“The Kiss at the Morgue”

Happy Kissing Tuesday and anniversary of our boys’ first meeting at Bart’s.

The drawing is an illustration (and teaser) for chapter 12 of Over Hill and Under Hill. The chapter is currently being written, but given how busy I’m with school and other things at the moment I don’t know when it’s going to be finished.

The drawing’s inspired by Robert Doisneau’s famous photograph. For those interested in seeing a sketch of the drawing before I added colour, it’s here.

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Lapidot Tuesday Weekly Prompt for 5/19: Gem Kissing

Happy Lapidot Tuesday!

Here’s the prompt of the week. Most Lapidot content posted today will be reblogged, but especially prompt-based content tagged with “lapidot tuesday”.

Vote for Zain-Kiss Campaign

With less than 10 days left of voting for the May Boy Contest, My Mistress has decided to begin a campaign. It is very simple. For every five votes in a row you give to me (5 reblogs), I will visit you and give you a kiss. What type of kiss, you ask? It will depend on when you decide to reblog:

Saturday 23 (8am-7:59am UTC): A kiss on the hand

Sunday 24 (8am-7:59am UTC): A kiss on the cheek

Monday 25 (8am-7:59am UTC): A kiss on the forehead

Tuesday 26 (8am-7:59am UTC): A kiss on the temple

Wednesday 27 (8am-7:59am UTC): A kiss on the shoulder

Thursday 28 (8am-7:59am UTC): A kiss on the neck

Friday 29 (8am-7:59am UTC): A kiss on the leg

Saturday 30 (8am-7:59am UTC): A kiss on the lips

Sunday 31 (8am-7:59am UTC): A kiss anywhere you request

There are 4 rules:

1)      Each time you reblog, you will add a letter to spell out K-I-S-S until the fifth reblog where you include your name. This way, you will be reblogging yourself for each letter.

2)      Other things you should include on your last reblog are: (1) Time and date of reblog in UTC, (2) A tag to me, to ensure that I will see it and on the 31st(3) request of type of kiss.

3)      The blog you reblog to already exist prior to the beginning of this campaign. I will be checking first posts made as well as posts before your first ‘K’ reblog.

4)      There are no limits to how many times you can receive a kiss per day.

I may be filling request after the May Boy voting ends, depending on the amount I receive but I hope you all enjoy yourselves with this campaign.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Back to reality!
Big smooch for #ibiza you rocked my past 4days ✌🏻️☀️👌🏻
Never experienced anything like it in my life!
My face is freckly and sunkissed, my eyes are stinging from approx 1nights worth of sleep since Thursday night and my head is still playing the #martinezbrothers amazing set from #Ushuaia opening party Saturday.
My lady had a fantastic hen do and I’m so glad I pulled it off 💁🏻
Back home now to my handsome and my boy and although the weather is ridiculously awful for this time of year…I’m happy :)
Mums abroad was a success 😆
What a beautiful island ❤️
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I’ve worked out that a lack of selfies and nudity may be the reason why I’m not a famous fashion blogger yet. #selfie #redlipstick #midnightsnack #red #lipstick #kiss #smooch #love #brunette #iwokeuplikethis #me #tuesday #theface #caradelevigne #mileycyrus #kardashian #lashes #mua #melbourne #melbournefashion #fashion #style #tfa #tgif #Chanel #hermes #moschino

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Barry wakes up late (as per usual) on the morning of his and Eddie's first anniversary and Eddie has already left for work, so he unwraps the gift Eddie left for him alone. It's an adorable plush teddy bear with the shape of a heart stitched onto its chest. The note that comes with it says this: "A bear for my Bear. Happy anniversary - E." Barry will later deny crying because his boyfriend is so sweet and kind and thoughtful, no matter how many times he gets asked why his eyes are bloodshot.

ooooo noooooo

Honesty Hour

I had a crush on a guy for a long time but tried to forget him because I thought we were not meant for each other. I thought he didn’t like me and that he was kind of a player (I was wrong). So I forgot him and any boy for that matters because I feel kinda down lately (personal) so I have other places my mind goes to. Recently we hung out and holy shit we kissed. All though he was super sweet and understandable I panicked and giggled and freaked (and nailed my first kiss *ahum*). Now my feels are more messed up then ever. After a second date I told him I don’t know how I feel and what I want and that I don’t want to leave him hanging and he told me that he really liked me and that he could be patient with me but I thought that wouldn’t be fair to him. So I said I didn’t want something more at this moment. We hang out this Sunday as friends, and he respects that all though he did make a move, but I sublty turned it down. I really liked him but the last months or so I honestly don’t think about any boy anymore and I also get a little bit panicked by the idea of kissing a boy again. I’m so messed up, does anyone relate or have some tips? 

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand. i’m just gonna go to bed? yeahhh. i probably need to, and with how far down my mood just dropped, it’s probably a really good idea that i do that.

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okay but lowkey down for the idea that eddie can play the piano really well (and ofcourse our barr can sing) so this results in lots of late night piano/singing sessions).

shut th eufkc cUP eddie has nights where he still has nightmares about what eobard told him, still wakes up screaming because he feels like he’s drowning in his own irrelevance and no one cares. so he plays piano to relax himself and take his mind off of the tragedy that will be his life. barry wakes up when this happens–listens to eddie playing beautiful piano and hums along quietly before joining him on the piano bench. they don’t talk, but they don’t have to. the music can do that for them.