“The Kiss at the Morgue”

Happy Kissing Tuesday and anniversary of our boys’ first meeting at Bart’s.

The drawing is an illustration (and teaser) for chapter 12 of Over Hill and Under Hill. The chapter is currently being written, but given how busy I’m with school and other things at the moment I don’t know when it’s going to be finished.

The drawing’s inspired by Robert Doisneau’s famous photograph. For those interested in seeing a sketch of the drawing before I added colour, it’s here.
please help!!!    <—– there is a little boy named mason

“As many of you may know Mason has been in Rainbows for the past week, due to a tumor in his brain. The first night we got here they had a CT scan done of his head and we found out he had a tumor in the center of his brain, which caused spinal fluid to cause massive pressure against his brain. On our third day of being here, we found out Mason had to go undergo surgery to place a shunt into his brain that led to his stomach so the spinal fluid would still be absorbed somewhere. We also had a biopsy of the tumor sent to the lab so we could figure out what we are battling. Since then he has totally changed he has been back to himself, playing, smiling, & most importantly giving kisses. Today on Tuesday we have now found out that it is indeed cancer and a very rare cancer at that.

(Description and name below.)

Atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor (ATRT) is a rare and fast-growing cancerous tumor of the brain and spinal cord. About half of these tumors begin in the cerebellum or brain stem:

The cerebellum, located at the base of the brain, controls movement, balance and posture.
The brain stem controls breathing, heart rate and all the muscles used in seeing, hearing, walking, talking and eating.
ATRT often appears to result from changes in a gene that normally makes proteins to stop tumor growth. In ATRT, this gene does not function properly, the protein is not made and tumor growth is uncontrolled. More than 90% of cases of ATRT are related to this gene defect. While this defect commonly occurs only within the cancer, this gene defect may be inherited and your doctor can discuss a need for genetic testing.

We are asking for any donations possible to help us pay medical bills, for us to eat, and also parking costs a fortune.

If you know Tony, our family and I then you know how important Mason is to us, and we will jump through hoops to keep him fighting through this. Masons just an innocent 1 year old who doesn’t deserve any of this. “