish to tell you in a letter. I am sorry Jon. Can you forgive me?’

Jon looked at the little girl and rested his hand onto her head gently brushing his fingers against her curls.

‘Aye I can forgive’ he answered, smiling back at you before paying attention to his daughter ‘Hello Lily’

She smiled back at Jon as she reached her arms out to him.

‘She wants you to hold to hold her’

You watched with curiosity as Jon lifted Lily out of your arms and into his own. Immediately she tugged at his beard and laughed, causing you and Jon to smile. Lily looked up at her father in awe, moving her hand to stroke his face.

‘She’s beautiful Y/n’ he informed you ‘Just like her mother’

You smile at him as a red blush filled your cheeks.

‘Lily this is your father’

Lily yawned as Jon held her, slowly her head rested against his shoulder, her eyes began to slowly close. Falling asleep  in her fathers arms for the first time, Jon softly stroking her back as light snores left her lips.

‘I am sorry that you had to do this alone Y/n?’

‘No Jon. I do not wish for you to apologise. You are here now, that is all that matters’

‘Leaving you behind was my biggest regret. I love you Y/n’

‘And I love you’


season i vs vii:  “archmaester rigney once wrote that history is a wheel, for the nature of man is fundamentally unchanging. what has happened before will perforce happen again, he said.”