“The Kiss at the Morgue”

Happy Kissing Tuesday and anniversary of our boys’ first meeting at Bart’s.

The drawing is an illustration (and teaser) for chapter 12 of Over Hill and Under Hill. The chapter is currently being written, but given how busy I’m with school and other things at the moment I don’t know when it’s going to be finished.

The drawing’s inspired by Robert Doisneau’s famous photograph. For those interested in seeing a sketch of the drawing before I added colour, it’s here.
Some cute romantic-cliché questions :)
  • Coffee Shop:How do you take your coffee?
  • Train Station:Where do you want to travel?
  • Picnic in the Park:Do you enjoy people watching?
  • Kiss Under the Rain:What sounds help you sleep?
  • Butterflies:What unique thing would you/do you enjoy in a partner?
  • Snow Angels:What's your favorite kind of weather?
  • Bed & Breakfast:What do you like to do on Tuesdays?
  • Kiss at the Door:When you hold hands, do you interlock fingers? Swing your arms?
  • Bowling:Do you laugh loudly or giggle more?
  • Chocolates:What's your favorite kind of sweet thing?
  • Roses:Do you blush easily?
  • Cheesy Pick-Up Lines:Are you more of a comic or a romantic?
  • Candlelight:What romantic cliché do you wish for most?

anonymous asked:

Wish You Were Here!Gold: Since you know how to SPEAK French, I'm now curious if u know how to KISS like the French? :D

Gold [cheeky grin]: By Belle’s estimation I can give not only a very pleasing French kiss but an excellent Australian one, as well. 

Author’s note: If you don’t know the joke

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Hello Olivia, how are you? well as tomorrow is the Belgium's national day and you are Belgian , let me ask you a cultural question . well, I know that in Belgium is spoken three different languages and I want to know what is your mother tongue : French, Deutsch or Dutch? and in the school , do you have to learn the other languages? do you think Amedeo will attend this year ? kisses, Have a Great Tuesday ! Joyce.

Hi Joyce! I’m great thank you. I live north of the language border so I speak Dutch. Ever since I was very young, I’ve also learned French in school. Normally every child that lives in Flanders, has to learn to speak French as well and every child that lives in Wallonia has to learn to speak Dutch. I’ve also learned German because I studied languages in school. So I’m able to speak the three official languages in Belgium and English. It’s a bit complicated, the languages in Belgium. The poor King has to do all of his speeches in the 3 languages.

The National Day yesterday was absolutely amazing! There was a big party going on in Brussels and I was happy to join it. I’ve also had the opportunity to talk to the King and Queen and I shook hands with Princess Elisabeth. Unfortunately Prince Amedeo didn’t attend. I think it’s because he wants to stay out of the spotlight so he can pursue his normal life. For example if you show a picture of Prince Amedeo to the Belgians, I think around 35-40% of the population knows who he is. So he’s able to have a very normal life with Lili. I’m happy he’s able to do so but I hope we’ll see him again soon!

Kiss! - Olivia

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My best friend and I came out at the same time and we both like each other and I'm prob gonna kiss her on Tuesday oops

Aw that’s cute!!!

Tell me about your crushes!!!

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TMI Tuesday: 7/28

So I missed last weeks TMI Tuesday, so this week I will give you a double dose. This week it is going to be a double shot of embarrassing.  Im gonna show you some photos from my childhood, and tell you an embarrassing current fact about myself.  Hope you enjoy.

Starting with the embarrassing fact.  Lately Ive been super sensitive to everything.  Seriously like a girl on her period when hormones are flying.  I get all choked up at tv shoes, or movies.  Even cute little online videos get me.  Like heart string stories.  That Wiz Khalifa song for Paul Walker freaking slays me.  I get all teary eyed every time I hear it.  Not sure whats going on with me, but been extra sensitive for like 3 months now.

Now.  For some old photos of me.

Looking fly as hell on my birthday, playing with army men and eating my cake. Pimped out in that sweet rugby shirt!

Me as a late 90′s fashion icon.  North Carolina bucket hat, and a smiley face tee.  I could have been in a boy band!

Saved the best for last. Camp photo.  Thats me in the middle of the tree.  Honestly so much going on in this picture.  For instance, I forgot that Zack Morris was my camp counciler.  Or how about that angery fat kid in the billboard shirt, who refused to smile.  Or the loan girl in our group.  I remember her older sister was in another group and she taught me how to dive, and how to kiss that summer.