flashkitty  asked:

Ok but Kisuke being the one tattooing Yoruichi's thigh

I don’t know why Kubo stopped drawing Yoruichi’s tattoo. Maybe he simply forgot, or it became too difficult to incorporate into her wardrobe design. But I always liked it. It’s reminiscent of Polynesian tattoos, though those are more complex and typically worn by men. I’ve also seen some lovely henna thigh tattoos, always with an elaborate geometric pattern. So… perhaps we can say it was henna and never meant to be permanent? ;-) That lets Kubo off the hook.

In any case, imagining Kisuke being the one to apply it is interesting. I don’t think he’s a terribly good artist in the classic sense – he’d draw stick figures of people, at best – but after much practice at engineering diagrams and that sort of thing, he’d be able to tackle a geometric design like this with good precision.

Let’s take it a step further and imagine that the tattoo is permanent. What if it’s some sort of seal, and has something to do with her cat form or her zanpakuto? The possibilities are interesting…